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SummerSlam '99
August 22, 1999
Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Written by: Ultimo

Jesse Ventura-Triple H Confrontation
• Backstage, Jesse Ventura told Triple H, along wiht Chyna, he had been in the ring before. He said it was his state and he would count the pinfall. He told Chyna she could be out there, but if she got in the way, she would be kicked out. Triple H and Ventura then argued.

Chris Jericho segment
• Pre-recorded footage was shown of Chris Jericho waiting for his luggage. Howard Finkel finally arrived with it. Jericho tried to explain to Finkel what he was. Finkel said he knew what Jericho was talking about and then apologized.

D-Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental and European Title
• Jeff Jarrett defeated D-Lo Brown (w/Debra), to capture the Intercontinental and European Title.
- Immediately, Jeff Jarrett and Debra started to argue. Jarrett told Debra to head back to the locker room, which she did. The crowd booed and chanted "Asshole." In the backstage area, Debra asked D-Lo Brown if she could join him down at ringside. D-Lo agreed and escorted Debra down. D-Lo really had the crowd going, as he dominated. Jarrett was on top shortly after gutting D-Lo with his elbow, as D-Lo came off the top rope. They brawled to the outside, using the steel steps, barracade, and ringpost to their advantage. In the ring, it appeared D-Lo was going for the Lo-Down, but instead decided on using a cannonball, which he missed. Jarrett then got up, grabbed his guitar from the corner of the ring, and threatened to hit Debra with it, as he was held back by the referee. Mark Henry then ran in and took the guitar away from Jarrett. It appeared he was about to hit Jarrett with it, but surprisingly ended up hitting D-Lo. Jarrett then made the pinfall for the win. Henry, Debra, and Jarrett all celebrated, with Jim Ross saying it was a master plan all along between the three, even to the point where Debra and Jarrett (pretented to) argue.

Edge, Christian Interview
• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Edge and Christian about the Tag Team Turmoil match later in the show, where the winner would receive a shot at the Tag Team Titles the following night on Raw is War. Edge and Christian chose the first number, with The Hardy Boyz choosing the second. Edge said it was exactly how they wanted it and said, "Who better of than to start with The Hardy Boyz?" Christian said they grew tired of Gangrel and outgrew him. He told The Hardy Boyz to let the slideshow to begin and let the blood that spews be The Hardy Boyz's.

Tag Team Turmoil Match
• Tag Team Turmoil Match: Winners - The Acolytes [Receive Tag Team Title shots]
- The way the match worked was that two teams would start off, and once one was eliminated, another would make their ways down, until one was left standing. The winner would receive a shot at the Tag Team Titles the following night on Raw is War. Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz, who were with Gangrel, started out first. It was a fast-paced match between the two teams, as Gangrel got in his cheapshots. The Hardy's mainly worked on Christian, until Edge was tagged in. The two teams went to the outside, where Edge and Matt Hardy ran on the barricades, with Edge spearing Matt while they met in air. Christian and Jeff Hardy dived to the outside, taking out Gangrel both times the maneuvers were executed. On the inside of the ring, Edge nailed Matt Hardy with a reversed powerbomb, followed by an elbow drop from the top rope by Christian for the win. Mideon and Viscera were up next to take on Edge and Christian. The former members of The Corporate Ministry were dominating thanks to Viscera's power, until Viscera ended up slamming into Mideon in the corner, at which point Edge speared Mideon, to let he and Christian advance. Prince Albert and Droz were out next and were soon eliminated. The Acolytes didn't waste anytime making their ways down to the ring to take on Edge and Christian. The Acolytes worked on Edge. Christian was tagged in after Edge reversed Faarooq's Dominator into a DDT. As Edge and Christian continued to battle a close part of a match with The Acolytes, Hardcore and Crash Holly made their ways down early. Bradshaw later nailed Christian with the Clothesline from Hell for the win. The Holly's then entered the ring. At one point, Faarooq nailed Crash with the Dominator, but Hardcore made the save when a pin was about to be made. Crash and Hardcore both tagged themselves in later in the match. Hardcore nailed Faarooq with a clothesline, with Crash wanting to make the pinfall. Crash and Hardcore started to fight and argue. After Crash was thrown to the outside, Faarooq caught Hardcore with a Spinebuster for the win. The Godfather and Val Venis were scheduled for the match, but didn't appear. Hardcore and Crash argued afterwards, with Hardcore walking away.

Undertaker, Big Show arrive, Al Snow, Pepper segment
• Backstage, The Undertaker and The Big Show arrived.

• Backstage, Al Snow petted his dog, Pepper. He said he knew Pepper was scared, but told him to get a grip.

