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An Introduction to Ontario
Market Proximity
•  Great Lakes
•  135 Million Consumers within an 800 km Radius of Greater Toronto
•  Access to 400 Million North American Consumers
•  The Global Perspective
•  Map with Air Routes
•  Map with Border Crossings
Market Demographics
•  Population
Bar Chart  Total Population by Province
Bar Chart  Population of Selected Cities
Table listing  Ontario Selected Demographic Characteristics
Bar Chart  Total Ontario Households
Table listing  Ontario Population by Home Language Spoken
•  Business
Bar Chart  Distribution of Businesses in Canada by Province
Bar Chart  Ontario's concentration of firms by employment size
Bar Chart  Ontario, distribution of business by size
Ontario Firms by Employment Size - All Industries
Ontario Firms by Employment Size - Goods-Producing Sector
Ontario Firms by Employment Size - Manufacturing
Ontario Firms by Employment Size - Services-Producing Sector
Bar Chart  Ontario Companies Control 43% of Canada's Corporate Profits
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Ontario Workforce
Labour Force Characteristics
Bar Chart  Ontario Labour Force
Bar Chart  Ontario Participation Rate
Bar Chart  Employment
Employment Rate
Yearly Gains or Losses in Employment
With the Unemployment Rate
Not in Labour Force
Table listing  Ontario Employment by Industry
Table listing  Ontario Employment by Occupation
Table listing  Wages by Industry
Table listing  Wages by Occupation
Bar Chart  Ontario Unemployment Rate by Age Cohort
Bar Chart  Provincial Unemployment Rate
Bar Chart  Labour Force by Educational Attainment
Labour Force by Educational Attainment (15+)
Labour Force by Educational Attainment,
1995-2000 Age Group: 15+ (Annual Average)
High School Graduate
Some Post-Secondary
Post-Secondary Certificate or Diploma
University Degree
Bar Chart  Unionization Rates in Manufacturing
Bar Chart  Unionization Rates in Services
•  Worker Turnover Rates
Bar Chart  Ontario boasts high rates of ISO 9000 and 14001 registrations
Bar Chart  Person Days Lost as Percentage of Estimated Working Time due to Work Stoppages, Ontario
Bar Chart  Average Ontario Weekly Earnings by Industry
Bar Chart  Average Ontario Weekly Earnings by Occupation
Bar Chart  Unemployment Insurance Employer Tax Rates
Table listing  International Salary Comparisons by Selected City (Department Managers)
Table listing  Increases Negotiated in Major Collective Agreements in Ontario
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Education in Ontario
•  Ontario has a Highly Educated Population
Bar Chart  Post-Secondary Attainment of Population Aged 18 and Over
Bar Chart  Ontario's share of Canada's university and non-university stock
Table listing  Population stock by university discipline
Table listing  Population stock by non-university discipline
Table listing  Educational institutions and expenditures - Canada and Ontario
Table listing  University Enrolments
University Enrolments by Program Level
University Enrolment of International Students
Undergraduate Enrolment by Major Program of Study
Graduate Enrolment by Major Program of Study
University Student - Faculty Ratio
Table listing  College Enrolment
Ontario Full Time College Enrolment
International Student Enrolment
Table listing  Apprenticeship Training
New registrations in major apprenticeship programs
Apprenticeship training enrolment by sector
Bar Chart  Secondary and vocational school graduates
Bar Chart  College graduates by discipline
College Graduates by Programs
Business and Office
Applied Arts
Table listing  University graduates by discipline
Bachelor's Degrees Granted by Ontario Universities in Selected Fields
Master's Degrees Granted by Ontario Universities in Selected Fields
PhD Degrees Granted by Ontario Universities in Selected Fields
Table listing  University 'Degrees' Granted by Program Level
Bar Chart  Ontario employers are satisfied with the province's college graduates
Excellent & Accessible Post-Secondary Education
Table listing  Maclean's and Canadian Business Magazines
Maclean's Medical Doctoral Rankings rate Ontario Universities among the best in Canada
Maclean's Comprehensive University Rankings rate Ontario Universities among the best in Canada
•  Highlights of Some Distinguished Ontario Universities
University of Toronto
University of Waterloo
Queen's University
McMaster University
University of Western Ontario
York University
University of Ottawa
Wilfrid Laurier University
Table listing  Top Marks for Ontario's Business Education Programs
Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Top International Business Schools
Forbes Non-USA MBA Ranking
Business Week Non-USA MBA Ranking
Top Quality Education in Ontario at Affordable Rates
Table listing  Reasonable tuition costs at Ontario universities and colleges
Tuition Costs in Ontario
University Tuition by Discipline in Ontario
Customized Training
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Ontario Transportation & Infrastructure
•  Highway Network
•  Major Markets Within One Day's Drive of the Greater Toronto Area
•  Major Markets More Than One Day's Driving Distance from Greater Toronto
•  Major National Highways - U.S. Connections
Table listing  Ontario Trade with Some U.S. Regions
Table listing  Major Truck Crossings into the U.S.
