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The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO) is a national medical specialty society of physicians who are trained in the comprehensive management of women with female reproductive cancers. Its purpose is to improve the care of women with gynecologic cancer by encouraging research, disseminating knowledge which will raise the standards of practice in the prevention and treatment of gynecologic malignancies and cooperating with other organizations interested in women's health care, oncology and related fields.

SGO's members make it the leading organization of gynecologic oncologists in the United States. As gynecologic oncologists, our members are women's cancer specialists who have received an additional 3-4 years of intensive medical training in the study and treatment of malignancies arising in the female reproductive tract - ovary, endometrium, cervix, vulva and vagina. The majority of SGO members are gynecologic oncologists, including:
  • All trained and board certified gynecologic oncologists in the U.S.
  • All individuals who head academic divisions of gynecologic oncology in U.S. medical schools.
  • All directors of fellowship training programs in gynecologic oncology.
  • All participants in the NCI-funded collaborative clinical research group, Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG).

SGO members also include gynecologic oncologists from the international community and related medical specialists such as medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.

The Society's members provide unified, comprehensive medical and surgical care to women with reproductive tract cancers from diagnosis to completion of treatment, such as:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Supportive care
  • Surgery

Collectively, and with other health professionals, gynecologic oncologists work to improve the overall care of women with gynecologic cancer through the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists.

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