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Fully Loaded '99
July 25, 1999
Live from Buffalo, New York

Written by: Ultimo

Stone Cold Steve Austin medical attention
• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was told by medical officials he would need stitches. Austin said, "Do whatever he needed to do, you son-of-a-bitch."

Vince McMahon Interview
• Backstage, Michael Cole asked Vince McMahon, along with Shane, if he was behind The Undertaker's attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin on Sunday Night Heat. Shane asked Cole how could he blame his father on something like that. McMahon said the only thing he could say was that he guaranteed Austin would never ever again be the Heavyweight Champion after the PPV, when Austin and The Undertaker go one on one in a Heavywieght Title, First Blood-End of an Era Match.

Edge vs. Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title
• Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) defeated Edge with the Forward Russian Legsweep, to capture the Intercontinental Title.
- Jeff Jarrett was the challenger in the match, because Edge won the Intercontinental Title the previous night from Jarrett at a house show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jarrett was originally scheduled to take on Ken Shamrock, but Shamrock had transportation problems. Jarrett told everyone that they would not see the puppies, because they were his. He told Edge he wouldn't walk out with the title, because it belonged to him, the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time. As the match went on, Jarrett wanted to leave with the belt, but returned, since the only thing that would accomplish was a countout victory for Edge. Jarrett slowly started to wear down Edge, mainly working on his shoulder. Edge later went for the spear, but Jarrett sent him to the outside, at which point Gangrel's music and the lights went off. Gangrel attacked Edge in the dark, but when the lights returned, Gangrel ended up being the one who was knocked out on the floor. No Bloodbath, as the blood was not close to either one of them. Edge hit the spear on the second attempts, but wasn't able to make the pin, because the referee was distracted by Debra's puppies. Jarrett shoved Edge, with Edge going into Debra, who fell off. Gangrel then got back up and snaped Edge's neck across the rope. Edge was slingshoted into Jarrett's Forward Russian Legsweep, to let Jarrett take the title away. In the backstage area, Stone Cold Steve Austin was told the bandage he had on would only last for a while. Austin said it was all he needed. He then ran to the ring where he nailed Jarrett with a Stunner. Austin called The Undertaker a big dead son-of-a-bitch. He said he would bust The Undertaker wide open once he found him in the backstage area.

No Disqualification-Handicap Match: The Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes vs. The Acolytes for the Tag Team Titles
• No Disqualification-Handicap Match: The Acolytes defeated The Hardy Boyz with a Double Powerbomb, to capture the Tag Team Titles.
- Before the match, in the backstage area, Michael Cole asked Michael Hayes and The Hardy Boyz how confident they were they would defeat The Acolytes in a three-on-one No Disqualification match. Hayes did all the talking, basically changing his attitude, where he stated he was the one who brought The Hardy Boyz to Tag Team Champions and they would need to follow his leadership. In the match, The Hardy Boyz used their high-flying maneuvers to their advantage. The Acolytes soon slowed everything down. Bradshaw gave Hayes the finger. Later, Jeff Hardy nailed Bradshaw with Hayes' cane, but Bradshaw kicked out of the pin when it was made. After Matt and Jeff Hardy were knocked to the outside, The Acolytes finished off Hayes with a Double Powerbomb.

Backstage: Stone Cold Steve Austin's Undertaker search, D-Lo Brown Interview
• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin searched for The Undertaker.

• Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed D-Lo Brown about his upcoming European Title match with Mideon. D-Lo said it had been nine long months since he had the title and he would show Mideon that the title was about respect.

Mideon vs. D-Lo Brown for the European Title
• D-Lo Brown defeated Mideon with the Lo-Down, to capture the European Title.
- As the back and forth match went on, D-Lo Brown hit the Sky High and Lo-Down for the win. Three straight matches, three straight title wins.

Backstage: Stone Cold Steve Austin's Undertaker search, Al Snow Interview
• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin walked down the hall, looking for The Undertaker. He shoved the cameraman down.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Al Snow about his upcoming Hardcore Title match with The Big Bossman, after Bossman attacked Snow the previous Monday on Raw is War, which Snow basically wanted. Snow kept hearing voices in his head and asked if they was going to stop.

