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April 28, 1997
Taped 04/28/97

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Written by: John Petrie

HOUR ONE: Hosted by Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

- They start off with a lengthy highlights package of the Austin/Hart saga
from last week, all but conceding the time to Nitro's last three minutes.
At approximately the 3:30 mark (after Nitro has ended) they run the

- Brian Pillman comes to the ring. Pillman says he has a gentler side, and
is very religious. He says he's questioned his actions from last week.
He's since "found enlightenment" and asks the fans to join him in prayer
(which gets a good, negative reaction from the crowd). He prays for a
speedy Hart recovery. He prays for the souls of those who enjoyed the
violence last week. The crowd begins to chant for Austin. Pillman kneels
as he prays for the destruction of Austin tonight, and begs the crowd to
open their hearts to Bret Hart.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin appears on the jumbo screen and tells Pillman
he'd better pray that he (Austin) "don't come out there and beat the hell
outta you. Speaking of saviours, not even Bret Hart is gona be able to
save your ass!" Pillman responds by saying he's learned to turn the other
cheek, then points his butt towards the big screen. McMahon is dismayed,
saying this wasn't what he expected.

Austin's music cues and he comes out. He charges the ring and is nearly
jumped by not only Pillman, but Owen and the Bulldog, who come out of
nowhere. Austin leaves through the crowd.

All three members of the Hart Foundation then kneel in the ring and
continue the prayer session. Pillman prays that Owen will be able to beat
Rocky Maivia tonight, and that the Bulldog will be able to beat the
Undertaker. The Bulldog says he's praying for Bret, and Owen (in that
perfectly whiny voice of his) begs the fans to pray for Bret's recovery,
and for Steve Austin to see the error of his ways and come over to the
"right side."

Austin can be seen prowling around the back. He finds an axe and knocks
the head off. The crowd sees this on the screen and roars like crazy.
Owen turns around, but misses it as the screen goes blank. He continues
by asking for help for Stone Cold. McMahon comments that this is starting
to border on the absurd.

Austin's music plays again and he comes out with the axehandle. The Hart
Foundation flees. Austin grabs the mic. "I don't know where the hell
you're going, but you better give your soul to the Lord, or somebody,
because your ASS is mine!"

This whole thing was pretty funny, with the crowd really into it as it
went along.

- Pillman is somewhere in the back, praying for Bret's safe arrival at the
arena later on. It seems he has a few things to get off his chest.

- FLASH FUNK vs. ROCKABILLY (w/ the Honky Tonk Man)
A decent match. Funk hits several of his high spots, including a
crossbody splash off the top. McMahon starts to explain why Honky chose
Billy Gun as his protege, when via split-screen they cut to the back. An
ambulance carrying Bret Hartb has just pulled up. McMahon goes on to say
that Honky chose Billy because Billy hit him, thus showing "spunk." Isn't
that what Jessee Jammes did as well?

Funk hits a splash from the second rope to the floor. Rockabilly then
takes over, suplexing Funk in from the apron. He then does the Honky Tonk
shake, which gets a laugh from my brother (but I just shake my head).
Billy hits a standing legdrop, then goes up top for a move. Funk stumbles
over and hits the ropes. Billy drops, crotching himself. Funk then tries
a move off the ropes (probably a suplex) but Billy blocks it and nails a
spinning DDT off the second rope: a move you usually see from guys half
his size. McMahon is impressed, and so am I. Billy does the shake again
and this time I laugh as well. Billy then summons Honky up onto the
apron. He starts to whip Funk into Honky, but Funk reverses it and Billy
slams into Honky Tonk. As Billy stumbles back toward the center of the
ring Funk hits a huracanrana, tucked into a pin. Funk gets the surprise
win. Billy then smashes Funk over the head with the guitar as Funk is
threatening Honky. (The guitar looked to be filled with a handful of
flour, as a huge dust cloud flew up when the hit was made. Billy was
holding the guitar and as he turned it over a bunch of powder spilled
out of the hole onto the mat).

I'm still waiting for the second shoe to drop on this Honky Tonk angle.

- Bret Hart, in a wheelchair, is being pushed through the back of the
arena. He is surrounded by his Hart foundation and WWF officials.

