Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

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Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more fascinating subjects to discuss with you. In our last report, we briefly mentioned the requirement for you to establish a natural symbiosis between yourselves and Mother Earth. This natural balance is how physicality operates. In the past 13 millennia, the Anunnaki mischievously removed you from this responsibility. Now, they are returning this baton to you, and you need to "remember" how natural systems work. You will discover that these mechanisms in fact defy the "natural laws" promulgated a few centuries ago by western science. In truth, your indigenous, traditional beliefs are closer to what really occurs in nature. Everything in physicality is conscious and possess varying degrees of life. This life force can be utilized to develop energy systems that are mutually beneficial both to human society and to the reality that it occupies. Thus, it behooves humanity to move beyond the inaccuracies put forth by Newton and his adherents, and to adopt a more spiritualized and holistic approach to the many "mansions" of our Creator's realities.

      The cornerstone of this new science is all-pervading spirit. It is to be comprehended by a more thorough understanding of the five states of consciousness. Currently, you reside in a realm in which three of these states can be easily observed: the inert conscious state of matter (the composition of realities); the kinetic conscious state of motion (formation of all organic and non-organic matter); and the power of latent thought (ideas). The other two are the power of manifested thought (pure consciousness) and the conscious manifested state of living Light (the workings of the Creator). Taken together, these five states form the foundation of true conscious science, in which the role of an infinite, living Universe is paramount. Spiritual and so-called "material" matters are regarded as part of a greater whole. Beyond the action of any force acting upon matter or energy is a conscious plan that can be perceived, supported, and wisely put to use in a given reality. The key is to work in harmony with nature and not ignorantly counter to her innate divine direction.

      Realities, like yourselves, are conscious entities. They use energies generated by the vast wheelworks that run this infinitely vast Universe. Within you flows the same consciousness. You, dear fellows, are at once vast and microscopic. You have the ability to live in the past, the present, and the future. But most of your observers of the indigenous peoples rejected this evidence, preferring also to designate all signs of living essences in nature as superstitious claptrap. Now the tide is turning and the evidence is in. Indwelling spirit is in everything; elementals exist. Nature, like you, is conscious. We belabor this point because it is vital that you see all things as possessing consciousness. The next most important point is to understand the impermanence of everything; then you can see how easy it is to "bend" the rules or forge new ones to create a new reality. Equipped with these insights and using your innate powers, you are ready to discover how the divine plan reveals herself in physicality. This wisdom forms the basis of how a physical Angel interacts with physicality.

      Our technology is based on the above points. This is why we can appear to be in two places at once. Our ships can split into many parts and then return into one. We burn brightly in your night sky and then vanish. The structure, propulsion, and the many capabilities of our ships are all based on consciousness. This inherent awareness of reality and its nearly infinite implications are most special to us. We can see how far the Anunnaki removed you from the truth about consciousness and her incredible powers. You, too, are now beginning to perceive this as you start to grow. This growing is the awakening and searching process that is leading you away from the conventional "wisdom" that your world so unquestioningly embraced. Now you are discovering new ways and realities. These are more correctly the ancient wisdoms, some of which you incarnated with but had to bury deep within you during childhood. Now these can flower once again.

      The memory of nature is vast and incredible. At the proper time, you are to be given the means to achieve your true destiny. It is for this reason that you awakened from your great somnambulism when you did. The Creator has a master plan and this is currently being played out in this reality. Your personal destiny was acceded to by Heaven as part of this grand master plan. As you grow in awareness of the limitations imposed by the collective on this reality, you are doing what is necessary to transform it dramatically. This process is both gradual and swift depending on where you stand. To the inhabitants of your world, these changes may appear glacial! But to us, they are rapid and powerful. You are speeding toward a higher level of general awareness of your powers and responsibilities. Indeed, some of you have glimpsed the future and understand how to get there.

      The budding new science of consciousness is just starting to replace the quantum and post-quantum physics so prevalent today among those researching the cosmos and the "enigmatic" worlds of sub-atomic physics. Here, at the cutting edge of your knowledge, those assumptions so long held sacred by your science are being challenged by a new paradigm that is pushing beyond String Theory and other similar hypotheses. It mirrors the rise of a movement bent on explaining the true relationship between Spirit and the so-called material world. This movement at first seemed to lack direction but has now begun to holistically knit a multitude of seemingly unrelated parts into a coherent whole. What is emerging is a world movement dedicated to the elucidation of the true nature of this reality, to cooperation and support, and, above all, to global peace.

      This search for truth in all things scares those who have long constrained your world to the use of conventional wisdoms. In the normal course, breaking out of the "old ways" would take decades or even centuries. But Heaven has succeeded in awakening countless numbers from their state of ages-old slumber throughout all walks of life, including the domains of science. The upshot of this operation is a positive quickening that has eclipsed your global society's normal rate of change. As noted previously, this phenomenon makes the need for first contact essential. It will provide an equally vital boost to the enormous paradigm shift that lies just ahead. Heaven is fully aware of the potential of what is afoot on your world. And it is in this context that the chaos of the present times merely represents the darkness before the dawn of a new age.

      Some form of strife preceded the dawn of each of your previous recorded, and unrecorded, civilizations. But this time your coming new world society will come in without the precursor of great collective trauma. What you see today is merely the foolish antics of one last dark cabal, entrapping some into a limited form of collective grief. What lies ahead for the vast majority is to be shared in joy and expressed in cheerful celebration. The infinite Orders and Councils of Heaven daily bless you! You persisted and won despite great frustration and even greater tests of fortitude. Your commitment to this new reality is most pleasing! We desire for you to know how deeply we love you! The time for the coming global celebrations draws closer. Let the remaining period go down in history as the time when you joyously fulfilled your tasks!

      Today, we discussed some of the things happening in your world that will gloriously create your new reality. Soon, dear Friends, we shall be among you. Know in your heart that the joy you embody is now ready to manifest around you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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