Al Snow vs. The Big Bossman for the Hardcore Title
• The Big Bossman defeated Al Snow via Pinfall, to capture the Hardcore Title.
- As The Big Bossman made his way out, Al Snow went up to him and asked Bossman to hit him. Bossman said he would put Snow out of his misery, as he banged the nail that was still in Head with his nightstick. Snow held onto his head, as if he was in pain. Snow then went at Bossman. Both brawled near the bleachers, where Bossman stuffed Snow in a trunk. As Bossman went to retreive his nightstick, Snow got out of the trunk and nailed him with a sandbag. Snow was then thrown into a lighting set. They went into the backstage area. They used boarded signs and cardboard boxes. After stuffing a thin stick into Snow, Bossman called him a piece of shit. Snow yelled out, "I love this stuff!" Snow threw hot coffee and trash on Bossman. Bossman was put through a table. Bossman used a football down marker, where he changed it to the number 4, and kicked Snow in the kindey. Bossman threw Snow into a metal closing. He wanted to get in a gulfcar, but it wouldn't start, which gave Snow the chance to use a branch of a plant on Bossman. Bossman pulled out his belt and whipped and choked Snow. They brawled to the outside. Snow was given a bulldog on a concrete, but he surprisingly kicked out when the pin was being made. Snow used a hubcap from a car to nail Bossman on the head. Snow was hit with a brick. They went into the street, where a car almost ran over them. Bossman banged Snow's head into some metal signs on a gate. Snow smiled away. Bossman cuffed both of Snow's hands to the gate and started to beat on him. Snow encouraged it. Snow fell to the concrete, and Bossman put his foot on him to make the pin, with Snow's shoulders on the gate. Bossman ran to the ring to pick up his Hardcore Title belt.

The Big Show vs. Kane with Hardcore Holly as the Guest Referee
• The Big Show defeated Kane with the Showstopper.
- The Big Show immediatley went after Kane and gorilla pressed him to the outside of the ring, where Kane hit the floor hard. Hardcore Holly constantly argued with Kane long enough to let Big Show take advantage of the situation. Big Show continued to dominate, but after missing an elbow drop, Kane made his way back on top. He went for the Chokeslam, but Holly acted as if he tripped, clipping Kane. Big Show then gave Kane a Showstopper, with Holly making a quick three count. X-Pac then ran in and knocked out Holly with a spinning sidekick. He was about to go after Big Show, when The Undertaker entered and chokeslammed him. Big Show and The Undertaker then double-teamed Kane. The Undertaker placed X-Pac and Big Show next to each other. Big Show and The Undertaker had a stare off, as The Undertaker made his way out. Big Show had his arm around Holly as they made their ways back.

Iron Circle Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman
• Iron Circle Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman.
- Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman brawled in a parking lot, where there were different sorts of wrestlers sitting on their cars, which all had headlights on. Both were in regular street clothes. They immediately broke windshields and glass. Blackman brought out a chain, but Shamrock moved out of the way when he used it. Blackman opened a door of one car and pulled out a tire iron. Shamrock slammed a steel trashcan on Blackman. Shamrock put the chain around his knuckles and used it on Blackman's forehead. Shamrock yelled out and challenged anyone else to come get some. The bell was rung and Shamrock was declared the winner.

Backstage: Terry Taylor Interview, Chyna and Mr. Ass Interview
• Backstage, Terry Taylor told a bloody Undertaker that Stone Cold Steve Austin had evened the odds. The Undertaker immediatley got upset and threw Taylor to the door.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed a cocky team of Chyna and Mr. As.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker brawl
• After The Big Show vs. Kane match, in the backstage area, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin started to go at it. They were pulled apart by officials. The Undertaker was later shown busted open.

Road Dogg and X-Pac vs. Mr. Ass and Chyna for the Rights to DX
• Road Dogg and X-Pac defeated Mr. Ass and Chyna with RD's Pumphandle Slam, to retain the Rights of D-Generation X.
- Road Dogg hyped up the crowd with his introduction and had the crowd say "suck it." Mr. Ass was wearing see-through trunks and a thoung. RD immediately went for the Pumphandle Slam on Chyna, but she rolled to the outside of the ring. Chyna and Mr. Ass were soon back on top, mainly working on X-Pac. A tag was made to RD, but the referee didn't see it, which let the heels double-team on X-Pac. RD was later tagged in. He and X-Pac started to dominate, with X-Pac nailing Chyna with the Bronco Buster. Ass went at X-Pac in the corner, but ended up hitting the turnbuckle. RD then finished off Ass with the Pumphandle Slam for the win.

Stone Cold Steve Austin gears up, Rock Interview
• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin geared up for his Heavyweight Title, First Blood-End of an Era match with The Undertaker.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed The Rock about his upcoming Strap-Number one contender match with Triple H. The Rock criticized Triple H's complaints in his pre-recorded interview shown on Sunday Night Heat, calling Triple H a crybaby. The Rock said he would be the one going to Summerslam for his Heavyweight Title shot.

