Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       3 Caban, 10 Moan, 12 Manik        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We come again with more interesting things to tell you! At present, our first contact fleet is poised at the ready. We are just waiting for certain events controlled by your Ascended Masters and our Earth allies to manifest. In the meantime, let us take you on a brief tour of our inner ring of fleet command ships. The command ships that are mainly responsible for coordinating all scientific observations of your precious planet are two Andromedan motherships, which are cloaked and in geosynchronous orbit above your planet, one over the Western hemisphere, the other over the Eastern. Both motherships are noted veterans of thousands of other first contact missions. Each is over 3,000 miles (4800 kilometers) long, and has a crew drawn from over forty galactic human star nations. The two top commanders are famous Andromedan scientists. A number of Pleiadean and Sirian scientists act as their direct subordinates. There is also a specialized command staff whose job it is to evaluate all incoming data.

      The mothership's main hull is oblong in shape, with six smaller, secondary hulls of various sizes attached to it by a series of tube-shaped pylons. The main living quarters, recreational areas, and command sections are located in the primary hull. Each of the secondary hulls is given over to a different science, such as geology, oceanography, and atmospheric sciences. Each subset within these various disciplines is assigned a specific area of the planet for observation. These groups are all interlinked by liaison teams who gather and evaluate all data received from the on-site observations of hundreds of thousands of scout ships. These are crewed by pilots and navigators from the mothership and anywhere from three to five scientists, each with a separate assignment. Each scout observes and reports back on a distinct section of the planet's surface and interior, and as their flight-paths are designed to dovetail, the result is a holistic 'map' of Mother Earth that is updated every five minutes.

      The commanders of these two motherships coordinate the Earth science mission, which in turn is in constant contact with the main first contact command staff located in the subterranean base known as Mars headquarters. All relevant data on the changes occurring to Mother Earth are stored here. This database is available to the two other contingents of the first contact mission: the Galactic Federation Earth-based medical teams and the defense sector of the fleet. Since alterations to Mother Earth affect you, it is essential that our medical teams be kept up to date on even the minutest changes. These changes to Mother Earth are likewise mirrored by your Sun, so a team specializing in solar dynamics is assigned to monitor your Sun. The Earth-Sun interactions are the focal point for the changes taking place in your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. As the Earth's geomagnetic and gravitational fields alter, your own electrical and magnetic fields similarly fluctuate. Your changes are thus calibrated to the rate of change of the planet.

      The medical teams are headquartered on three motherships, one each from Arcturus, Andromeda, and the Pleiades. These are cloaked and stationed near the Moon. Each mothership and its medical group contain a number of distinguished healers from this galaxy who are acting as the principal overseers for your medical teams. Each team is assigned from 200 to 250 individuals and is responsible for helping your Angelic body guardians in the task of transforming you into a fully conscious Being. Each of you has both collective and personal thought-forms that need to be transformed, so that increasing amounts of your Light body can be integrated into your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. The major ship of these three is the Arcturian, which is nearly 10,000 miles (160,000 kilometers) in length. It is almost cigar-shaped and houses the main medical training facilities for the fleet. This mothership is renowned for having been assigned this role for over three decades.

      The fleet's defense sector commands a strong presence in near-Earth orbit. 24 defense motherships, stationed within Earth's atmosphere, monitor all Earth-based military operations. This data is fed directly to Mars headquarters and to our Earth allies. The defense command mothership, the size of a small planet, is Sirian and is cloaked and positioned in front of the planet Uranus. It is the main command ship for all defense forces in this sector of the galaxy. The back-up headquarters for the first contact mission is located on this mothership. In addition, all decrees concerning this mission from either main Galactic Federation headquarters or from this region's Federation Council, as well as all instructions to the fleet regarding first contact, originate here. This is intended to prevent any potential interference from your last cabal and to ensure that the Mars station is properly protected.

      The Mars station is divided into twelve major sectors, or crystal cities, each of which has a different function. One of these cities, located near one of the Martian poles, contains the command station. Mars is actually quite different in appearance from what you have been told. She possesses blue skies, multi-colored clouds, and a vast subterranean river system. Just below her surface are a climate and environment that are most hospitable to human habitation. Here, some very strange (to you) plant and animal life can be found. Our 'terra-form' scientists and engineers know how easy it will be to return Mars to the condition she was in before being blasted by a large Anchara Alliance force nearly a million years ago. Many of you intuitively know that once this is accomplished, this beautiful, Earth-like world can become your home.

      All the ships that we have briefly described are awaiting your visit. The first contact fleet is here to render divine service to the peoples of Earth. Our mission is to complete this first contact as soon as divinely possible. In this regard, our fleet extends a warm welcome to you all! We know that the great moment we have all longed for is swiftly approaching. The Sirian star nation and its many allies from the Galactic Federation are most grateful for the opportunity given to us by Heaven. First contact for us means a family reunion of immense proportions. Every human star nation in this galaxy is most anxious to re-establish an open and unfettered relationship with you. The coming time is to be one in which a new era of permanent galactic peace is manifested. Hence, dear Hearts, you are actually preparing yourselves for a glorious destiny.

      First contact with you is a unique process, involving a highly diversified fleet from numerous human star nations and a plethora of other sentient Beings who long to see you succeed in transforming your world. The forces of Light are now gathered in a final confrontation to end the rule of your last dark cabal. When this is accomplished, you will at last be able to meet us and know all that we have contributed to ensure that the dark not be allowed to triumph. Furthermore, be aware that your Ascended Masters are indeed achieving their sacred goals and are preparing to manifest before you. This coming time of miracles is one for all the Ages! You are now ready to anchor the Light solidly upon Mother Earth. Therefore, stay centered and be prepared for what lies ahead. Know in your Hearts that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we have introduced you to more of our first contact fleet. Know how much each of us deeply Loves you. The time to meet is drawing ever closer. So, stay focused and fully committed to your glorious, inevitable victory! Bless you, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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