•  Selected Ontario Airports
Pie Chart  Toronto - Home to Canada's #1 Airport
•  Non-stop Flights From Toronto
•  Connections to every corner of the world
Table listing  Major Ontario Airports Cargo Enplaned/Deplaned
•  Major Railways
•  International Border Crossings by Rail
•  Major Freight Centres and Intermodal Facilities
Table listing  Rail Freight Volume Crossing the U.S./Ontario Border
Table listing  Top Commodities Shipped by Rail
•  Waterways and Ports
•  Major Ports
•  Relationship to Seaports
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A Note on Utilities in Ontario
•  World Class Telecommunications
•  Bell Canada Profile
•  Existing and Planned Fibre Optics Networks
•  Bell Mobility Cellular Service Area
•  Electricity Market Deregulation
Table listing  The Ontario Electricity Market
•  Hydro Generation and Transmission Map
Bar Chart  Electricity Monthly Billings (Large Power Users)
Bar Chart  Electricity Monthly Billings (Medium Power Users)
•  Average Electricity Unit Prices (Large Power Users)
Bar Chart  Average Electricity Rates: G-7 Countries
Pie Chart  Electricity Generation by a Diverse Fuel Mix
Nuclear Power
•  Our Nuclear Stations at Work
º  Darlington Nuclear Generating Station
º  Pickering Nuclear Power Generating Stations
º  Bruce Nuclear Power Generating Stations
Natural Gas
Pie Chart  Source of Ontario's Natural Gas
•  Ontario Natural Gas Rates
Table listing  Union Gas Limited rates - Commercial/Industrial Customers
Table listing  Enbridge Gas Distribution rates
Bar Chart  Natural Gas Cost Comparisons
Oil and Gas
Bar Chart  Canada's Gasoline and Automotive Diesel Prices are among the lowest
International Gasoline End-User Prices
International Automotive Diesel End-User Prices
Bar Chart  International Water Tax Rates
Waste Management
Table listing  Ontario Hazardous Waste Facilities
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Ontario Trades Internationally
Trade Statistics
•  Ontario Exports
Bar Chart  Exports As A Share of GDP
Bar Chart  Total Ontario Exports
Table listing  Exports by Major Region
Bar Chart  Top Five Exports by Product
Bar Chart  Ontario Trade by Country
•  Ontario Imports
Bar Chart  Total Ontario Imports
Bar Chart  Top Five Imports by Commodity
Bar Chart  Ontario Trade by Country
•  Trade Fact Sheets
º  Ontario Trade Fact Sheets
Tariffs/Trade Policy
•  What NAFTA Means for Traders and Investors in Canada
•  Features of NAFTA
º  Dispute Settlement Mechanisms
º  Government Procurement
º  Facilitation of Business Travel
º  Intellectual Property Protection
º  Access to Mexico
•  Sector Specific Provisions of NAFTA
º  The Auto Sector
º  Financial Services
º  Other Service Sectors
º  Textiles and Apparel
º  Energy and Petrochemicals
º  Agriculture
º  Telecommunications
º  Transportation
•  NAFTA Rules on Investment, Tariff Schedules and Content
º  Rules on Investment
º  Formulae for Determining North American Content Levels
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Quality of Life in Ontario
•  Quality of Life Profile
•  Recreation
Bar Chart  Recreation Rankings
Casinos/Horse racing
Eating out
Professional sports
•  Culture
Performing Arts
•  Family Entertainment
Amusement/Theme parks
Heritage Sites
•  Outdoor Activities
•  Summer
Canoeing and Kayaking
º  Diving
Bird watching
•  Winter
Ice Fishing
Health Care
•  Overview
•  Health Care Comparison - Ontario & the U.S.
•  Hospital Information
Cost of Living
Bar Chart  Consumer Price Index - Ontario
Table listing  Best Cities to Live in for Expatriate Workers
Table listing  Profile
Seasonal Weather Conditions by Region
Bar Chart  Rain
Bar Chart  Temperature
•  Earthquake Zones
Public Safety
Bar Chart  Crime Rates - Toronto vs. Selected North American Cities
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