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WrestleMania 10
March 20, 1994
Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY

Written by: travis

Show opens with a short re-cap of the first WrestleMania, with highlights of Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, and Andre the Giant. Little Richard is introduced to sign America the Beautiful. The announcers for the night are Vince McMahon and Jerry "the King" Lawler.

Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart

The would be the first time Bret Hart met Owen Hart in the ring, and the match began with a quick back and forth between both men, followed by Owen bragging about the move he had made. Both men succeed in landing various tie-ups and take downs, culminating in Bret tossing Owen to the outside, and Owen returning to the ring and slapping his brother for his actions. Bret works on the arm of Owen with a succession of arm bars and arm drags to bring Owen to the mat. Bret maintains his advantage of Owen with a series of punches and shoves, attempting frequent pinfalls but failing in putting Owen away. Owen seems dazed by Bret's earlier attack, but manages to rally during a clothesline attempt to take advantage in a missed spot by Bret. Using kicks in and out of the ring, Owen drives Bret into the steel post in an attempt to weaken the back of Bret. Owen stays on the attack, putting his weight into the back of Bret and answering his attacks with quick reversals to keep Bret on the mat. Sensing advantage after a piledriver, Owen attempts a splash from the top rope, but misses Bret giving his brother the advantage once again. Bret uses multiple pinfall attempts following a jumping knee, snapmare takedown, and several hard punches to the face of Owen. As Owen falls to the outside after a hard kick out, Bret leaps over the top rope but comes down hard on his knee. Sensing the advantage, Owen works on the leg of Bret with kicks, by driving his leg into the steel ring post, and using a modified figure four and an actual figure four in the center of the ring. Limping, Bret connects with a spinning kick but cannot pin his brother, who regains the advantage and hooks the Sharpshooter on Bret, who powers out of the hold. Bret attempts to take advantage of his momentum and traps Owen in the corner, but Owen rolls into the move and hooks Bret in a small package for the victory.

Match Time: 20:18
Winner: Owen Hart by Pinfall

Mixed (?) Tag Match: Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna vs. Doink & Dink

Prior to the introduction of the match, guest celebrity Sy Sperling arrives to showcase the hairpiece designed for the Fink. The match begins with Doink attacking Bigelow, with the bigger man mauling the smaller opponent. Doink tags in Dink, which means that Luna must enter the ring. Luna chases the midget around the ring, ending with a missed moonsault from Luna, and Doink tagging back in. Bigelow continues from where he left off, mauling the smaller man. Bigelow knocks Dink from ringside, and then pins Doink after battering him with a series of splashes and headbutts. As Doink lays unconscious, Luna and Bam proceed to batter Dink.

Match Time: 6:08
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna by Pinfall

Pinfalls count anywhere: Randy Savage vs. Crush (with Mr. Fuji)

Randy Savage moves to attack Crush as he makes his way down the entry ramp, but Crush takes the advantage and slams Savage against the floor and drives him into the metal railing. Scoring the first pinfall, Savage has 30 seconds to make it back into the ring else Crush is declared the victor. Despite being attacked by Mr. Fuji on his way to the ring, Savage makes it back inside before the time limit elapses. Crush then sets up Savage in the tree of woe and delivers hard kicks and punches to the downed man. As Crush prepares to attack Savage with a handful of salt, Savage knocks the salt into Crush's eyes and delivers a hard elbow from the top rope. Savage then rolls Crush to the outside and scores a pinfall, but with the aid of Fuji Crush is able to return to the ring. The two men then brawl to the outside of the ring, through the entry ramp and into the backstage area. From there, Savage is able to gain the advantage and tie Crush up from some scaffolding, making it impossible for him to return to the ring. 30 seconds elapse, and Savage is declared the victor.

Match Time: 9:45
Winner: Randy Savage by Pinfall

Todd Petingil then goes up into the crowd where "Bill Clinton" is seated and attempts to gain an interview. Seated behind Clinton is IRS, who urges the president to raise taxes. Scenes are then shown of WrestleMania weekend, with the various events preceding highlighted.

