Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       3 Eb, 0 Yaxk'in, 13 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. As the events that we have told you about continue to manifest, the society you reside in is becoming more wary of this last dark cabal. Its despicable, global machinations are rapidly failing, and a general consensus against their efforts at world domination is swiftly growing. This attitude is helping our Earth allies in their plan to rid this planet of them and their malevolent influences. Nevertheless, the international legal and financial communities are well aware of the power that this cabal still wields. Hence, this program to oust them from power remains a clandestine one. Within its many components runs a common thread: to bring these dark purveyors of doom to their fated end. Our role in these proceedings is, as ever, to monitor, advise, and, when necessary, to act. So far, our actions have been limited to closely watching their secret bases and preventing another act of terror on the scale of their 9/11 attacks. We are also paying close attention to Mother Earth and are aiding her in slightly delaying the imminent changes she so dearly wishes to bring about.

      As a preface to these grand Earth changes, the process of bringing the "lost continents" of Atlantis and Lemuria to the surface has already begun. For example, the seismic activity around the mid-Atlantic ridge has increased, due to the intensified subluxation of the tectonic plates that form the Atlantic Ocean basin. This sets the stage for the plate locking that will happen once Atlantis fully emerges from her former deep-ocean grave. In the Pacific Ocean basin, similar preparations are taking place. But here, this activity is affecting the many island chains near and just below the Equator in the form of increased deep-ocean earthquakes. This is stirring the many temperature layers of the Pacific Ocean and, in their wake, producing some unusual weather. This rising hyperactivity is part of reforming the Lemurian continent and raising her to the surface. As this event draws closer, watch out for a number of now-quiescent island volcanoes to start a more active cycle.

      As these lost continents prepare to rise, the polar regions of your globe are getting ready to be free of ice once more. The phenomenon of the shrinking icecaps is both a factor of solar hyperactivity, global warming, and the desires of your planet. When the geomagnetism reaches a certain level, a natural receding of these large icepacks begins. The purpose is to start an operation that will alter the nature of Mother Earth's magnetic poles. One pole will move into the core, and the other will encompass her surface. This monopolarity is a constituent of a fully conscious planet. This transformation requires that the old bipolar system first be weakened and then replaced. The strange behavior of the present bipolar system is symptomatic of this change. A similar process is happening to your solar system's other planets and is the true cause of your Sun's hyperactivity. The physical proof of these shifts is all around you. The next stage comprises some events that can be somewhat startling for you. However, know that we are carefully monitoring all this and that a time schedule does indeed exist.

      Mother Earth's escalating symptoms of change reinforce one essential fact; a divine time schedule for your great shift in consciousness is in place. The many reprehensible plans of your dark cabal are soon to fail. Despite their knowledge of this, they continue to push their various objectives forward. We have also kept our Earth allies informed of this sacred timetable. It is essential that the plans being set up be carried out on schedule. Our continual harping has helped them to understand the need for a rapid denouement of these vital matters. To this end, a number of high-level "action committees" were formed last year whose members have since worked diligently for completion. In addition, we imported some special Galactic Federation liaison personnel last summer to expedite these crucial events. Their efforts and the resolve of their earthly counterparts have accelerated these various projects to the point that Heaven desires. Now the time for this joint action to move into the public arena is at last upon us.

      This plan of action is going forth on a number of fronts. The financial one remains pivotal; a sweeping restructuring of your planet's wealth, as well as an accompanying global debt forgiveness program is being carefully organized. This means that many "less privileged" nations are to be given new life. Moreover, an increase in the number of true democratic regimes on your world needs to be strongly encouraged. In a word, an enormous democratization of your planet is planned. Behind the scenes, pressure is being bought to bear on all the places where religious and ethnic "cleansings" are currently being carried out. This process will gain headway once the new economic and political realities are made abundantly clear to all concerned. The demise of this dark cabal and the rise of designated interim regimes can demonstrate to all that a vast transformation is clearly underway.

      The beneficent agendas of these interim regimes, the amount of money in the offing, and the promise of debt forgiveness can affect a persuasive countermeasure to those dictatorships that continue to work against world harmony. To further enforce these points, criminal proceedings will be instigated against many of the leaders of this dark cabal. An emphasis on harmony and moral law for the entire planet will come to the fore. The old ways of hate, division, and rule by the few are now to end, to be replaced by an interim code of true democracy and financial abundance for all nations. As your population grows in awareness, the old ways need to be viewed in a new light. The responsibilities conferred upon you by Heaven require that those dark ways be reformed and drenched joyously in the Light.

      When all this falls into place, first contact can occur easily and happily. Our primary goal is for this to take place as soon as possible. All our efforts are geared toward ensuring this preferred outcome. Your return to full consciousness, under the auspices of Heaven, is specified in the divine plan. This plan also decrees that a new reality be instituted first upon your world. How this actually transpires is up to each of you. The scenario just outlined is the one most preferred by all parties. This is why these plans, affecting so many levels of your global society, have taken so long to coalesce. And now the efforts of these many action committees are ready to bear fruit. We applaud these heroic endeavors and look forward to their successful implementation. Indeed, it can be factually stated that: "Together, We are Victorious!"

      Sadly, there are those among you who are determined to test the resolve of Heaven and of us. To them, a simple statement at this point is all that is necessary. Let these marvelous women and men of our Earth allies graciously succeed! If not, there are contingencies in our planning that you will certainly not like. It is to your benefit to allow these events to now occur. Know that we in Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light are most dedicated to the success of this undertaking. Woe unto anyone who delays these efforts beyond their appointed time. The Ascended Masters of this world pledged their sacred honor to its scheduled completion. Also bear in mind that the vast fleet poised above you is similarly committed to this noble purpose. If it ever needs to be deployed to assure the success of these goals, the heavenly wrath unleashed will know no bounds. Dosh sha JaTa bang!

      Today, we have addressed some of what is currently happening on your planet. We ask you, as always, to stay centered and committed to your inevitable victory. Know that we are behind you and fully dedicated to first contact and your freedom. The moment for your liberation approaches. Let us all be ready for what that brings! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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