October 8, 2006

vulcan & vishnu ch 2

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Chapter 2 of Leland’s ACT-I-VATE comic, Vulcan & Vishnu, is here. (You can also find it in the sidebar, along with chapter 1).


September 19, 2006

breaking leland news

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Leland has a lovely deal with First Second in the offing.


September 14, 2006

it was a good day for promo

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First, that one shot tutorial I made was BoingBoinged. (Warren deserves all the credit for getting it there, as he posted it first — thank you, Warren.)

Then, Holly Black said some really nice things about SCHEHERAZADE on her Livejournal, which makes me all giddy, because, you know, it’s Holly and Holly is teh awsome. Thank you, Holly.

Lastly, in the updates department, I’ve got a little something something with Ed Brubaker right here. Thank you, Ed.

September 11, 2006

scheherazade zine

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It’s a SCHEHERAZADE zine! And a tutorial on how you can make your own zines, real easy like! See it all right here.


Latest pages of SCHEHERAZADE, wherein we finish up the framing tale, are here. Brubaker, one of my favorite writers ever in the history of anything, will be in Thursday’s installment of FROM THE LIBRARY, so check back.

August 31, 2006

ain’t it cool news nod

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Elton over on MySpace dropped me a note to let me know that RED and WEIRD SISTER got some props over on Ain’t It Cool News today:

“These tales are breezy and short, but carry a heft and heart that makes each panel count. Genco enlists some talented B&W artists to illustrate her words. Both WEIRD SISTER and RED show the emergence of a talented new voice in indie comics.


Scroll down a little on this page to the indie stuff to see it live.

August 30, 2006


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Yes, we’ll be at SPX this year… as attendees. Crazy! We’ll be honest: we just got tired of shlepping our stuff hither and yon. And four hand-made comics/chapbooks is enough for me in less-than-one-year, thank you very much.

That said, I will, in fact, have some fun promo items for SCHEHERAZADE. But more on that later.

We’ll be there Saturday on into Sunday, so do look for us on the floor and at the bar.

scheherazade updates

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We’ve got nine pages of story up now, right here. From here on out, we’ll be running about 5 pages bi-weekly. On the off-weeks, you’ll find interviews with my favorite storytellers in FROM THE LIBRARY. There are two interviews up so far, with Brian Wood and Cherie Priest. Ed Brubaker will most likely be next. Huzzah!

So please have a look if you haven’t already. And spread the word!

August 7, 2006

first page…

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… of SCHEHERAZADE, my new webcomic with the Chemistry Set, is up. Right here. Huzzah.

Our regular day is Thursday, starting this Thursday. We’ll be posting a chunk of pages (3-4) bi-weekly, and on the off-weeks, I’ll have mini-interviews with some of my favorite storytellers and kindred spirits. Mr. Wood and Cherie Priest are up first. I’m going for a nice mix of comics peeps and fantasy peeps, both big peeps and up-and-coming peeps. Hopefully it’ll be good fun and cross-promotion for everybody.

The site looks great so far and I’m so proud of everyone involved. Do check it out, and if you like what you see, please spread the word.

August 1, 2006

scheherazade promo

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schzde promo

(click here to see the promo larger)

The Chemistry Set will feature original works by up and coming writer/artist teams:

Chris Arrant (NEWSARAMA, Publisher’s Weekly, Tokyopop.com, FOUR STORIES) and Daniel Warner (COCOPIAZO)
Jim Dougan (CRAZY PAPERS) and friends

And, of course, Boorman and I.

We go live on August 7th.

July 30, 2006


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New project a-comin’:

scheherazade logo

And it’s a webcomic, no less — oh ho ho! This means that you get to read it for free.

Boorman has the art on this one. It’s all part of a new webcomics collective of writer/artist teams, THE CHEMISTRY SET.

I couldn’t be more tickled to be a part of this! We’ll have press releases and other good stuff later in the week.

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