Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Cimi, 19 Kayab, 12 Manik

Dear Ones, we arrive! We greet you with much Love! Around you are a reality that is quickly fading and also rapidly transforming. This reality has reached the very edge of the great change prophesied for it by the divine plan. This shift is part of other changes that are affecting this galaxy in a most positive fashion. As noted by us in many previous messages, these alterations effect your Sun and cause her hyperactivity. Likewise, these modifications have spread to the very central core of this galaxy. These alterations are preparing this small bit of physicality for a vast upward shift in consciousness. It is these inevitable things that permitted the combined dark energies of this galaxy to end eons of galactic hostilities and open the possibilities toward a permanent peace. On your world, these things have hurled you into a final struggle between those who gladly embrace the dark and those who solemnly seek positive change. Now, you sit in the heart of this last great struggle for your reality. To aid the Light, Heaven permitted a previously disallowed degree of outside interference.

      These decrees brought us to your shores and similarly signaled that a tremendous leap in your level of usable technologies was about to occur. This leap is tied to your rising levels of awareness. Your planet has reached a point where your primitive technologies and their poisonous effluents can no longer be tolerant by Mother Earth's eco-system. This means that the next few levels of your natural technological development need to be skipped over. Thus, many devices and their accompanying scientific discoveries need to be made public. In addition, a new approach to science is to be revealed to you. This new approach ends the present deep divisions between your world's technical and religious beliefs and forges a new concept in your world based upon consciousness. This concept shows how physicality is a continuous creation of Spirit. Physicality is a wondrous place overflowing with a vast array of potentials. These myriad potentials are ordered by the divine plan and graciously set into motion by the combined consciousness of the Creator, Heaven and physicality.

      As these forces and potentials combine, they produce the numerous macro-and micro-realities that comprise your known 'universe'. In your case, the micro-realities that you reside in comprise the single presently perceived macro-reality that you call Mother Earth and her environment. This environment will alter as your collective consciousness increases. That is, as your core perceptions change, your view of your reality and her various components likewise alter. Things that formerly seemed odd or else unknown become known. These series of happenings eventually produce the need for paradigm shifts. These, in turn, give you 'breakthroughs' in your understandings and reorder your basic perceptions of your 'universe'. This operation normally takes a great deal of time to manifest. However, your present timeframe fails to give you this parameter as an acceptable option. What she has given you instead is a period for a vast leap into a new realm filled with presently unorthodox precepts and constructs. This requirement brought upon you the present global crisis and your need to resolve it positively.

     The events of the past few millennia, which allowed the off-worlders or Anunnaki to control and masterly manipulate your world now needs to mutate. This transformation is at the very core of what is presently occurring. We simply ask you to understand this grand design and that her actual schedule is not unlimited. In fact, you are in the midst of these alterations. The last dark cabal made its blatant power grab since they knew how fragile their position of power became. What they did was based upon a concept whose time has come and gone. Hence, their programs no matter how grandiose can never succeed. They can only temporarily give you the illusion that they are destined to be successful. In truth, these plans are running against the 'tide of history' and will ultimately fail. These processes created the increasing numbers that are joining our Earth allies and firmly assuring their divinely swift demise. In this last strange interregnum before they finally fail, it is at times difficult for you to accept this true inevitability.

      Around you are visible forces that can seem really frightening. There seems to be no true alternative to the grand nightmare that you daily reside in. Below this visibility is a silent, proficient alternative. These elements will not fully 'surface' until all operations required for success are completed. Then and only then will a hugely remarkable series of seemingly improbable events happen. In many areas of your world the seeds of discord have been secretly sown. Behind closed doors and with increditable levels of security in house, meetings have been opened to discuss these subjects and analyze an immense set of incriminating evidence. Actions have been put in motion that ensures that this last cabal can be toppled from power. In addition, a whole slew of regime changes and vast transfers of wealth are being planned. Only a brief series of obscure news reports and suppressed announcements herald what is actually very close to occurring.

      As this worldwide secret coalition gathers its strength, its many members have turned their focus to any plausible outside support. This search finally permitted us in the last years to have a hand in these proceedings. A final point of acceptance was our role in limiting the 'terrorist' campaign to be carried out by this last cabal. This campaign while part bluff was nonetheless designed to put this dark group into an unshakable position of power. Using what they could have garnered by declaring martial law in North America, this last cabal intended to begin a series of global military campaigns whose sole purpose was to capture for them a dominant political and economic position. That is, a degree of military and economic dominance, which can permit them to be your world's unquestioned authority.

      As our resources were more and more accepted, we started to see the extent of this secret conspiracy. It involves those who represent the very heart of this last cabal and other elements who have long chafed for decades at what this last cabal has done to the world. These various and quite diverse groups first allied some two decades ago. This loose coalition had trouble staying together until the late 1990s. Then the changing world conditions and the exit of the Anunnaki from their former position of power changed everything. We described this mad scramble to you many times previously. Therefore, it suffices merely to mention it to you once again. This new environment led to the power grab that we alluded to at the start of this message. In this environment, the nightmare of the past few years happened. Now, this nightmare has birthed a new coalition determined to swiftly end its power and give us a bright new day.

      With the Galactic Federation now more involved than ever, we can assure you that this 'quiet revolution' is very close to occurring. All the different elements that we have very vaguely and very briefly told you about are presently putting the final touches on a most complex scheme. This enormous power shift will change your world for the better. Hence, be patient and be committed to aiding this coalition in its great task. It is the immense grab for power and the enormous blunders of this last cabal that makes this regime change necessary. This means that an act unprecedented in American history needs to come to pass. To do this, a whole series of special agreements as well as a formerly agreed upon set of legal procedures will be employed. With it, a new era for America and the world will happen. Your first contact can now become a reality.

      Today, we have discussed what is happening on your world. Always keep this 'big picture' in mind when you visualize what is really happening. Remember that you are destined to play a major role. So, be prepared to play your part when called upon. The bright new world of your divine destiny is just around the next corner. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy)

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