- McMahon announces to the crowd that Hart underwent knee surgery last
Wednesday. They show gruesome footage of the arthroscopic surgery. He
then intoduces Hart. Hart comes out as far as the top ramp. Hart says
it's great to see Pillman on his hands and knees praying. He says every
so often a hyena (Austin) is able to kill a lion (Hart), but that Austin
didn't kill this lion. Hart says hyenas don't hunt alone, and that the
American fans are the rest of Austin's pack. He says everyone around the
world hates Americans, and that he himself was a true hero. Americans are
addicted to violence and blood, and he calls us a "sick, depraved
society!" He goes into his "Best There Is ... " routine. He asks if we're
sick of hearing that? He says if we're sick of hearing him talk about the
being the best, then that's how sick the rest of the world is of us
(Americans). He says the ambulance that brought him had best stay close,
because the Hart foundation will be dishing out the punishment this time.
"You make me sick!"

Hart is wheeled out as McMahon runs down the card for the rest of the
show. They run footage of Road Warrior Hawk clotheslining Henry Godwinn
off Road Warrior Animal's shoulders, and announce that Godwinn has
suffered a broken neck.

They then cut to the back where Austin is still roaming the halls. He
asks a startled civilian in the back where the first aid room is. Austin
threatens to whack him with the axehandle.

LaFon and Furnas deliver previously taped comments, questioning why the
fans haven't gotten behind them. They say the reason is because they are
professional wrestlers, not "clowns," and that teams like the Road
Warriors always have the home team advantage.

A surprisingly okay match, though nothing special. The LOD dominate early
with crisply executed power moves. F & L match their style with power
moves of their own, nailing Hawk with a belly-to-belly over-the-head
suplex, a legrop, then a double shoulderblock. After a minute or so of
LaFon and Hawk going at it, both tag in their partners. Animal nails each
with a dropkick, then plants Furnas with a powerslam. LaFon comes in to
prevent the pin. They then double team on Animal in the corner. Hawk
comes in and charges from the opposite corner, hitting a double clothes-
line as Animal does the same from behind: a double-double clothesline!

Animal then hoists LaFon on his shoulders, awaiting a clothesline off the
top by Hawk (the "Doomsday Device"). Furnas dropkicks Animal from behind,
knocking LaFon off the shoulders. Hawk comes off the top and clotheslines
Furnas instead. Animal drops on Furnas, covering him for the pin.

Two matches, two clean pins, neither really squashes.

Jim Ross enters the ring to interview F & L. Furnas accuses the LOD of
getting the home team advantage (the crowd was solidly behind them,
chanting "L.O.D.") and using the illegal man to get the pin. LaFon
demands a rematch.

- Sunny comes out to model the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 3:16 t-shirt. They
show footage of the Headbangers crashing Sunny's "Undercover" segment
from Shotgun Saturday Night.

- McMahon announces that the Sultan had been sent to the hospital last week
by Ahmed Johnson because of his 2X4 attack. They cut to the back where
Ahmed is expected to apologize. Ahmed instead goes off on a rant, tearing
apart the lockerroom and yelling about how he owes no one, especially
Faarooq and the Nation of Domination, an apology. Ahmed's head looks
about to explode.

They then show Bret, Owen and the Bulldog in a huddle plotting strategy
for Owen's upcoming match against Rocky Maivia. They cut back to Brian
Pillman, who is holding Owen's Slammy trophies and is praying for an
Owen victory. I inform my brother that Owen is a lock to win the belt,
probably with interference from the Bulldog.

- OWEN HART (w/ Bret & the Bulldog) vs. ROCKY MAIVIA
Bret and the Bulldog watch the match from the top of the ramp. Before
Rocky gets to the ring, Owen dedicates the match to Bret.

The match starts with the two trading blows. Owen whips Rocky into the
corner. Rocky comes out and hits a clothesline, then a dropkick, followed
by an armdrag. Rocky slaps on a standing hammerlock which Owen breaks
from with the help of an elbow. Owen bounces off the ropes, but Rocky
catches him in a powerslam. Rocky covers only for a two count, and the
Bulldog can bee seen returning to his position beside Bret, having come
closer to the ring for a possible save.

Ross and McMahon discuss (hype, actually) a WWF Magazine article accusing
Maivia of suffering the "sophmore jinx" in the future.

Owen backs Maivia into the corner, then whips him out. Rocky reverses it
and backdrops him on the rebound. A bit later Owen sends Rocky to the
floor and follows with a kick slide, driving Rocky into the security
rail. Owen tosses him back in and hits a dropkick off the top turnbuckle.
Owen covers for two, then slaps on a headlock. Rocky escapes from this
and bounces off the ropes. Owen catches him with a drop toe hold,
bringing him back down to the mat. Owen then wraps up Rocky's left leg
with a leg grapvine and drops on it, softening it up for the Sharp-
shooter. Owen continues to work on the legs for the next minute or so.
Rocky breaks it up with a small package and a two count. They get to
their feet and trade blows, but Owen drops him with a shot to the knee.
He goes back to work on the leg. Bret and the Bulldog are shown rooting
him on.

