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WCW Millennium Germany
November 16, 2000
Oberhausen, Germany

Written by: Ultimowrestling

-- Kronik defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. & Kidman

-- Kwee Wee defeated Prime Time

-- European Cup Qualifying Battle Royal: Mike Awesome won

-- US Title Match: General Rection defeated Lance Storm
Rection won by a disqualification. Storm retained the US Title.

-- Commissioner Title Match: The Cat defeated Mike Sanders
New Commissioner of WCW!!!

-- Ric Flair added Alex Wright to the European Cup Qualifying 3-Way Dance and booked a Hardcore Match for later in the show.

-- Hardcore Match: Norman Smiley defeated Fit Finlay

-- Tag Team Title Match: General Rection & Alex Wright defeated Jindrak & O'Haire
New Tag Team Champions!!!

-- European Cup Qualifying 3-Way Dance: Kevin Nash defeated Alex Wright & Mike Awesome

-- World Title Match: Booker T defeated Scott Steiner

-- European Cup Final: Sting defeated Kevin Nash


-- Disqo did not compete in the Tag Team Title Match because of an injury.

-- Apparently, the scheduled match between Konnan and Shane Douglas did not happen.

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