Updated Jan.17,2006 19:19 KST

New W1,000 Note Unveiled
The Bank of Korea on Tuesday unveiled the design for the new W1,000 note, which will start circulating in the first half of 2007. The new note is smaller and has better anti-forgery features.

The color has changed from red to blue. The image of Yi Hwang, a prominent Confucian scholar of the Chosun era (1392-1910), remains, but the back now shows "Gyesangjeonggeodo," a painting by Jung Sun, a famous Chosun-era painter instead of the prestigious Dosan lecture hall in the southern city of Andong made famous by Yi Hwang's teachings. The painting instead depicts Yi Hwang writing in the lecture hall.

In addition, an image of tuho, a traditional Korean game, and the Hyungbae pattern used for official robes will be replaced by images of a Chosun-period classroom, ume flowers and traditional window and door designs.

The new note will be 15 mm narrower and 8 mm shorter, which is more compact than a US$1 bill, making it easier to keep in the wallet. It is 6 mm narrower and the same length as the new W5,000 note which went into circulation recently.

The new design features color-changing ink, latent images, fine lettering and silver thread to counter forgery attempts just like the W5,000 note. The new W1,000 note will be produced in the first half of this year but go into circulation in 2007, when ATMs are replaced for the use of the new note, the BOK said.

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