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[09.18.04] - Update

It's been a while since I have updated my Web site...

As most of you know, I have been working on Chrono Resurrection since May, like a mad dog. The project has since been cancelled at the request of the original IP owner, Square Enix Co., Ltd.

While I am disappointed, I understand their legal obligation to protect their copyright. Here are some interesting notes about the production of Chrono Resurrection:

- Only 3,000 man hours were consumed creating content for the 6 scene trailer, between roughly 5 people. We planned to have 10 scenes in the demo. As good as the graphics looked, if we had spent a full day instead of a few hours each day working on it, it would of looked much, much better.

- Those 10 scenes were: Crono's House Upstairs, Crono's House Downstairs, End of Time, Guardia Forest, Battle of Zenan Bridge, Frog cutting the cliff with Masamune, Battle with Magus, Black Tyranno w/ Azyla Boss Battle, Dalton Battle on Blackbird flying over Kingdom of Zeal, Lavos Battle (3 stages)

- Crono, Frog, Marle, Lucca, Magus, Robo would of been playable characters.

- Over 800,000 downloads of the normal quality trailer have been tracked so far. 500,000 of those were in the week of the announcement of the Cease and Desist. Over 300 employees from Square Enix downloaded the trailer within that time, as well.

- Contrary to what some folks have said on the Internet, everything we have shown is rendered IN-GAME. This is not CG! That includes the trailer! :)

I have recieved too many e-mails with condolences and offers and I am very happy people have been showing their interest. The team and I will be moving onto an original project, which will start pre-production very soon. If things go as planned, we'll have a Web site up with some preliminary art or information.

Now, I have to update the *rest* of the site and start coding again. :) Until next time...