Rocky tries to make a come back, but his knee won't hold up. Owen hits a
snap suplex. Owen tosses Maivia into the corner. He throws a clothesline,
but Rocky ducks and nails a spinning DDT. A series of fists follow, then
a chokeslam of sorts. Rocky covers for two. Owen is whipped into the
corner and Rocky charges after, but Owen catches him with a spinning heel
kick. Owen climbs to the top, but Rocky catches up to him and pulls him
off into a back suplex. Another two count for Rocky. Rocky tries a
suplex, but Owen goes through it, landing on his feet. He then hooks
Maivia's armpits with his feet and rolls him up for a three count. Owen,
in a shocker, cleanly wins the Intercontinental Title.

Three matches, three clean finishes.

Owen brings the belt up to Owen. Bret holds up the belt, to the disdain
of the anti-Hart crowd. On his lap, bret holds Owen's IC belt, the
Bulldog's European Title, the World Tag Team Titles, and Owen's two

They cut to the back where Steve Austin is making his way down a wide
hallway in a wheelchair.

HOUR TWO: Hosted by Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

- Vince McMahon waits in the ring for Steve Austin. Austin pushes his way
through the crowd, carrying a wheelchair. He tosses it and the axehandle
into the ring. McMahon has second thoughts and takes off, leaving Austin
the mic. (Ross calls it "one of McMahon's best interviews in months!").

"Who wants to see a wheelchair match?" asks Austin. He challenges Bret to
roll on down to the ring. He promises that he won't cheat, then corrects
himself and says he can't make that promise. "I'd stomp a mudhole in your
ass, then walk it dry!" Austin says the Hart Foundation is deadly afraid
that he will beat the Undertaker for the title.

Bret comes on the Titantron (tm) and says that the ambulance he rode in
on is standing by to take Austin away.

- They recap the Vader situation. They then show footage of Ken Shamrock in
the UFC. The sound goes out as it ends and we are treated to several
seconds of "Double J" Jesse Jammes coming to the ring in total silence.
Then a secondary audio source kicks in, which sounds like it's coming
from a telephone. The original sound feed comes back up and we hear about
three seconds of what was just said repeated, which is probably a sure
sign that the USA Network is running a three second delay on the show
tonight. Lawler points out that Jammes served with the marines in "Desert
Storm" over in Kuwait, and Kuwait repaid that favor by detaining Vader.
McMahon says they should hyave just kept him.

Ross accuses Vader of being stupid, and embarrasing his family and the
WWF. McMahon mentions the next Ultimate Fighting Championship PPV on May

Vader squashes Jammes. He lands a splash off the second rope, then picks
him up before he can get the three count. Rosss calls him stupid. He then
finishes him off with a Vaderbomb.

Four matches, four clean finishes, only one an outright squash.

Jim Ross says he's not afraid of Vader and enters the ring for an
interview. He asks if Vader has any remorse or shame for what he did. He
says he embarrased a lot of people. Vader says he went to Kuwait to do a
job-beat up people-which he does very well. He says he apologizes for
nothing and to no one. Ross says he (Vader) has been asked if wrestling
was fake a million times, and does Vader think he overreacted when asked
that question in Kuwait. Vader calls Ross "bigmouth" and threatens to
finish that Kuwait interview right here. He takes off Ross' cowboy hat
and starts backing him into the corner. Ross mouths "come on" then says
"I'm just doing my job .. asking questions!" "You're out here acting like
an idiot!" replies Vader. Ross again says that he's just doing his job.
Vader says he is too and grabs Ross by the throat.

The crowd goes nuts as the camera pulls back and we see Ken Shamrock
enter the ring. Shamrock turns Vader around, grabs him around the waist
and hoists him up and over in a belly-to-belly suplex. Vader slips out
of the ring and up the ramp, where he beckons to Shamrock to follow.
Ken gets on the mic and says "Vader ... when we meet in the ring, it
won't be 'Vader Time,' it'll be 'Hard Time!'".

They then switch to Goldust's dressing room, where he is applying his
makeup. Marlena comes up and asks "Dustin honey, are you ready to go?"
Goldust says she's not to come out to the ring tonight. She says she
will. Goldust says where he's going tonight is no place for a woman.

