MudProxy - a telnet proxy

MudProxy is, as the name implies, a proxy program which is used to enhance mudclients with functionality that they might not have already. This proxy program was inspired by one of the players of Calim's Cradle, a MUD run by the author of this proxy program. The player wanted a gagging function for his mudclient, but unfortunatly it didn't have one. After a little thinking, I decided to create such a program which would allow any client to use extra goodies without changing the client.

The proxy program works like this. The proxy program is turned on (usually done by running the proxy.exe file), and it will start listening on port 9009 on your own machine. Now you will tell your client to connect to port 9009 instead of the normal address of the MUD you want to connect to. The proxy will pick up this connection, and forward you to the MUD defined in the proxy's configuration file. Now all communcation between you and the MUD goes through the proxy, thus allowing the proxy to add extra functions like gagging and compression.

So far MudProxy can do two things for your client. It can use the Mud Client Compression Protocol (MCCP) created by Oliver Jowett, and enable gagging of lines (Gagging is a feature used by some mudclients, which allows you to weed out lines from the MUD's output).

I'm hoping to create versions of MudProxy for as many operating systems as possible, but so far I have only been able to find compilers for linux and windows (the linux build seems to work under Solaris as well). I'm hoping to create a build for Mac's as well.

The Downloads

There is no longer any need for a "server" version of MudProxy, since the config file included in the distribution can be used to configure all aspects of MudProxy - just follow the instructions found in the README file included, and you'll be able to setup the proxy program as a forward proxy (server mode).

You can use the download box in the left side to pick your distribution of the MudProxy program, please remember to read the README.TXT file found in the distribution.

If you are having problems with the linux version, then perhaps you are using and older system which doesn't have the needed libraries installed. If this is the case, you might be able to run this statically linked version of MudProxy. It is a much larger download than the normal version, so only use it if the other version fails to work.


(03/07/02) V0.1 for linux (only gagging support).
(04/07/02) V0.2 for linux (adding faulty MCCP support).
(09/07/02) V0.3 created the first windows version (didn't work).
(10/07/02) V0.4 for windows and linux with working MCCP support.
(11/07/02) V0.5 fixes a cpu usage problem.
(11/07/02) V0.6 hopefully fixes a page fault in the windows version.
(13/07/02) V0.7 no longer exits when unable to connect to MUD.
(15/07/02) V0.8 improved gagging, logging function and frequent MCCP info.
(25/07/02) V0.9 better ANSI logging/gagging.
(03/09/02) V0.10 minor bugfixes - nothing serious.
(16/11/02) Made a 'server' version of MudProxy that binds to port 80.
(06/04/03) V0.11 with better config file.
(08/04/03) V0.12 this version makes the 'server' version obsolete.

Planned Features

* Regular expressions for gagging.
* Support for the Mud Sound Protocol (MSP).
* A GUI using the wxwindows toolkit.

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