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Cockpit/IP (Information Portal)
Innovative Solutions & Support's Integrated Primary Flight and Navigation Display System is TSO Approved for Part 25. This state-of-the-art, sunlight readable display offers an exceptional cross-cockpit viewing angle. Each IS&S Flat Panel Display System (3 part numbers) provides a reduction in LRU's as it replaces 10 existing instruments. Its uniform graphics symbology permits cross-platform pilot certification. Retrofits are easily accomplished with minimal changes to existing aircraft wiring. The system requires no active cooling and significantly reduces power consumption and weight. In addition to our primary flight displays, IS&S offers engine instrument displays, mission displays, and multifunction display systems.

· TSO Approved for Part 25
· Enhanced Readability
· Component Count Reduced by 70%
· Improved Dispatch Reliability
· Minimal Retraining
· Significant Weight and Heat Savings
· Adaptable to Future Requirements
· Minimal Changes to Existing Aircraft Wiring

C-130 Engine Instrument Display System (EIDS)
The IS&S Engine Instrument Display System (EIDS) is designed specifically as a low-cost upgrade of the C-130 engine instrument cluster.
This easily retrofitted replacement system is compatible with the existing cockpit configuration. It provides all existing engine and propeller related parameters and surface position indicators using two (2) LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) and one control panel in lieu of forty-three (43) individual electromechanical instruments.

· High Resolution Display with Integral High
Performance Symbol Generator
· Improved Dispatch Reliability
· Component Count Reduced by 39 (90%)
· Significant Weight and Power Savings
· Adaptable to Future Requirements
· NVIS Compliant


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