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TITI Gauge
The newly designed TIT Indicator provides an updated form, fit and function replacement for the earlier P-3 TIT Indicator made by Lockheed. This indicator is highly readable and utilizes both pointer and LED counter. The indicator is compatible with military thermocouple standards and aircraft connectors.

SHP Gauge
The SHP indicator is a form, fit, and increased function replacement for the existing electromechanical item. The SHP indicator is a COTS design based on the proven IS&S P/N 9D-80614 Turbine Inlet Temperature Indicator. The SHP provides indication of shaft horsepower at a constant 13,820 RPM. The indicator is highly readable utilizing both pointer, and LED counter. A forward looking photocell is mounted to the dial facilitating automatic adjustment of the LED intensity in response to changes in the ambient light level. The indicator is compatible with the existing ‘phase displacement’ sensors and indicator mating connectors. The indicator provides an ARINC 429 digital data output to an engine health monitoring system, and stores in non-volatile memory conditions of ‘over power’,and ‘over speed’ events.

C-130 Engine Instrument Display System
The IS&S Engine Instrument Display System (EIDS) is designed specifically as a low-cost upgrade of the C-130 engine instrument cluster. This easily retrofitted replacement system is compatible with the existing cockpit configuration. It provides all existing engine and propeller related parameters and surface position indicators using two (2) LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) and one control panel in lieu of forty-three (43) individual electromechanical instruments.


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