WWF Female Championship: Alundra Blaze vs. Leilani Kai

The action moves back and forth between the two women, with Kai attempting various power moves and Blaze using her agility to escape the battering punches and slams. Kai seems to gain the advantage after a missed escape by Blaze, but is unable to score a pinfall and then unable to hold her advantage. Blaze capitalizes on a lax hold, and hits Kai with a clothesline and then a surprise reverse suplex to score the pinfall and win the match.

Match Time: 3:08
Winner: Alundra Blaze by Pinfall

WWF Tag Championship: Men on a Mission vs. Quebecers (with Johnny Polo)

The Quebecers start before the bell launching a surprise attack on Men on a Mission, who are still preparing for the match. With the assistance of Mabel, the Quebecers are put on the defensive, but as Mabel leaves the ring Pierre and Jean are quick to overcome the weaker Mo. Mabel enters the ring on several occasions to help even up the action, but the Quebecers are able to use the ref to double team Mo and keep the man on the mat. Finally Mabel enters the ring and attempts to clear the ring, but to no avail as both Quebecers are able to powerslam the larger Mabel to the mat. It is not enough to put Mabel away, as he recovers and begins to assault both Pierre and Jean. Johnny Polo, sensing the tide was turning on his team, pulled Pierre out of the ring and took the count out loss, but retained the Tag Team belts.

Match Time: 7:42
Winner: Men on a Mission by Count Out

WWF World Championship: Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) vs. Lex Luger

Mr. Perfect is revealed to be the surprise referee between the first of two title defenses during the event. The two men are slow to lock up, with Luger pacing the ring and measuring his opponent. Yokozuna berates Luger, and is given a hard shot to the jaw for his efforts. Luger attempts to gain some momentum, but the larger Yokozuna drives the man to the mat. Luger rebounds, knocking the larger Yokozuna to the outside and attacking him there. Yokozuna is helpless as Luger attacks him with clotheslines and lariats, but Yokozuna is able to untie a ring post protector and drive Luger into it. Yokozuna then applies a nerve pinch to Luger in the center of the ring, which nearly puts Luger out. As Mr. Perfect prepares to call the match, Luger begins to recover and drives Yokozuna into the ring corner. Sensing that their man is in trouble, Fuji and Cornette enter the ring only to be knocked down by Luger. As Mr. Perfect attempts to get the managers out of the ring, Luger pins Yokozuna, but becomes frustrated when Mr. Perfect does not arrive to make the count. Luger shoves Mr. Perfect, and earns the DQ.

Match Time: 14:39
Winner: Yokozuna by DQ

Earthquake vs. Atom Bomb (with Harvey Whipleman)

Harvey Whipleman comes out first to berate the Fink's hairpiece, but the Fink retaliates with a strong shove. Atom Bomb comes out to defend his manager, but as he threatens the Fink, Earthquake arrives from behind and powerslams Atom Bomb. Earthquake then jumps about the ring and delivers the "Earthquake" to a downed Atom Bomb. He easily makes the pinfall, nearly setting a record for the fastest match in WrestleMania history.

Match Time: 00:36
Winner: Earthquake by Pinfall

WWF Intercontinental Title Match - Ladder Match: Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels (with Diesel)

The two men enter the ring with Shawn avoiding the ladder and Ramon walking under it to make his way to ringside. The IC belts (the actual one and Shawn Michael's belt) are suspended above the ring, and to win the match a man must climb the ladder and take hold of the belts. As the two men lock up Razor gets the early advantage, but Diesel trips up Razor from the outside, prompting the ref to eject him from ringside. From there, Michaels brings the ladder to ringside, and then slides into it hitting Ramon in the chest. Michaels continues to use the ladder to attack Ramon in the chest and back, weakening the man before attempting to climb for the title, which is suspended above the ring. As Michaels attempts to reach for the belt, Ramon grabs his tights from behind, pulling his tights and Michaels down from the ladder top. Michaels continues to use the ladder in the corner to attack Ramon by setting it up in the corner and driving Ramon into it. Both men make bids to reach the title, with the other kicking or pulling at the ladder to make it and the man on it fall to the mat floor. Michaels continues to use the ladder as a weapon, using it to gain additional leverage or height to attack Ramon on the mat floor. These attacks weaken Michaels as much as Ramon, and after a missed splash Ramon is able to climb to the top of the ladder and grab the belts, winning the match.

