Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Oc, 13 Yaxk'in, 1 Caban        

Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again with more to discuss with you! In previous messages, we informed you about the complex process involved in ousting your last dark cabal from power. We also told you about the changes going on with the Sun and how these changes are affecting your solar system. Now we intend to broaden this scope and describe what is happening in this galaxy and throughout the known physical universe. As you move through the edges of your solar system and into interstellar space, you encounter layers of dust clouds filled with all sorts of strange flotsam and jetsam. Once past these last vestiges of your solar system, you enter the gravitational currents of this galaxy. Like any similar galaxy, the Milky Way has a primary current that moves from the galactic core to the edge of each spiraling arm and then returns toward the core. These major currents are attached to many interdimensional doorways leading to other dimensions and to your final destination.

      These pathways are how we travel from star to star. Recently, we have noticed that the many spiral vectors that forge these gateways are transforming. As your reality shifts ever upward, the vector gates have adjusted, and this opens up your galaxy to higher energies and permits many Orders of Heaven that ordinarily do not enter this galaxy to do so. This rising level of Light and Light Beings has flooded this galaxy with numerous blessings. Among these is the alteration of a 26,000 solar year cycle whose destructive energies have periodically ravaged this galaxy. In addition, a number of huge, tsunami-like energy waves sent out from the galactic core in 10,000 to 23,000 solar year cycles will cease to wreck havoc in this galaxy. Thus, we no longer need to watch out for these patterns of destruction as the long age of terror caused by these negative energy forms is now over. Our galaxy is engaged in seeing out her switch from a place of darkness to one again filled with Light! These wondrous blessings from Heaven are meant to affect us all.

      As our galaxy alters, the galaxies surrounding us both transform and lovingly embrace us. Galaxies are factories that create life and energy and are governed by natural laws that your scientists have merely guessed at! While some of their guesses are close to the mark, most are deduced as a result of looking at the right place at the right time; in other words, they were lucky. The complex vector science of the cosmos has two main elements: Spirit and illusory matter. The first element acts upon and shapes the second, not the other way around. These Earth-bound ones cannot see the beauty of space for what it truly is: the Creator's gift to all Life. Instead, they reduce it to its rudimentary fragments, which then form the basis for lifeless formulas and jumbled hypotheses. The key is to truly observe the wonder and the beauty, and to know that a complex system of interlocking vectors of immense magnificence, much like the brush strokes of a grand master, is divinely responsible. This manifesting grace is presently moving you toward a new reality. This reality is your destiny, and the changes happening in this galaxy are intended for us all.

      As you move inexorably toward the greater Light of Creation, you need to be aware of how the subtle changes in your known physical universe are impacting you. The science of astrology describes the influence of the changing positions of planets and planetoids in your solar system. To be more correct, you need to add the subtle influences of the entire physical universe to your calculations. Physicality is a vast, connected whole. Each part affects the others. In fact, the overall affect upon you of the patterning or positioning of this physical universe at any one time is far more precise than your present astrology allows. Once this science is updated, it can supply you with a more precise means of knowing how the wonders of the universe truly operate upon you. Then you can begin to comprehend that you are both a spiritual Being of immense potential and a powerful creature capable of manifesting what she or he truly requires. This realization is all part of the amazing procedure that is returning you to your True Self.

      Each aspect of this process of transformation works in chorus with all other aspects on a nearly infinite basis. Each part affects the others, and together, all change according to the directions of the divine plan. As one watches this process, one quickly falls in tune with the sacred melody being played. This divine harmony is so all-encompassing that those seeking only anomalies as the basis for their science easily overlook it. The key to learning about Spirit in physicality is to watch the glorious connectedness of everything and to become intimate with the grand artist creating it. Soon patterns move across your heart and the divine melody begins to work her exquisite magic upon you! In these "aha" moments, the divine starts to inform you intuitively about what is occurring, and the ways of spiritual science can be imprinted upon those willing to listen to her immense wisdom. Then many amazing technologies can be more completely understood.

      This move toward the Light is universal and is happening now throughout physicality. To understand your world conditions more clearly, it is helpful to view what is happening at present within a wider context. The dark in your realm has been in charge of your destiny for nearly 13 millennia, but as this path has now turned toward the Light, the ways of the dark are slowly dissipating. This process, as mentioned many times before, has the affect of turning up the chaos in your world, which causes you much grief and effectively hides the true changes in your global society. Indeed, this ever-growing chaos has distracted you from detecting even remotely what is truly happening. Change, in the early stages, is almost imperceptible until it grows into a coherent whole, whereupon it becomes apparent to all and able to then forge the new reality.

      As you can see, this process is both complex and elementary in its operation. The divine plan is so well constructed that every possible outcome was built into it. This makes it mysteriously incomprehensible and yet superficially straightforward. This apparent paradox drives the divine plan and allows her to reveal what is needed. The beauty of this process is to be found in how it actually does unfold. You witness this unfolding in your life, in your dreams, in recollections of past and future lives. It is that which connects you to your True or Complete Self. This divine Being has participated in the genesis of the divine plan and knows instinctively what to do next. Your confusion arises from not being able to comprehend, in your present state, what she tells you every second of every day.

      The divine Being that is you is quite magnificent! Yet, you discount what she tells you with great regularity. The present transformation is to reconnect you to your source and to assist you then to use your enormous positive Light to shift this reality. The gossip and sensationalism of what is happening may seem absorbing to you now. But your True Self well knows that "the devil is in the details". All that is important is that you are growing and that your world is moving toward a golden destiny. Stay positive, and be set to do what is right. And don't dwell on the extremes. When the events you long for happen, be detached, and ready to act not with judgment but with compassion. In this proper mode of awareness, you can act swiftly and in step with the ways of the divine!

      Today, we looked at the ever-changing universe. We have shown you how all is connected and how your divine destiny is to be fulfilled. The important point is to learn to perceive more subtly and to ignore the chaos. Know in your heart that all is well and that your victory is indeed close at hand. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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