Strap-Number One Contender Match: Triple H vs. The Rock
• Strap Match: Triple H defeated The Rock with the Pedigree, to earn a shot at the Heavyweight Title.
- The Rock got a few shots on Triple H without the strap around his arm. He soon hooked it up himself. The Rock took a woman's camera from the crowd and took a picture of Triple H. As expected, both used the strap to their advantage, using chokeholds and slaps. They brawled near the Spanish announce position, where Savio Vega was doing commentary with Carlos Cabrera. They went into the crowd. The Rock was pulled hard into a guardrail. They brawled near the entrance set. Triple H was suplexed to the concrete, where he kicked out of a pin. The Rock was thrown into another guardrail. Back in the ring, Triple H was on top, at which point Chyna made her way down. The referee was distracted by Chyna, as Triple H was put through the Rock Bottom. Triple H lowblowed The Rock. Triple H was on the top turnbuckle, choking The Rock. The Rock later shoved his opponent down to the canvas. Triple H was going to use a chair on The Rock on the outside, but The Rock used the strap on him, which Triple H didn't have on at the moment. As Chyna distracted the referee, Mr. Ass ran in and nailed The Rock with a club. Triple H went for a pin, but The Rock surprisingly kicked out. The Rock hit the People's Elbow, but Ass pulled The Rock out with the end of the leather strap Triple H didn't have on. The Rock then knocked out Ass, with Triple H catching him with the Pedigree for the win. Triple H, after saying he didn't need anyone because it was about him, left with Ass and Chyna. Triple H would go on to the Summerslam PPV to take on the winner of the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker Heavyweight Title, First Blood-End of an Era Match.

First Blood, End of an Era Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker for the Heavyweight Title
• First Blood Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker, to retain the Heavyweight Title and put Vince McMahon out of the WWF.
- If Stone Cold Steve Austin won the match, Vince McMahon would no longer be seen in the WWF, but if The Undertaker won, Austin would never again receive a Heavyweight Title shot. Vince McMahon made his way out in crutches. He stopped to look at a banner at the entrance with his face covered in blood. He had Howard Finkel introduce him at the guest commentator for the match. The Undertaker was shown making his way through the backstage area, where he had a towel against his forehead for the blood. Austin was then shown walking through the backstage area, where McMahon called him a great competitor but not a great champion. Austin made his way to a huge pop. He and The Undertaker immediately went at it near the entrance way. Austin went for The Undertaker's head with his smoking skull belt. Austin protected his head as The Undertaker was punched him all over. They brawled down to the ring, back into the crowd. The Undertaker went for Austin's head with a steel staircase, but Austin moved out of the way. Austin also tried to use the staircase to win the match, but The Undertaker punched him in the gut, causing Austin to drop the steel object. The Undertaker continued to go for Austin's stitches, using his fingers. Austin dominated The Undertaker in the ring. When he wrapped The Undertaker's around the ringpost, The Undertaker shot him into the crowd. The Undertaker went for Austin's head with a chair, but missed. Austin rammed The Undertaker's face into the steel steps. McMahon continued to cheer on The Undertaker throughout the match. Austin used the announcer position's fan on The Underatker. The Undertaker knocked out the referee. Austin went for the Stunner, but missed, and as The Undertaker fell back, he tied himself up to the ropes. Austin brought in a chair. Shane McMahon ran in and Austin destroyed him with the chair. The Undertaker then kicked Austin in the stomach to take the advantage. Ross said McMahon should go check on Shane. McMahon just said his son was okay. Out of nowhere, Austin hit the Stunner. A wobbling McMahon tried to threaten Austin with his crtuch, but Austin knocked him out. Austin brought in a chair, but The Undertaker ended using one on him. The Undertaker once again shoved the referee away. X-Pac made his way down and kicked a chair into The Undertaker's face. Austin then took a television camera and slammed it into The Undertaker's head, causisng The Undertaker to get busted open. Shane once again entered the ring and nailed him with a Stunner. The Undertaker was about to hit Austin with the Tombstone, but the referee saw his bloody and called for the bell. The Undertaker once again hit the referee. He turned aorund and was given a Stunner. McMahon entered the ring once again with his crutch, only to receive a Stunner. Triple H then ran in, attacking Austin. The Rock then entered and started to brawl with Triple H. The Undertaker nailed Ausitn with a chair, busting Austin wide open. Both, with blood all over, brawled on the outside. Officials tried to separate the two. McMahon started to cry in the ring, knowing he would have to leave the WWF. Austin offered to shake McMahon's hand to say goodbye, but he ended up receiving a goodbye Stunner. The PPV finished off with Austin hold up the title in victory.

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