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The Altimeter is an Innovative Solutions & Support Air Data product which is RVSM compliant and capable of operating in self-sensing or repeater mode. The instrument provides both dedicated digital and analog liquid crystal display (LCD) which features high intensity backlighting for daytime use and low level white lighting for nighttime viewing. The altitude can be displayed in both metric and imperial units.

Mach Airspeed Indicator (MASI)
The Innovative Solutions & Support Mach Airspeed Indicator (MASI) Air Data product offers full RVSM compliance and is capable of operating in both self-sensing or repeater modes. The MASI provides a dedicated digital display of Mach number and analog display of CAS, using a liquid crystal display (LCD) and E/M controlled pointer. The LCD also displays GS, or TAS. Vmo and AoA data are displayed using a segmented arc.

Digital Air Data Computer (DADC)
Innovative Solutions & Support offers the Digital Air Data Computer (DADC), an Air Data product which is self-sensing and fully RVSM compliant. The DADC instrument computes air data for interfacing equipment in analog, digital and discrete formats. The DADC supports operation of Altimeters, Mach Airspeed Indicators, Autopilot Controllers, as well as other instruments. In addition to offering fault response, data output control, and status indication, the DADC also performs integral data checking and fault detecting operation.

Air Data Display Unit (ADDU)
Innovative Solutions & Support's Air Data Display Unit (ADDU) is a self-sensing, fully RVSM compliant, digital air data computing Altimeter with selectable altitude alerting function. The ADDU can output air data on dual ARINC 429 and RS422 data formats. The ADDUĂ­s LCD display offers high-intensity backlighting for daytime use, and low level white lighting for nighttime viewing. In addition, the ADDU provides altitude alert notifications using its ADDU-controlled ALT Alert Lamp.

Innovative Solutions & Support Altitude Alerter instruments are being utilized by some of the world's most prominent Avionics organizations. The Altitude Alerter offers three different types of warnings when sensed cabin altitude is at or above 10,000 feet (3,000 meters). Suitable for military, air transport, and general/business aviation, the Altitude Alerter features two user-selectable operating modes and both audio and visual alerts. Baro-corrected altitude and SAT data from DADC via ARINC 429 allow for greater reliability and maintainability.

Analog Interface Unit (AIU)
The Analog Interface Unit (AIU) is used in conjunction with the Innovative Solutions & Support Air Data Display Unit (ADDU), providing analog interface to the autopilot, navigation systems, and other using equipment. The AIU improves the reliability and versatility of the ADDU flightdeck instrument by removing the complexity and uncertainty of the accessory interface from the ADDU.

Air Data Sensor (ADS)
The IS&S Air Data Sensor (ADS) is a form/ fit/ function replacement for obsolete Rockwell Collins 590A models. It is also part of a comprehensive Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) compatible air data system upgrade. The ADS supplies an analog error signal to the flight control system (FCS) that is proportional to HOLD or preselected altitude errors related to ascending and descending. It is PIN programmable with an aircraft configuration memory module. The ADS is applicable in civil, military and business aviation.

Integrated Air Data Display System
The Integrated Air Data Display System (IADDS) consists of the IS&S Air Data Display System (IADDS) and the Installation Configuration Module (ICM). The IADDS is a self-sensing RVSM compliant, Digital Air Data Computer (DADC) Altimeter with selectable altitude alerting.

Air Data Module
The Air Data Module (ADM)is derived directly from the highly successful Air Data Display Unit (ADDU). The ADM provides all of the functionality of the ADDU but without the altimeter display. The ADM will provide full Digital Air Data Computer (DADC) capability with TSO C-106 and Encoded Altitude Output, TSO C-88a. New features are also being added to provide for multiple SSEC curve capability. The ADM provides RVSM flexibility to operators who have either completed a flat panel upgrade to the cockpit or are preparing to do so.


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