This is a briefly annotated list of links to other free sources of manuals and schematics.  If you know of any other sites with manuals for free downloading, please use the mail link to K4XL at the bottom of this page to inform me so that the site can be included here.


Ameco manuals can be found on Jerry, W9FS's,  site at http://6mt.com

Lloyd, KK7IZ, (of blooming meters fame), has a new web site that is loaded with interesting stuff for tube/valve era fans.  His Antique Radio Archives is well worth a visit!  Listed here as a source for Antique and Avionics info.

For those interested in antique radio restoration, a new site called The Schematic Bank is worth a visit.  They apparently have Beitman's and Rider's pages available for downloading.

A newly available collection should be of great interest to those who love antique BC radios.  Scott Harvey has scanned M. N. Beitman's "Most-Often-Needed Radio Diagrams and Servicing Information" and is making it available in DjVu format.  These complete books can be downloaded in small chunks from Syl's Old Radioz and Audio site.   Syl's site also has the much sought after RCA Radiotron Designer's Handbook, 4th edition, in downloadable pdf format.  This is a great resource for those of you who like math to go with your tubes.


Ilpo J. Leppäsen, OH5HOI, has Barlow-Wadley manuals as well as much other interesting info on his site.

Bird Electronic, the manufacturer of the old standby model 43 wattmeter, has manuals for all of its current production as well as its discontinued models on its website. 

Anyone interested in Boatanchors should visit Jose Gavila's web site.   Jose's site has some schematics as well as lots of fascinating restoration experiences.  His notes are like tutorials for anyone involved in restoring boatanchors.

Harold, WA6FDN, has started an archival site for broadcast equipment manuals.  My source of BC manuals has gone missing, so check Harold's site from time to time.

Some downloadable test gear manuals, primarily of British origin including AVO, Cossor, EMI, Marconi and others, can be found on The Valve Page.

Butternut Antennas are documented on the Bencher web site.


If CB radio is your interest there is a growing collection of manuals and other CB information on Bennie Bolin's CBTricks.  There is also a collection of data sheets for diodes, transistors, relays and integrated circuits with an excellent search facility.

The Centralab Couplates Catalog is online on K5MO's site.

Clegg manuals can be found on Jerry, W9FS's,  site at http://6mt.com

There are many Collins manuals now available on line thanks to the CCA.

Cushcraft  antenna manuals are available on line.


Drake manuals are available on WB4HFN's web site.

A few Drake manuals can be found at the Drake Museum.


The Eddystone Users Group is a good source for information of Eddystone receivers.  Look under Handbooks and Servicing Manuals.


In addition to data on their current production meters,  Fluke are now making Manuals for some of their older equipment available on the Web.


The PA0AST collection of Geloso equipment is worth a visit.  This site is in Dutch and has schematics and slides of the equipment.  An English version, viewable only with Microsoft Internet Explorer is available here.

Fans of General Radio (GR) instruments will want to check out the listing of GR manuals that are now available for free downloading on the IET Labs web site.


 The Hallicrafters DD-1 manual can be found on Tom Siglin's site.

Hameg GmbH of Germany is making the manuals for their line of test equipment available for downloading.

The Hammarlund Historian is back under new management with lots of good info on classic Hammarlund gear.

A visit to the Harvey Radio Labs Virtual Museum, a Clifford Harvey, W1RF, memorial web site maintained by Peter Laur, SM5HUA, is a must!.  While there you will find manuals to most, if not all, of the Harvey Radio Labs and Harvey-Wells equipment of yesteryear.

A great collection of Heathkit Manuals can be found on the KC8RP site.

For all you Heath fans, Tom's site has reappeared with many, many Heath schematics.  (It's gone again and the domain is for sale...anyone know whether the material is available at a different location?)  Robert, F5HLR, points out that the web site is gone from "current" cyberspace, but the old site can still be referenced by going to web.archive.org.

G0NGG's site hosts the Heathkit SB-1000 manual.

Agilent is in the process of making manuals for obsolete Hewlett-Packard equipment available for free downloading.

If you don't find what you need in the way of Hewlett-Packard manuals here or on the Agilent web site, have a look here.

For the Heathkit QRP fans, Chet Sprinkle, K8YTO, has a site dedicated to mods for the HW-7 HW-8 and HW-9.  You have to be able to use Microsoft Excel in order to get to the information.

While they are in the business of selling a CD with lots of Heathkit information on it, Technology Systems also provides a significant quantity of Heathkit manuals, service bulletins and other items of interest for free downloading.

Hy-Gain antenna manuals are available on line.


An Italian site, Marcucci, has a good collection of Icom manuals.

Speaking of ICOM, you can now download manuals on most of their equipment, both past and present from their Support Page.  Furthermore, a note at the bottom of the page says, "If you cannot find the intended instruction manual you require on this download page, you can make a request to the Support Center to have it uploaded."  Way to go ICOM!!

For much technical material on ICOM equipment, Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ, runs a site which includes many manuals as well as links to other sources of ICOM info.


Manuals for Kenwood amateur radio equipment can be downloaded from their support page.

Kikusui equipment manuals can be found on their web site.


The manual for the Lafayette HE-30 or Trio 9R-59 receiver is to be found on Alan Pemberton's web site.


Microphone connection woes?  Have a look at Roy G4WPW's site for helpful connector and microphone information.

If you are interested in the R-390A, you will enjoy the many articles written by Dallas Lankford now available on Kongsfjord.

Microwave Module manuals can be found on Jerry, W9FS's,  site at http://6mt.com

If British military and vintage gear is your interest, a must-visit site is the VMARS (Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society) site.  Click on the Document Center link to get to the manuals.  Be sure to explore the site as you will find an abundance of good information.

