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Human cheese

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Human cheese is cheese produced from the breast milk of female humans. It has been proposed as a Vegan alternative to cheeses produced by other mammals, such as goats and cows.[1]


Economic issues

The production, labour costs, shipping, and other expenses involved in producing cheese from female humans would require the product to be sold at a relatively higher price than cheese produced by other mammals, at a rough estimate of 200 U.S. dollars per pound ($440/kg).[1]


The very existence of human cheese is unknown. There are currently no well-known documented cases of human cheese being produced. Human breast milk is on average 5% protein [2], which is a smaller concentration than that in both goat and cow cheese.[3] Because protein is necessary for milk to curdle, the low percentage of protein in human milk may prevent curdling from occurring.

Entrepreneur Lucy Cowell has made some small samples of cheese from her breast milk. Brother Tobias has found them to be tasty for recipes contact


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