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Even though I was laying down on my ass for 3 full weeks, I had zero motivation since all I felt like doing was surfing the web and sleeping. I mean -- whadd'ya expect? I WAS laying down all day!

Anyway, now that I'm somewhat healthier, I've been working on
Chrono Trigger: Brink of Time a lot more. I'm currently working on an efficient triangle-stripper for PC and starting work the bone data extractor for my 3ds max exporter.  On the art side, our artist is slowly, but surely, moving along with the art for the demo -- and it is looking fantastic!  I still expect a late year release around Christmas.

Here's a little treat for those interested in the project... This is a little taste of Magus' theme from our master musician, Mathew Valente.  You can expect more high quality music, like this, from him in the demo. :D

[05.21.03] - BACK FROM SURGERY... SORTA!

In case no one knew, I've been recuperating from cyst surgery the past few weeks. And I can tell you one thing -- not being able to sit down for 3 solid weeks is TORTURE if you're a computer programmer. ;)

What was really a bummer was not being able to go to this years E3. I mean from what I've heard it sounded like a lackluster show... (Though I disagree -- seeing as Halo 2, Half-Life 2, MK:DD, MGS3, MGS:TS, GT4, etc. were shown!)

The true tragedy was that the co-worker who took my place somehow stumbled and met Miyamoto-san outside of a bathroom @ E3! Obviously, he asked for a picture. So there is a picture of one of my co-workers with MY badge on posing with THE MAN (Miyamoto-san).... THAT COULD OF BEEN ME!!!! WHY GOD, WHY??!?#!@#!$!%$%!@!!?!

*Cries*... Someone, shoot me now.