"Disturb the Normal" is my dvd of 13 looping animations. the concept began in 1999 when i created "toilet training". it was simply going to be a one minute animation until it dawned on me that i could easily design the end to make it loop back to the beginning, creating the piece as a neverending loop. i really liked the idea that the animation had no real beginning or end, and it could be looked upon as a continuous animated painting, turning your t.v. into a frame for art instead of the shit that get's displayed most of the time.

being added to Tool's live show proved "toilet training" to be a great success. more followed, and soon these particularly dark and bizarre animated 3d paintings seemed to become an integral part of the Tool live experience.

"Disturb the Normal" contains "toilet training", as well as a few others from Tool's live shows. most are new, and each has their own individual audio track (created by myself) to heighten the experience. this is the way i had originally intended them to be seen.

also included is an interactive menu, as well as five animated screensavers (pc only). the packaging is printed on vellum and includes a menu list, a mini print of "the administrators" (an animation from the disc) and a chetzar.com gasmask logo sticker! price is 20 bucks, not "19.99". (that is a pet peeve of mine. i think it is a sneaky attempt to get consumers to subconsciously think they are paying less, and i swore i would never do that. i find it insulting. whoever thought that one up deserves a persistant fungal disease or at least a beating.)