Front Panel

"Sacred to the Memory of the Men of

the Parish of Auchindoir

Who made the

Supreme Sacrafice in the Great War"

"Their name liveth ever more"

Front Left (1914-1919)

L/Cpl. Alex. A. Murray
Pte. George McIntosh
Pte. James S. McIntosh
Pte. Wm. H. G. McRobbie
Pte. Wm. Reid
Pte. Hugh. P. L. Robertson
Pte. James Sinclair
Pte. Alex. W. Smith
Pte. Charles Smith
Gnr. George Smith
Pte. John Smith
Pte. Robert Smith
Pte. William Smith
Lieut. Alex. Stevenson
L/Cpl. George Symon
Pte. Jack Taylor
Pte. Alex. Thomson
Pte. John. L. Wilson

Back (1939 - 1945)

"They died in war that we in peace might live"

L/C. A.C. Barclay, H.M.S. Hood
Marine R.J. Young, H.M.S. Neptune
Pte. L. Allan, A&SH
Pte. D.L. Barclay, Gordon Hrs.
Pte. C. Ferries, Gordon Hrs.
Pte. R.I. Jaffrey, Gordon Hrs.
Pte. A.C. Rust, R.A.O.C.
Pte. P. Warren, R.E.
Sgt. Air/obs W.A. Cook R.A.F.
Sgt Air/gnr D.B. Gordon, R.A.F.
Sgt Air/gnr E.J.D. Watt, R.A.F.

Front Right (1914 - 1919)

Pte. Alex. Allardyce
Pte. Robert Anderson
Capt. Henry Begg
Pte. Wm. Christie
Pte. James B. Clark
L/Cpl. Alex. Cook
Cpl. Wm. Coutts
Pte. John Cowe
Cpl. Frank Donald
Sergt. George Donald
Pte. Alex J. Fraser
L/Cpl. Adam Gerrard
Stf. Sgt. Alex Ingram
L/Cpl. Joseph Ingram
Sergt. Robert Ingram
Pte. Herbert Knight
L/Cpl. Alex Michie
Pte. George Milne

The Memorial was built by D. Morren & Co., Holland Street, Aberdeen

Inside the present day Auchindoir Church there is also a memorial to the men who died in WWII. It can be found on the north side of the church beside the chancel.

Sgt. William A Cook, R.A.F.
Douglas B Gordon, R.A.F.
Edwin J O Watt, R.A.F.
Leading Cook Alex C Barclay, R.N.
Trooper Douglas L Barclay, Gordon Highlanders
Private Charles Ferries, Gordon Highlanders
Robert J Jaffrey, Gordon Highlanders
Alex C Rust, R.A.O.C.
Peter Warren, R.E.
Ronald J Young, R.M.

With thanks to Richard Darroch the Parish Minister for transcribing the names from the church memorial.

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