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LIFE CHANGING!! read this from Jenny!
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Post LIFE CHANGING!! read this from Jenny! 
Hey girls,
I have just come across this dvd called The Secret. It is not a movie. Its gurus talking about The law of attraction and It was so incredible that I bought fifty copies and have sent them to everyone I know. Its starts off cheezy but thats just the opening. You have to order it and lets all talk about it because it has changed everyones life who has seen it. I cant wait to talk about it. go get it!

Love Jenny

Website for The Secret ...

You can either watch it on your computer ($4.95)
or order the DVD to watch on your TV ($29.95)

The movie is 1.5 hours, so it might be easier
to sit in your comfy sofa and watch it on TV!

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Post LOVE The SECRET! :) 

Jenny that is a GREAT IDEA!!! Laughing
A very good friend of mine let me see his copy, and it's one to watch over & over.
"What the Bleep" is also very cool to check out. If you like "The Secret" you'll like "What the Bleep".
Abraham Hicks is/are one of the references in 'The Secret', their books and tapes are very good as well.
My son is an Indigo, and I am 100% certain that Law of Attraction has everything to do with his turn around from chaos to calm. The journey has been within me, and I am very thankful for a very good friend of mine who loves my son & I enough to keep pointing out to me that we attract what we focus on.
I am very excited about this suggestion and look forward to chatting with the other Indigo-etts! Laughing

...never be afraid of the light...especially as it illuminates in our children...
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Post The Truth? 
Greetings to all the Indigo Mother's who have had the courage and strength to speak your mind and heart,

I turned my TV to you on Jay Leno and saw your t-shirt and said WOW Smile When I saw Indigo on my Tv it surpised me greatly, I must say there world around us is changing ever-so quickly with the more knowledge people begin to gain. And I feel with you having that T-shirt on tonight you have changed many peoples lives in the way they observe the world and Life.

I must say Jenny I am in joy you posted a thread about 'The Secret'. Which is a very grand and inspiring film about how our reality is around you and me. I remember watching The Secret when it first came out on my computer Smile The Secret respresents a small yet much grander Truth, of whatever we desire to want or desire.

At the present moment in the process of creating a type of musical art that will transform the world when everyone listens to a certain sound vibration or song. Which is working out great with the friends surrounding me.

If you have the time please check out our music, it is unique in a sense that we are pioneers to our the type of music we've produced.

Thank you for your time and for expressing your heart to people, you are more than an angel from God. For angels could never do what we do, because they are not seen in our world. Smile

Here is my profile on if you are interested in knowing more about who we are and who I am. -Me / Check out the our self-produced music video and the documentary of creating The Laveens 2 - Guardians of The Light.

Here is a link to our new album we just put up on myspace Smile

Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love.


I almost forgot to mention Smile I am a 20 year old highly evolved Indigo Adult. When I was younger in age I would have trouble in school and everything else mentioned on this website, yet I realized there was something much deeper and unknown to my ownself, and since I have been 15-16 I have sought and have been a seeker of obtaining more knowledge about what is really happening in our world, this world.

I look forward to being more a part of this effort and Truth that is the Truth to many people, and it isn't just a mystical truth, it is a Truth being experienced by many thousands/millions of people from their personal experiences in our day to day life experiences. And it is about time I saw such a beautiful t-shirt on the mainstream Tv.

Once again I thank you from my heart, to your heart, as we both breathe the same air. And we then realize that we are The Wind, when you put your hand upto your mouth and blow on your hand you feel the same wind you feel outside, blowing ever so mysteriously against everyone's skin.

So Be It Smile

~*~Love Found Lost~*~ "What was lost is lost but we will find it again; The will to live, the will to begin; We will start not from scratch, but from what is within; And use our shining light, it will never dim. We will prove by our existence; We will never give up the fight; And triumph after triumph, we won't forget what is right. We will be creatures of the Earth; And friends of the Moon; We will ally with the stars; Of which all will happen soon. This time around as to not forget our past; We won't be overzealous, or move to fast; We won't deny our freedom, or hide from ourselves; Because this time around, we are who tells. We will tell our future, but we won't change the past; We will decide what is present, and all that is vast. The love of life is what we will eat; As our mind will come second, to the heart that beats." - Khent Teague Chapman [Rafiki]

"Learning knowledge is an integral part of enlightenment because the more that you learn, the greater your paradigms of thoughts can be so you are not ignorant about the mechanism that you inhabit." -Ramtha
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Post Daily spiritual guidiance with Indigos 
Hello Jenny, and all other Indigo moms out there

I feel strongly that I am an Indigo and I have a 19 year old adult son off at school learning about cars, his
24/7 love.
The first time I was told I have a special Indigos and that I am an Indigo, was from Esther Hicks and
Abraham, back in the '90s. so much information was given to me, that I didn't know nor registered
'Indigo'. Not until many years later, challenging with teachers, and doctors quoting 'get your son
on Ritalin or you will have to find a new learning place for him'.
Then when I had an Angel reading, the term 'Indigo' was mention several times. Abraham
words came back to me, and again through this angel reading, it was confirmed I was
to be a Indigo facilatator to help parents with Indigo children.
Also I was told my son will grow up to be of the spiritual relm and only when he will allow
to be directed this path. All these years I have used herbage and blue green algae along
with the Fengold diet to control his anger and temper tantrums. Yeast is still a factor today.
with leaky gut problems. He always knew he was different and didn't fit in. He is still very moody but no longer on any medication. Being new to chat, I did not see any questions about what altering medication can do to the
spiritual growth of Indigos and does it do something to their higher intuition ? their Aura field ? Idea
How can you get back or rebuild this, especially when your adult child does not want to believe? Embarassed
I have not seen the Secret, but have many long-distance friends that say it has changed their life.
Thank you Jenny for this site, and any guidance is welcome.
a healing hand, Laurie Confused

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