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Monday, October 23, 2006
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Flyboys the Movie 

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He will direct DIE HARD but only produce and write UNDERWORLD's third installment

      Associate Editor
Published: 6/6/2006
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LOCATION: Hollywood


THE SKINNY: Len Wiseman, producer/director/creator of the UNDERWORLD film series has a lot on his plate.  He is currently in pre-production on UNDERWORLD 3, and it was announced last week that he would be directing the new DIE HARD 4 movie.  iF caught up with Wiseman while he was promoting UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION which was released on DVD today, and asked him about both of these highly anticipated projects.



iF Magazine: What can we expect from UNDERWORLD 3?


LEN WISEMAN: The third film is going to be a prequel.  It will be the origin story and we find out things we didn’t know about Lucian; he’ll have a much bigger part in it.  It will be about the creation [of the races] and what started the war.  It will be a period piece.  In terms of the writing, a lot of the writing has been done.  We’ve been developing UNDERWORLD 3 for a while. I won’t be directing UNDERWORLD 3; I’m just going to be producing and writing.


iF: Is Kate going to be in it, or is this in the time period before her character?


WISEMAN: It will be in the time period before, but it will overlap into the creation of her as well.  We’re in the process of seeing how far we go with that.


iF: How do you feel about being asked to direct DIE HARD 4?


WISEMAN: It’s going and it’s exciting.  DIE HARD has always been something I grew up loving as a franchise.  When I saw that film in Junior High, I ran home and got my video camera.  I got my special effects guys, Chris and Jason from across the street, and I started making my own DIE HARD movie.  In terms of how I’m connected to it as a fan, it has always been a favorite.


iF: Did the studio tell you why they decided to revitalize the franchise on DIE HARD now?


WISEMAN: I think the studio came to me because they want to re-invent it, they want it to be more modern.  They want to put a different slant on it.  It comes at a good time for me, because I’m not everybody’s first choice when you think of DIE HARD.  That’s actually something I want to show.  I go to these comic book conventions because I’m not some major Goth.  What’s good for me is to do other movies that I really love like DIE HARD, which are a completely different style.  This is great for me so I don’t get stuck in being “Mr. Goth”.




Tess from Las Vegas sez...
I am totally hooked on the Underworld..not just the characters but the beautiful way it is shot, the creature effects, the music and sound. Those guys behind the scenes need mondo applause. I am dying to see the next film! Much sparkage!!!!!!!!!!
[9/21/2006 5:11:10 PM]

Adrian from Guyana sez...
To Dre from Georgia, Lucian was never a bad guy just misunderstood all he ever did was Love Sonja, Victor was the bad guy.
[9/21/2006 4:38:13 AM]

Dre from Georgia sez...
Why doesn't the bad guy ever win? Markus was one of the best vampires I've ever seen and it would have been great to see the bad guy win for once. With this prequel, there are only bad guys with Lucian, Kraven, Viktor, Markus, and Amelia. Please don't turn one of their characters to a good guy; let the bad rule for once.
[9/13/2006 7:37:16 PM]

Puzzled from From huh? sez...
I am just curious but weren't the first two movies already part prequels? Flashbacks here and there, if you were going to do Perquels why not do it first? I already know what happens, they all die right? If not get on with the movie, I have seen enough of the past in the first two underworlds, I want to see what happens next not what has already happened.
[9/13/2006 6:47:21 PM]

Gordon from Canada sez...
I will most likey watch the 3 movie but without Kate it holds little interest....
[8/26/2006 10:06:11 AM]

Allie from France sez...
I agree with Alice. Michael and Selene are great but 2 minutes of Lucian and Sonja isn't long enough for me. I'd really like to see a movie of them. And I think a prequel is a good idea. Anyway, I'm confident in Wiseman! I believe in him and I know I’ll do a great job!
[8/26/2006 4:35:19 AM]

Alice from France sez...
Who said nobody cared about Lucian and Sonja ? Damn it, I didn't read the book because I don't want to know what this stupid author's fantasy are, I want Wiseman, Mc Bride and Grevioux's story and no one else's. I am definitely for an Underworld prequel and I look forward to it. I love Michael and selene too but we saw them in 2 movies, let's have a prequel. Lucian is the best character, he deserves is own movie.
[8/26/2006 4:26:09 AM]

LezLy from Mexico sez...
I really think that a prequel would be great!! But as long as you don´t take the original characters off!! I mean, come on!!! Underworld without speedman or beckinsale is just not calling!! I agree with the others, make a sequel, and if you want so mucha prequel, do half and half!!! Please!!!!
[8/9/2006 2:04:36 PM]

