Front Panel


For King & Country

In Proud and Grateful
Rememberence of the Men
Connected with the Parish
of Towie
Who Laid Down their Lives
in the Great War
1914 - 1919
And whose names are
Inscribed Hereon

Front Left (1914-1919)

Capt. Henry Begg, MB, Ch.B. R.A.M.C

Sergt. Wm. Ross, Gordons

Cpl. Edwin G. Tawse, Gordons

L.Cpl Alex. T. Scott, Gordons

Pte. Wm. Barron, Gordons

Pte. Geo. Coutts, Gordons

Pte. Geo. Ellis, Gordons

Pte. Peter Ogg, Gordons

Pte. James Shearer, Gordons

Pte. Charles P. Smith, Gordons

Charles Stewart, Gordons

John A. Taylor, Gordons

"They died that we might live"

Back (1939 - 1945)

All those who fell
1939 - 1945

Sergt. John Thain, Gordons

Marine Ronald J. Young, R.M.

Front Right (1914 - 1919)

Sergt. Jas. McConnachie, Australians

Cpl. Geo. McConnachie, Australians

Cpl. John. W. Ingram, Canadians

L.Cpl. Hugh. G. Smith, R.E.

Spr. Peter Ellis, R.E.

Pte. Adam McC. Thom, Blackwatch

Pte. Geo. Henderson, London M.G.C.

Pte. Duncan Riddell, M.G.C.

Seaman John. W. Innes, R.N.

Sergt. Geo. Law, R.E.

"Their name liveth for evermore"

Around the base are the places of battle; Front - France & Dardanelles, Front left - Salonica & Italy, Front right - Palestine & Mesopotamia.

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