Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Manik, 10 Tzotz, 1 Caban        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return once again with more to discuss with you. Your reality is a living Being that is part of a nearly infinite, conscious Creation. This larger Being is graciously governed by the edicts of the sacred divine plan. This plan was set in motion when the Great Blue Light of Creation was forged by the Creator out of a sacred Light governed by a divine Love that has become the whole of this spiritual and physical Creation. In this framework, physicality is a working, conscious subset of Heaven. Each of the innumerable parts of physicality is arranged according to the instructions given to Heaven by the Creator. You, as physical Angels, were willingly placed into this very strange limited reality that you now call home. Your sacred purpose is to transcend its present dysfunction and use your God-given abilities, amply supported by Heaven, to dramatically transform this reality. Some of you were gifted with positions of power and affluence. You have used these privileged and influential stations in life to affect much good and to prepare this planet for change.

      Most of you, in ever-increasing numbers, were poured into the lives of the common people. You have suffered as they have. Yet despite these considerable disadvantages, you have strived magnanimously to overcome these challenges and to be available to help your fellows in transforming this reality. You have effectively infiltrated this reality and are now poised to rise up and spread a "quiet revolution" throughout the planet. We in Heaven and the Galactic Federation applaud you for your courage in volunteering for such a noble and most pivotal mission. At this point, you stand on the brink of manifesting your grandest dreams. The hosts of Heaven watch with glee as the final steps to our sacred plans are put into place. The finishing touches are now being made to the "first domino" that is to initiate the cascade of changes in your realm. Hence, we ask you to be ready to proceed with your part of this holy quest. Know in your Heart that your inevitable triumph is at hand. The Galactic Federation is under starter's orders for first contact.

      In effect, the moment you have so long awaited is upon you. The opening push, relatively indiscernible in the public arena, consists of the payout of your long-promised financial abundance. To get to this point, many hurdles were surmounted. A tightly interwoven web of banks and financial institutions had to be won over by legal and sometimes physical means; a playing field exclusive to the rich and powerful needed to be recast; and a treacherous minefield of allied political opportunists and sycophants had to be navigated throughout all these dealings. The same Machiavellian tactics as used by the banks were required operating procedure for our Earth allies, and although greatly odious to them, they proved their mettle time and again in effecting their goals. To top it all, the international political and legal system, by far the most complex component, had to be won. And here again, once they were amply supported by us, our allies pushed on, unflagging and courageous, until this last and most vital element was secured. Now at last, all is in readiness to begin the overt revealing of our sacred objectives.

      To this end, key government officials and highly placed bureaucrats, not only in North America but throughout the globe, are to position themselves in preparation to act when called upon. Since its inception, your world has operated on the principle of fragmented power units pitted against each other. A total recasting of this purposeful dysfunction is now underway. A worldwide network of systems designed to support and enhance liberty and sovereignty is bravely waiting in the wings. As this system for rapid change begins to lock into place, a wondrous transformation in the lives of all the peoples of the planet will be seen. First contact is only one in a string of events designed to reveal the bedrock of your new world: sovereignty, truth, and the "means" to release your immense creative potential. Our role is to assist you in understanding this new spiritual technology and this new way to perceive your reality. Further, we can unite your world and prepare you to accept the return of full consciousness.

      Ahead of you lie the uncharted waters of your future. Again, we are here to guide you as you navigate a truly successful course. You are the explorers of a unique, new reality. And while you lack a trusty map, you possess the dead reckoning of your intuitive powers. Therefore, we ardently urge you not to allow the coming open waters to lead you into panic or tempt you to return to a familiar harbor. To assist you through the "reefs", first contact will deposit among you many fervent Beings, devoted to your well-being and success. With your concerted efforts, your world can blossom into a realm not seen since Lemuria passed beneath the waves! This bright vision is indeed yours! What is to burst upon you all is unique in your history. Seize it firmly, and return your world and yourselves to your truest and highest potential.

      We look down upon your world and see the sorry plight that engulfs you, and we realize that what is rapidly approaching comes none too soon. Your planet has been decimated by a group of minions carefully picked by the Anunnaki. Moreover, the stubborn remnants of this group hugely increased the degree of destruction of Mother Earth. Recent events demonstrated their perfidy to all who cared to look with intelligence at their handiwork. This last cabal still wriggles and squirms against their impending just desserts. Your task is to perceive clearly and dispassionately, without anger or bias, what they have done. Be the Angels you are. Your role is not the wrath of Heaven. You have been chosen to restrain them, sentence them, and then let Heaven do with them as the divine plan decrees.

      As you prepare for this incredible period in your history, bear in mind the dictates imposed by your inner spiritual work. Take your spiritual and financial wealth and your temporal and inner powers and share them open-heartedly with your world. You have come here to build a magnificent reality of abundance in all things, personal sovereignty, and freedom for all. Heaven has entrusted you with immense responsibilities, because of who you are both as individuals and as a people. You have come from across this galaxy to use your talents to forge a unique and highly honored galactic society. In this, you can share the spiritual reputation now given to your Sirian brethren. Thus you are to be moved, when appropriate, into the proximity of the Sirian star nation. In fact, you are destined to become a vital part of this most honored of star nations.

      The moment, so long awaited, is upon your doorstep! We look forward to completing our first contact with you. The coming times are ones for celebration. But they also carry with them much exalted solemnity. Heaven intends to use this period to bring many prophetic events before you. Each of them is designed to prod and coax you, if needed, into carrying out the prescriptions of the divine plan. Much may at first seem strange or challenging to you, which is why we ask you to use your inner spiritual discernment. Prove yourselves to be the great spiritual Beings that you truly are. Ponder well on the nature of this challenge. Then grasp it and rise to the occasion! Expand into your roles and the rest will be easy. Remember your untapped potential and the great hidden resources your society possesses. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we discussed your impending future. We ask you to prepare thoughtfully and with assiduous inner discernment for what lies ahead. Your world is on the verge of profound changes. The time has come for us to meet and for you to encounter your destiny. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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