Megan from usa sez...
I think that alice from frances idea was good except i think it should be the otherway around michael reascuing selene...if selene is pregnant though would her baby be a regular baby? or would it come out superhuman? And that would be thrown into the stories mix to beacuse then evryone would want it wouldn't they?
[8/7/2006 9:51:26 PM]

buddybunyon from new hampshire sez...
Hello, Alot of people brought up good points,my points are,in the first movie amelia was brought down with,as far as we know without much of a fight,and yet she is is very close to the same caliber of victor himself.Is lucian really dead,you would not of thought of him living through the first round of ligiud silver but he did,taking micheals blood made him stronger or something,but either way he did survive so is he really dead after being shot several times?Alexander is supposed to be the first true immortal,makes him the stongest?and yet he died from a sword wound,im sorry but thats pathetic.As far as micheal taking william and selene taking marscus is hard for me to swallow i realize selene is with victors blood,and alexanders,and micheal is a half breed with selenes blood,and lucians and the limit to his powers are unknown,but come on where talking about william the first werewolf and marcus the first vampire here,i think the fight,and the victory should have been harder more laborous.What of the second coven,what do they think of all this?Is anybody really dead?There are many ways you could do the third film,i hope you chose the right one,i see alot of potential in these films,please tighten it up and do a good job on the third,i will be waiting in anticipation on the third. Russell
[7/29/2006 3:46:24 PM]

David from new hamshire sez...
i really love kate backinsale shes one hot looking women i allso love all of her movie.s keep up the good work kate
[7/27/2006 4:49:11 PM]

jessica from california sez...
PLease have it be a sequel but have flashback scenes about how the war started.I positivly LOOVVEE Michael and selene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[7/25/2006 4:58:20 PM]

Daisy from north carolina sez...
Put marcus and Lucian and sonja in it but still let it be a sequel. U BETTER HAVE MICHAEL IN CUZ HE IS SOOOOOO FINE!!!!!!!!!
[7/25/2006 4:55:37 PM] from India sez...
To bad there is no kate in the movie because she is hot
[7/18/2006 4:06:51 PM]

luv-machine from China sez...
I hope that there is more nude scenes in it.
[7/18/2006 4:03:36 PM]

Ally from Illinois sez...
I love the Underworld series, but I think you shouldn't have left us hanging in #2. What happens to Selene? She's-what? I need to know or I'll go mad! And Selene killed 2 Elders, is she going to get away unscathed? What about the other coven? Aren't they angry? Sorry, got carried away. I think the idea w/ Lucian and Sonja is great, but make a forth one that goes back to Selene and Micheal.
[7/17/2006 9:46:41 PM]

Kate from Illionis sez...
I think they should make several more Underworlds, there is so much of the story still untold! Also,I would love to see more Lucian and Sonja and the history of immortals, too! Dude,good job, Wiseman.
[7/17/2006 6:59:15 PM]

daniel from aussie sez...
i love the idea of more of the other underworld characters... but keep kate in there... theres something sexy about a girl killing lycians or wat eva they are.... grrrr
[7/13/2006 5:57:58 PM]

Joey D from New York sez...
Maybe in the 3RD movie you can use the first half or so to tell the tale of the orgin of how it all began,, perhaps by an ancient lycan or vampire we havent seen yet,,or alexander himself who knows if he can truly die?? In the middle of selene ready to give birth to a brand new kind of race beacuase of her new changes and michaels bloodline while there running from the other coven which we havent seen yet,,since there are suppose to be 2 great we have seen already right??,,,I just be happy if you made another 3 more!!!
[7/6/2006 10:08:02 PM]

Courtney from Texas sez...
I think that there should be a little of lucian and sonja, selene and michael (who is SO hot), and kraven and the blonde chick. If they don't have all of the same characters. It will NOT be one of the top sellers.
[7/5/2006 6:08:11 PM]

Veronica from New Jersey sez...
Personally i'm getting a bit sick of Michael and Selene! They are everywhere. I'd actually like to see Sonja and Lucian. Make the movie out of how the war officially started. Personally i'd want to see how Sonja and Lucian's love affair started on screen instead of in the book. And i hope they don't make someone else play Sonja. Jazmin Damak needs to play just wouldn't be the same!
[7/5/2006 12:38:34 PM]

jennifer from missourt sez...
yeah i cant wait for underworld 3 and possibly 4. a sequel and prequel would be awesome. shoulda brought back kraven and the blonde from the first underworld to create turmoil for the beloved selena and michael. love these movies.havent seen a good vampire movies since van stokers dracula.please keep these movies coming.
[7/3/2006 4:48:30 PM]

