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2 Bit Pie: "2Pie Island" – Released 4th September

For those hungry for a little nutritional variety in the current diet of (some great, some not so great) steak and kidney guitar bands, the 2 Bit Pie should hit the spot nicely…

Though underpinned by inspired electro-guerrillas Fluke, 2Pie Island boasts the creative input of many other artists and musicians and the introduction of Japanese front-girl Yuki could very well be the discovery of the year. The pie includes names from all walks of musical life, adding spice with big guitars, some operatic seasoning and even soul flavours. The resulting album is a crash course in how to achieve the unexpected in 10 short songs.

Who baked the 2 Bit Pie?

Written and produced by Fluke’s Mike Bryant and Jon Fugler together with Andy Gray (Korn, Oakenfold), lead vocals on 2Pie Island are driven by Fugler and shared with Yuki. Musical contributions also appear from Jan Burton (Syntax), Wild Oscar, Robin Goodridge (Bush) and Dilshani Weerasinghe (Royal Opera).

Most contributors on 2Bit Pie are old friends and the album has been in the pipeline for some time. Icing on the cake appears in the mesmerizing form of Yuki, previously singer for Tokyo trip-hoppers She Shell. A chance meeting in a London recording studio with Fugler led to her performing on the album and Yuki is now a permanent member of the 2 Bit Pie cast.

And if some of the songs on 2Pie Island sound familiar… Tracks have already been snapped up for TV (CSI Miami), computer games (Tiger Woods) and a soon to be released Hollywood movie starring Clive Owen.


Here I Come
Nobody Ever
Soto Mundo
Little Things
After Hours

Cat. No. TPLP718CD