Road Dogg Interview
• Road Dogg Interview.
- Road Dogg said there were two people in the back, thanking their were pencials on erases, because he was taken out of the Al Snow vs. The Big Bossman Hardcore Title match, but he would take it the following night on Raw is War. Chris Jericho then made his entrance, as he appeared on Lion's Den steel cage. He once again called himself the "Iyatollah of Rock and Rolla." He said it was a momumental occassion, being Y2J's first WWF PPV appearance. He said he was disappointment, because he didn't think it was possible for the WWF keep up with Raw is War, leading into a PPV called Summersham. He said the crowd wasted their money and now look liked fools. He said we had a list of boring performers who would participate in the PPV. Jericho said RD no one cared about him. He said to listen to the embarassing, silent reaction of the crowd was giving him. The crowd cheered, as Jericho said, "Thank You." He said RD thought he could impress people by spelling out his name. He said if being doggystyle meant wearing stupid clothing and have a Stevie Wonder hairstyle, everyone could count him out. Jericho said RD was probably dyslexic. He said that D-Generation X and RD most definitely suck. He said now that Y2J came to save the WWF, RD would never bore the crowd again. RD told Jericho, "Why don't you shut up, bitch?" RD said he had two words for Jericho, as the crowd said, "Suck it."

The Big Bossman vs. Al Snow for the Hardcore Title
• Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman via Pinfall, to capture the Hardcore Title.
- Al Snow left Pepper in the backstage area. Road Dogg wad doing color commentary, until he decided to do it on the microphone, as he followed Al Snow and The Big Bossman around. Snow first dived into Bossman from the entrance set, as Bossman made his way out. They went to the backstage area. Bossman nailed Snow with a board and the cage Pepper was in. He then threw the cage across the backstage area. Snow started to use a giant board. Bossman used a crutch on Snow. Bossman threw a metal tank at at Snow, which ended up breaking the glass of a coke refrigerator. Bossman attempted to throw the refrigerator on Snow, but Snow moved out of the way. Snow threw Bossman into a red min-van. The gates opened and they went into the middle of the street outside of the Target Center. Snow's face went into a construction sign. They went across the street, where Snow attempted to pin Bossman, but was unsccessful. Bossman threw Snow into some plastic chairs and tables, which was in front of a bar. They went into a bar. Snow greeted a woman and shook hands with some guy. Snow threw some stiff punches on Bossman and used some kind of metal basket. The crowd chanted, "Head." They went into the back of the bar, where Bossman used a broomstick. They went into the men's restroom, where Snow used one of those air freshners that are placed in urinals. Back by the bar, Snow nailed Bossman with a beer bottle and used a chair to his advantage. Snow moonsaulted off a bar through a bar table, and hit nothing but wood, as Bossman moved out of the way. They went into the pool rooms, as RD continued to call the action. RD nailed Bossman with the nightstick, with Snow following up by hitting Bossman with two poolballs. As Snow made his way into the arena to get his Hardcore Title, with RD following, he started to beat down on The Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards, who may have had Pepper.

Jesse Ventura, Mankind segment
• Backstage, Jesse Ventura told Mankind he knew his style, but the pinfalls had to happen. He said if there was a chair used, he wasn't counting it. After Mankind brought up Gerald Dine Ferraro, who ran for President a while back, Ventura said she was a bleeding heart liberal.

Ivory vs. Tori for the Women's Title
• Ivory defeated Tori via Pinfall, to retain the Women's Title.
- During the match, Jerry Lawler was told that Pepper wasn't in the cage when The Big Bossman threw it around in the backstage area during the Hardcore Title match. Pepper was celebrating with Al Snow. Ivory was mainly on top of the match, until Tori took the advantage, after quickly recovering from an airplane spin-like maneuver. After Tori missed a sunset flip, Ivory pinned her for the victory. Following the match, Ivory tried to take off Tori's top, until a returning Luna made the save. She ran after Ivory to the backstage area.

Rock Interview, Mr. Ass surprise
• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed The Rock. The Rock was upset with Cole, since Cole interrupted him on Sunday Night Heat while The Rock spoke with John Randle. After The Rock got done interviewing Cole, he cut his usual promo on his upcoming "Kiss My Ass" Match with Mr. Ass. Meanwhile, Mr. Ass brought someone covered in a sheet, who was the surprise for The Rock that Ass promised on Heat.

Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman in a Lion's Den Weapons Match
• Lion's Den Weapons Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman.
- Steve Blackman first pulled out his nunchakus and used then on Ken Shamrock to his advantage. Shamrock threw the weapons outside of the cage. He later climbed the cage to grab a kendo stick. Blackman dodged a shot of the stick by Shamrock, and repeatedly threw Shamrock into the cage. Blackman then pulled out two sticks to beat Shamrock down with. Shamrock was later on top after executing a back suplex, after Blackman attempted to climb to the top of the cage for a different weapon. After the third attempt, Blackman grabbed a kendo stick (although there was another one inside the cage). He nailed Shamrock in the head and said, "That's it. Who's the man?" The crowd chanted, "Blackman sucks." The referee offered to open up the door for Blackman so he could take the win, but Blackman wanted to punish Shamrock more. He went for the Lethal Kick, but Shamrock countered with a bell-to-belly suplex. Shamrock grabbed the kendo stick and wore Blackman down with it. After Blackman was left knocked out after repeated shots to the head, Shamrock took the victory. Shamrock climbed up the cage and stood in victory to the crowd.