Jay from Texas sez...
I prefer a sequel with Selene and Michael doing their best to live with the consequences of the events in Underworld Evolution. However, I will accept a good prequel better than no third Underworld movie. I hope you write the prequel well and personally select a magnificent director, Mr. Wiseman. Otherwise, you shall incur my ire.
[7/1/2006 12:18:59 AM]

day-z from new york sez...
If u dont put selene or michael in the movie it will be SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[6/27/2006 5:29:13 PM]

Ritesh from Mauritius sez...
More Lucian!!Of course more romantic scene!!
[6/23/2006 2:02:29 AM]

Nicole from Pennsylvania sez...
I LOVE Underworld Evolution! I agree that a sequel will be more enjoyable then a prequel. You left so many questions un-answered and so much information thats not even close to being udnerstood. You left the ending of Underworld Evolution open to be carried on, So you should do so. I for one want to know what they find now that everything has changed and THEY have changed. So much is left unseen and touched. What will their love make, or will it be used aginst them? Nothing would make me happier or more excited to see that you as a Director change your mine about the prequel to a sequel, Which I am sure many others will agree that it is a great need!!
[6/22/2006 3:07:38 PM]

Clint from Texas sez...
In all scenes where a vampires blood was used to reveal his memories, you showed those memories.(except One) The scene was where Selene drank the blood of A. Corbinus. You purposely left the audience hanging for the purpose of a SEQUEL - right -- Not a PREQUEL. I think the line A. Corbinus used when Selene asked him what would happen to her if she drank his blood was - The FUTURE. I think the future is a sequel.
[6/21/2006 5:52:33 PM]

Gary from the States sez...
Has Selene lost vampirism or has she gained a resistance to sunlight through Alexander's blood? Follow on with the story you're telling now. Prequel's are getting way too predictable and I believe you've gone into enough depth of the start of the war. We want to see "new," not reiteration of the old.
[6/21/2006 5:51:45 PM]

Kendra from Boston, UK sez...
So that means, we won't see anything about Michael :( I actually thought, that this film is all about Michael and his ancestor and all about this Hybrid buissnes. Nobody cares, what happened to Lucian and Sonja. Everybody knows it allready or u can read the Book Underworld Blood Enemy. There is everything written. It doesn't make sense to write a book and 3 years later u make a film. I am curious, what happens to Michael, now that he knows, he can return even from the death. Would he loose his controll?
[6/18/2006 4:08:23 AM]

steve from california sez...
I would definetly be intrested in seeing where les takes the prequel but i have to say that im not going to be waiting in line to go see it as i LOVE kate backinsale in the first 2 she brought an essence to the films. what would batman returns of been without Michelle Pfeiffer not the same it would of been crap. bring kate into the third instalment.
[6/15/2006 2:16:11 PM]

Jill from New York sez...
The heart of the Underworld movies is the love story between Micheal and Selene, without Beckinsale/Speedman it is a completely different movie. I don't care what happened hundredes of years ago. Another sequel is what is evil American coven comes to Europe to capture Michael and replicate/use his blood to create an all powerful hybrid coven...Selene rescues him and then they are on the run from the new hybrids...leading to a fight to eliminate the coven in order to save something like that is a sequel.
[6/12/2006 9:32:55 AM]

tte from Australia sez...
more Lucian!!!!!!!! omn, i was so happy when I read this!
[6/11/2006 7:30:09 PM]

jay from calgary sez...
if u don't get kate beckingsale in it, than fuck u director,producer, and creator,if she's not in it, swear to god, i will come in hollywood and fuck u my self, u fuckin asshole,
[6/11/2006 12:29:16 AM]

anileydis Palma from Florida sez...
more marcus corbinus please!!!! and all the story behind the viruz too!! spind awesome!
[6/10/2006 8:56:29 PM]

merin from florida usa sez...
yes! can't wait for underworld 3, and for more of the other characters, hope we will get lots of marcus corbinus too hehe but lucian is way cool too! i will run to the movies to see it!
[6/10/2006 8:09:49 PM]

Alice from France sez...
wow an Underworld prequel, that would be so good. More Lucian is perfect, he is the most interesting character in Underworld. I just hope that they will take Jazmin Damak to play Sonja, like they did in the first movie. I'm used to her know, I wouldn't bear to see another actress to play our Sonja. Anyway, the third movie sounds great, I just can't wait to see it !
[6/10/2006 7:26:37 AM]

Brandon from Clovis sez...
Don't call Die Hard a "franchise". Don't go mod tech with the style of Die Hard. Don't FUCK THIS UP!!!
[6/9/2006 9:28:36 PM]

Pepe-kun from Valencia sez...
This world is fantastic.
[6/8/2006 2:05:18 PM]

Shirley from The Netherlands sez...
Oh my god !! Yay !! more Lucian !! I wonder who will play as Sonja
[6/7/2006 9:38:28 AM]

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