Match Time: 18:44
Winner: Razor Ramon

WWF World Championship: Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette)

Surprise referee Rowdy Roddy Piper arrives at ringside as the special referee for the match. Hart arrives limping after the damage done to the leg during his match with Owen Hart. Yokozuna goes at once to the attack, punching before the bell had rung. Hart attempts several comebacks, but all in vain as the larger Yokozuna overpowers the smaller man. For the first eight minutes Yokozuna dominates the match, using his girth and stronger reach to attack Bret and quell any attempts at offense from Hart. Piper prevents Fuji and Cornette from interfering in the match, and maintains an even hand in the referee position. Despite Hart's leg injury, Yokozuna does not attack the leg, which allows Bret to mount an offense late in the match, finally reversing out of a slam attempt and pinning the larger man, thus winning the World Wrestling Federation Championship title.

Match Time: 10:31
Winner: Bret Hart by Pinfall

WrestleMania 11
Civic Center, Hartford, CT
April 2, 1995

Show begins with a look back at previous WrestleMania events, and a look at some of the celebrities at this year's show, which include Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, John Tuturo, Salt & Peppa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Lawrence Taylor. Commentary was provided by Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.

Lex Luger & British Bulldog vs. Blu Brothers (with Zebekiah)

The match begins with all four men brawling inside the ring, which leads to the team of Luger and the Bulldog clearing the ring and assuming control of the match. The Bulldog remains in the ring to wear down Jacob Blu, and then Eli as well. The double teaming tactics of the Blu Brothers eventually wear down the Bulldog, who is overwhelmed by the two larger men. The Blu Brothers make frequent exchanges, both legal and not to remain the aggressors. Luger and the Bulldog pick up on the trick, however, and used the same tactic to trap Eli for the pinfall and the victory.

Match Time: 6:35
Winner: Lex Luger & British Bulldog by Pinfall

WWF IC Championship: Razor Ramon (with the 123 Kid) vs. Jeff Jarrett (with the Roadie)

The match starts fast and then slows, as Razor runs to the ring and clears it, with Jarrett and the Roadie recovering on the outside. Razor starts strong with multiple pinfall attempts, and nearly completes a Razor's Edge powerbomb but the Roadie holds onto the legs of Jarrett to prevent him from being slammed. Jarrett attempts to leave the ringside area several times, but the 123 Kid prevents his escape. Jarrett finally gains the advantage and attempts various sleeper holds. As Ramon is worn down, Jarrett then works of the injured leg of Ramon, culminating with a figure four leglock in the center of the ring. Ramon is able to reverse the hold, and puts Jarrett in the Razor's Edge once again, but before he can land the move, the Roadie enters the ring and attacks the leg of Ramon earning him the DQ. The 123 Kid comes in to save Ramon, but Jarrett and the Roadie overwhelm the smaller opponent.

Match Time: 13:31
Winner: Razor Ramon by DQ

Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs. King Kong Bundy (with Ted DiBiase)

The Undertaker starts strong, despite the sub plot of the Million Dollar Man owning the urn of the Undertaker. The Undertaker dominates Bundy and regains the urn from the grasp of DiBiase, but Kama arrives at ringside to attack Paul Bearer and leave the ringside area with the urn, which he says that he will melt down into a necklace. With the urn gone from the Undertaker's possession, Bundy assumes control of the match and attempts to wear down the Undertaker with sleeper holds. Eventually the Undertaker recovers and lands a flying clothesline on Bundy which is enough to put the man away. Match Time: 6:38

