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News from the Campaign
Friday, October 13, 2006
Chris Matthews Puts the "Reelect Santorum" Sign on His Lawn

Democrats Chris Matthews and Ed Rendell agree with me: Reelect Santorum.

Well, that might be a wee bit of a stretch, I'll admit. But after Thursday's Pennsylvania Senate debate, for credibility's sake, both Matthews and Rendell might want to go ahead and make the endorsement. After all, they both are already part of the way there.

On Hardball last month, Matthews, a former staff guy for the late Democratic House Speaker Tip O'Neill, said: "You know, I have to tell you one thing about Santorum. He's the genuine article for what he is, and that is a rarity, because so many of these politicians cultivate and groom themselves to be acceptable, and he doesn't give a damn."

Over the summer, Democratic Keystone State governor Ed Rendell said, "Rick Santorum has proven that he gets the job done. Time and time again he has come through." A new Santorum ad highlights a Rendell quote from another time, another race (his against Casey for governor in 2002): "If his name wasn't Bob Casey, he [Santorum's opponent, son of a late pro-life Pennsylvania governor] wouldn't be running at all." Though Rendell and Casey have since kissed, it's hard to believe Rendell's heart is in it.

So make honest men of yourselves, guys. America needs you. Matthews and Rendell should go ahead and make it official. After this latest debate (only the second that Casey has participated in) the Democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate seat Santorum currently occupies made it pathetically clear what an insubstantial candidate he is. Like a cocky high-schooler who didn't bother to do his homework, Casey has followed a strategy of hiding behind his late father's name and betting that voter angst with the party in power will get him elected to the Senate. Unfortunately, if poll numbers are any indication, the Casey strategy is working. That's a terrible shame: A Rick Santorum defeat would be a serious loss for the Republican party, and the election of Bob Casey would be a loss for us all.

Read the full article online from National Review Online.

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