Shane McMahon vs. Test in a Greenwich Street Fight-Love Her or Leave Her Match
• Greenwich Street Fight-Love Her or Leave Her Match: Test defeated Shane McMahon with an Elbow Drop.
- Before the match, in the backstage, Kevin Kelly talked about Shane McMahon's surprise attack on Test during Sunday Night Heat, as Test talked about the Greenwich Street Fight-Love Her or Leave Her Match. Kelly tried to get a few words from Test, as Test made his way down, but Test didn't want to talk. The stipulations of the match were that if Shane won, Test could no longer see Stephanie, but if Test one, Shane could never bother he and Stephanie again. Test's ribs were taped up. Before the match, The Mean Street Posse made their ways out in Hawaiian clothing. Rodney had an arm sling on with a cast under, Pete Gas had on a neckbrace, and Joey Abs had a cast on his ankle, all which were caused by previous attacks by Test. Rodney, Gas, and Abs all sat on a first-row couch and drunk champagne. Test and Shane immediately took it into the stands. Test took drink and slammed it across the head of Shane. At one point, Test bodyslammed Shane on the outside. The Posse got into the face of Test, so Test shoved every one of them and then knocked them down after throwing Shane onto them. Stephanie was shown smiling in the backstage area, as she watched on to the match. Test then used a pan on The Posse. The Posse soon started to beat down Test. They handed Shane a ton of weapons, including a Mean Street Posse mailbox that had a dollar sign on it. Shane used a giant picture of The Posse on Test, with glass shattering everywhere. Shane then took Test on the inside for a pin attempt, but Test kicked out on two. Shane later went for a corkscrew moonsault, but Test moved out of the way. It appeared Test had the pin after a spinebuster, but Shane kicked out, after the referee was distracted too long by Rodney to make the pin on time. The referee was then knocked out after Test accidently booted him in the face. A dazed Shane was clotheslined to the outside, at which point Test used a "Do Not Enter" sign Shane had used earlier in the match. Test once again bodyslammed Shane onto the outside floor. Shane was thrown back in the ring, at which point The Posse once again attacked Test, as Jim Ross speculated The Posse weren't even injured. They used several weapons, including the Spanish announcer's television monitors. The Posse placed Test on on the Spanish announce table. Shane executed an awesome elbow drop onto Test, which easily broke the table. As Gas argued with the referee on the inside, Abs and Rodney placed Test and Shane back in the ring. The Posse woke up Shane with a bottle of water, but when Shane went for the pin, Test surprisingly kicked out on two. After Gas accidently knocked out Shane with another type of street sign, Test went for the pin, but Abs pulled Shane out of the ring. Rodney then entered the ring and nailed Test with his cast, but Test kicked out once again when the pin was made. The returning Stooges, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, made their ways in and destroyed Gass and Rodney. Test booted a chair into Abs and the finally finished off Shane with the Pumphandle Slam and Elbow Drop. Stephanie then ran in to celebrate with Test.

X-Pac, Kane Interview
• Backstage, Michael Cole told X-Pac and Kane it looked like their Tag Team Title match with The Undertaker and The Big Show was a mismatch. X-Pac said he and Kane were closer than they've ever been and that's what would make Big Show and The Undertaker underdogs.

X-Pac and Kane vs. The Big Show and The Undertaker for the Tag Team Titles
• The Big Show and The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) defeated Kane and X-Pac with The Undertaker's Tombstone, to capture the Tag Team Titles.
- Kane was weraing new ring attire. At one point, The Undertaker was about to chokeslam X-Pac into the only announce table left standing, but Kane made the save. After working on Kane, The Undertaker and The Big Show worked on X-Pac for a while. X-Pac was about to make the tag at one point, but The Undertaker pulleed him away. X-Pac eventually made the tag, however, after low-blowing The Undertaker. After The Undertaker was thrown to the outside, X-Pac was tagged in. He gave Big Show the Bronco Buster. As he Undertaker and Kane battled on the outside of ring, Big Show nailed X-Pac with a chokeslam. X-Pac surprisingly kicked out of the pin, however. The Undertaker went crazy. He was tagged in and hit X-Pac with Tombstone for the win.