Hunter enters the ring first. Goldust then runs out without Marlena.
the match gets underway very fast, the two first trading blows, then
Goldust nailing a pair of clotheslines. Goldust backs him into the corner
and pounds away at him. Goldust whips him into the opposite corner and
Helmlsey does a flop to the mat. Goldust picks him up and starts pounding
away, finishing with a kiss to the lips. He then whips him back to the
other corner and hits him with a Rump Bump as Helmsley staggers to the
center of the ring.

Ross hypes the WWF hotline, mentioning stories about Sunny and Sid. This
is about the only time on the entire show that they mention Sid, and he
once again doesn't show, even though they said he would over the weekend.

McMahon says there's an incredible story behind Goldust. Ross says that
those that have know Goldust for some time will find it to be an eye
opening story, if we ever get to hear all of it.

Helmsley slowly takes control of the match, dumping Goldust to the floor
outside the ring. Helmsley ties up the ref as Chyna comes over and lays
in a few kicks. This brings Marlena out to ringside and the ref makes
sure the two women keep apart.

McMahon says that although Goldust may bring "Ellen" to mind, on next
week's RAW Goldust will be "coming out of the closet," and adds that
Goldust isn't-and never was-quite what we thought.

The match only continues for about another minute. Goldust takes control
of the match, eventually nailing Helmsley with a Bulldog. He then sees
Chyna advancing on Marlena and steps between the two. He and Chyna
circle, then Marlena hits Chyna in the eyes with a handful of powder.
Helmsley comes out to help her and she, thinking he's Goldust, grabs him
by the throat and chokes him, lifting him off the floor. Goldust slides
back in the ring and the bell rings. Goldust wins via countout.

- The Undertaker appears on the Titantron (tm) and warns "Stone Cold" Steve
Austin not to come to their match distracted.

Sable then comes out modelling the Undertaker Twin Crosses t-shirt.

Brian Pillman is still off somewhere praying, begging that the Bulldog
can cripple "that sick freak!" Austin is so into it that a big gob of
snot drips out of his nose, and the USA Network hurriedly cuts away to a

- Steve Austin is still pacing the halls.

The Bulldog gets on the mic in the ring and dedicates his match to his
inspiration, Bret Hart. He says he's going to win the World Title
tonight, but McMahon says this is a non-title match.

Owen and Bret watch from the top of the ramp.

Not much of a match here. The Undertaker quickly gets the upper hand and
chokeslams the Bulldog. Owen runs in, causing a disqualification. Owen
and the Bulldog then stomp on the Undertaker until Steve Austin runs in.
All four men spill to the floor and Austin and the Undertaker drive the
two Harts into the crowd.

Austin then grabs the World Title belt and climbs up onto the turnbuckles
with it, holding it up as the crowd cheers. The Undertaker, meanwhile,
has entered the ring behind him. Austin steps down, sees the Undertaker
and throws the belt down at his feet. The two men stare down until Austin
drops the Undertaker with the Stone Cold Stunner. He then stands over him
and flips him off, which is a mistake, because the Undertaker is then able
to grab him by the throat. The Undertaker gets up and chokeslams Austin.
Stone Colds flops around for a bit, then rolls out of the ring. He briefly
considers reentering the ring, then spots Bret stranded all alone at the
top of the ramp, (the Bulldog and Owen having fled through the crowd). He
says he could kick the Undertaker's ass, or Hart's, and choses Hart's.
Bret stands up from the wheelchair (with crutches) and looks about for
escape options as Austin advances. Austin slowly stalks Hart, relishing
this moment.

That's when Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Bret's ex-brother-in-law, jumps
Austin from behind! Numerous WWF officials appear to pull Neidhart off.
As Austin then staggers from Neidhart's attack, Hart unloads with one of
his crutches. Austin falls from the top of the ramp to the floor below.
Hart then accepts a hand from Neidhart, turns, gives the crowd an evil
smile, then hobbles off. The camera pans back and down to show Austin
being loaded aboard a stretcher, presumable to be carted off to the
ambulance in the back.

The last thing we see is Brian Pillman with his head bowed, which suddenly
snaps up and favors us with an evil, nightmare inducing grin.

- Next week's main event: Goldust's "coming out."

Comments: Another great installment of RAW. Possibly better than last week's,
given the quality of actual wrestling this time around. The only disappoint-
ment was the Goldust/Helmsley match, which did little to further that
particular feud.

In case you weren't keeping track, that makes five members of the Hart
foundation, with three titles and two Slammys. Move over NWO!

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