Winner: Undertaker by Pinfall

WWF Tag Team Championship: Owen Hart & Yokozuna (with Cornette and Fuji) vs. The Smoking Gunns

Owen Hart arrives for the match and announces that his surprise partner would be the man who defeated his brother Bret, Yokozuna. The Smoking Gunns make their way to ringside, and Billy Gunn faces off against Owen. The Gunns take the early advantage with double teaming against Owen, but Yokozuna is then tagged in, and dominates Bart Gunn. Owen enters the ring again, and the Gunns take advantage of the smaller man. Falling to the outside, Owen gets an opportunity to drive Billy into the steel steps, and rolls his back into the ring for Yokozuna to work over. The Gunns make small headway, but the larger size and agility of Owen Hart prove to be to much, as Owen Hart looks to perform the Sharpshooter, but then simply covers a downed Billy Gunn for the pinfall and victory.

Match Time: 9:38
Winner: Owen Hart & Yokozuna by Pinfall

"I Quit" Match: Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund with Special Ref Rowdy Roddy Piper

Bret Hart goes right into the aggressor mode, battering Backlund in the corner of the ring, and attacking him with high, overhand punches. Piper remains in the ring to officiate and ask the downed men if they wanted to give up with a microphone. Hart uses punches to drive Backlund to the mat, and then attempts to apply the Sharpshooter or other leg-based submission holds to wear down the weakened Backlund. After several attempts by Hart, Backlund gains the upper hand and at once starts to work on the arm and back of Hart. Backlund remains the general aggressor, but spends too much time threatening the use of his submission move, the Cross-Face Chicken Wing. Backlund finally applies the move successfully, but Hart reverses it and Backlund submits to the hold.

Match Time: 9:34
Winner: Bret Hart by Submission

WWF World Championship: Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels (with Sid)

Shawn arrives to the ring with Sid and Jenny McCarthy, and then Diesel enters with Pamela Anderson, who was supposed to enter with Michaels. Diesel then clears the ring and poses for the crowd with Anderson. As the match begins Shawn attacks with aerial moves, attempting to stay clear of the brawling style of Diesel with quick ducks and jabs to the face of the larger man. Shawn is mostly unsuccessful, as the more powerful Diesel tosses him from corner to corner, countering his attacks with slams and hard punches. A quick dodge finally puts Shawn on the attack as Diesel falls to the outside of the ring which allows Michaels a chance to regroup and pace the match better to his style. Shawn at once begins to work on the back and neck of the larger man, trapping Diesel in a sleeper hold and wearing him down. Michaels finally has Diesel in a pinning situation after a superkick, but Sid has the ref on the outside of the ring and Shawn is unable to get the three-count. Diesel is able to recover, and catch Michaels after a missed move. Delivering the jackknife powerbomb, Diesel covers Michaels for the victory.

Match Time: 20:31
Diesel by Pinfall

Special Attraction Match: Bam Bam Bigelow (with the Million Dollar Team) vs. Lawrence Taylor (with NFL All-Pro team)

The match begins with Salt & Peppa rapping their way to the ring. The All-Pro Team then arrives at ringside and clears the ring of Kama and Bundy, who were standing on ringside. When both men finally enter the ring, Taylor at once goes on the attack with running slams and punches. Taylor stays on the attack, and finally drives the veteran to the outside of the ring. Taylor follows Bam Bam to the outside, which turns out to be a mistake as Bigelow beats him back into the ring and begins to work on the back of Taylor, keeping him grounded on the mat. Bigelow attempts several submission maneuvers, but Taylor continues to make his way into the rope to force Bam Bam to release the hold. Bigelow attempts several pinfall attempts, but is unable to put the resilient Taylor away. Taylor finally manages to make it to his feet, climbs to the second rope, and lands a flying punch on Bigelow. Covering him for the pinfall, Taylor wins the match. Note: referee for this match was Pat Patterson.

Match Time: 12:08
Winner: Lawrence Taylor by Pinfall

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