Jesse Ventura, Stone Cold Steve Austin segment
• Backstage, Jesse Ventura told Stone Cold Steve Austin to do whatever he needed to do in the Triple Threat-Heavyweight Title match later in the show, but a pinfall need to be made. Austin walked away. Ventura said, "Were are you going? I can't believe it."

Mr. Ass vs. The Rock in a Kiss My Ass Match
• Kiss My Ass Match: The Rock defeated Mr. Ass with the People's Elbow.
- Mr. Ass' surprise was a large women, whose ass The Rock would kiss if he lost the match. The Rock immediately took it to Ass with several punches. They went down the aisle, where The Rock used the guardrail to his advantage. On their way back down, The Rock put Jerry Lawler's crown on Ass' head, then layed in a punch. The Rock spat some water on Ass. Ass soon used the ringbell to come on top of the match. The Rock tried to fight back, but out of no where, Ass hit the Famouser. Instead of making the pinfall, Ass got his large woman, put her in the corner, as she pulled up her dress. She had a hole in her panty hose. Ass went to put The Rock's face into the woman's ass, but The Rock ended up putting Ass in it. The Rock then hit the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow for the win.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mankind vs. Triple H in a Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title
• Triple Threat Match: Mankind defeated Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin with the Double-Arm DDT, to capture the Heavyweight Title.
- Before the match, Jesse Ventura said there was a lot of media saying he was a disgrace for being there. He said he is and was proud to be a wrestler and proud to be at Summerslam. Shots of Mankind and Triple H in the backstage were shown, as they made their ways to the ring. Ventura told Mankind and Triple H the match would take place "right here" and told Chyna not to give him any trouble. He and Triple H started to argue, as Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way out. Austin and Triple H went at it in the ring, until Mankind pulled Triple H to the outside. Triple H's head was rammed into the announce table and steel staircase. He was also clotheslined, as Austin and Mankind continued to team up to beat on Triple H. Mankind hugged Austin at one point, and offered his friendship, but Austin started to punch on him. Austin went for the Stunner early, but Mankind pushed him away. Back on the outside, all three brawled through the aisle. As Austin and Triple H battled on one side of the ring, Chyna got a cheapshot on Mankind. Meanwhile, Triple H once again tasted the announce table. Austin choked Triple H with a cable, but Triple H immediately fired back with a chairshot, as Ventura checked the "sexual tension," as Jerry Lawler pointed out, on the other side of the ring between Mankind and Chyna. Back in the ring, Ventura asked the crowd if Triple H used a chair. They answered, but all Ventura did was get onto Triple H, and then allowed the match to continue. As Austin favored his knee on the outside (he had two kneebraces on because of the other injury) as a result of the chairshot he took, Mankind and Triple H battled on the outside. Chyna interfered once again and pulled Mankind's legs between the ringpost. Ventura told Chyna to get her ass out of there. Triple H argued, as Austin clotheslined him from behind. Austin threw Triple H into the Lion's Den and guardrail near the entrance-way. Back in the ring, Triple H worked on Austin's knee. Triple H and Mankind had a debate over who was going to stomp on Austin, until both decided they would double-team. Mankind and Triple H were soon going at it, as Mankind dove onto the outside, but missed. As Mankind lay on the floor, Triple H worked on Austin's knee by using the ringpost. Austin got back up and both took it into the crowd, with Mankind soon joining in. Mankind was slammed down to the concrete. Back in the ring, Austin took it to Triple H and Mankind. Triple H later set up Austin for the Pedigree, but Austin countered by catapulting Triple H into Mankind. As Triple H went for a chair, Austin nailed Mankind with the Stunner. When the pin was being made, Triple H nailed Austin with a chair. Ventura angrily got onto Triple H. Triple H decided to nail Mankind with a chair. Triple H went for the pin on Mankind, but Ventura refused to make the pin. Shane McMahon then ran in and told Ventura it was his job to count the pinfalls. Austin turned Shane around and gave him a Stunner, with Ventura following-up by throwing Shane around. Ventura said, "That's for your old man, you little bastard!" Back to the action, Triple H and Austin were knocked out by a double clothesline. Mankind pulled out Mr. Socko and shoved it down the throat of Austin, with the other hand going into Triple H. Austin then knocked Mankind away. Triple H set up Mankind for the Pedigree, but Austin interfered before the maneuver could be executed. After kicking both Mankind and Triple H, Austin nailed Triple H with the Stunner. Mankind made the save as Triple H was being pinned. Mankind was thrown into the ringpost, as Triple H nailed Austin with the Pedigree. Mankind intefered this time. Mankind knocked out Triple H and then gave Austin the Double-Arm DDT for the win. Following the match, Triple H beat down Austin with steel chair, focusing on the knee. Chyna made her way down to keep the officials out of the ring. The crowd chanted, "Jesse," but no such luck.

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