If you are interested in Military Radio equipment, and don't mind signing up for a password, you should visit The Wireless-Set-No19 Group site.  Additionally, you will find the files from August Johnson's former web site here.

Jan-Martin Nöding, a frequent contributor of files to the BAMA collection, has a very interesting web site for WW II German Military Communication equipment.

The Military Technical Manual "pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow" can be found at the LOGSA web site.   Note:  The site is occasionally down for long periods - sometimes for weeks!  Thanks to Craig Sawyers for pointing this out.

Tom Norris makes Military Boatanchors his specialty and also has some Collins manuals, too.

Bill Beech, NJ7P, has some Military manuals on his site, too.

Also check here for some popular Military manuals including the BC-348 and ARC-5 gear.

Nolan Lee, Southerner, has a passel of information on the I-177 and TV-2 military tube testers on his Redneck Boatanchor Page.

Speaking of military equipment, Barry Hauser, Al Tirevold, Pete Wokoun and Hank Arney have produced the "R-390A-Y2K MANUAL" which is available from Barry's  web site.  If you have or want a R-390A, this is a "must read" document.  These fellows deserve a lot of credit for producing such a high quality manual and making it available for free downloading.

If you have some old discontinued Motorola gear, either portable or mobile, you should check out this Motorola site.


Ed Tanton, N4XY, has Service Bulletins from the National Co. for their receivers on his site.


Omega Engineering's manuals for many of their process measurement and control instruments are available for downloading.


Perhaps not exactly what you would expect to find here, but if you understand that K2 isn't just a mountain, you may enjoy the excellent collection of Philbrick information and data available on Joe Sousa's PhilbrickArchive web site.

Chris's Old Radio site has a page with many Precision Tube Tester manuals and tube data on it.  Lots of other interesting info for fans of antique radio on this site including an excellent collection of links.


If you are interested in Racal gear, go to Alan Bain's site for the RA117 manual, schematics and other interesting items.  Alan tells me that the RA117 manual now has all the diagrams included.

Ilpo J. Leppäsen, OH5HOI, has Racal manuals as well as much other interesting info on his site.

Steven, KA9VNW, has added the old Radio Shack Science Fair P-Box kits to his web site. 

The RCA RC-10 tube manual is available on Tim Reese's site.


Signal One manuals and lots of other material are available for free downloading on the Hamanuals site.

If you are a Siltronix fan Skipp May has a great page for you.

Simpson Electric offers downloadable manuals for many of their meters.

The 1939 Stancor Transformer Catalog is online on K5MO's site.

Swan manuals can be found on Jerry, W9FS's,  site at http://6mt.com


Tektronix has made some of their manuals available on line.

Anyone interested in Test Equipment should have a look at Test Equipment Resources.

A few complete manuals (Superior TV-11 and the Russian L3-3 tube testers) and several interesting test gear schematics can be found on the Audio Antik website run by Thorsten Kliefoth.

The 1949 Thordarson Transformer Catalog is online on K5MO's site.


Thanks to Joe, W8JOE, for telling us about the TMC site for manuals  including GPR-90 and GSB-1.

While primarily for computer manuals, check out Bitsavers in the Tek, Wavetek, and HP/te folders for lots of new test gear PDF manuals.


If East European radios is your interest, you should check out VEF Home.


Many Wavetek manuals can be found on the Bitsavers site.


This Fox Tango Manuals Web Site has lots of manuals for Yaesu gear.


The Transoceanic Resource Library is a growing site dedicated to the great old Zenith bandcruisers of yesteryear.

Sites with multiple manufacturers

An Italian site, Amateur Radio Directory, has a few manuals for older Icom, Kenwood/Trio, Alinco, Yaesu/Sommerkamp and Standard gear. 

The great "mods" site, www.mods.dk has an excellent collection of  ADI, Alinco, AOR, Bosch, Drake, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Radio Shack, Standard, Storno, Ramsey, Regency, Uniden, Yaesu, and other manuals in addition to the mods.

Ken Kaplan, KB7RGG, has taken over Dale Wentz's (KB9JJA) Heathkit website and has combined it with his Boatanchor Kit Information site and renamed it Nostalgic Kit Central. The site now covers Heathkit, Allied Radio Knight Kits, EICO, EMC and Precise kits.

Skipp May has a Radio Wrench page with several interesting manuals and schematics, including:  Alpha 77,  Amp Supply LA1000, Collins 30L-1 and 30S-1, Dentron GLA-1000, Galaxy 2000, Heath HA-10 and Knight T-175.  If you are a Siltronix fan, Skipp has a great page for you too!

If you are looking for schematics for more recent gear by Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco, etc., you might find what you are looking for deep in the heart of Russia on this site in Krasnodar.  You will also find schematics for lots of Russian boatanchors there too.

Nostalgiaair has a few manuals for Hallicrafters, Hammarlund and many schematics for both antique broadcast receivers as well as communications receivers.  Recently celebrated a million hits.  They've gotta be doing something right!

WO5S has a site with materials he has collected from a variety of sites, apparently including BAMA.

While the ESI (eServiceInfo.com) site isn't strictly a boatanchor site, it does host a very great amount of  service information useful for all technicians working in the field of electronic repairs.  The collection covers many different types of equipment: TV ( Plasma, TFT-LCD, Widescreen, HDTV ), DVD, VCR, Car Audio, GSM, Digital Camera, Computer Monitors (TFT-LCD panels or conventional CRT), Test Equipment, Power Supplies and many more digital and analogue electronic devices.  You will also find datasheet information about integrated circuits diagrams, diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, pic, pcb design, etc.  One can find software, programs, eprom, eeprom, bin files used in equipment repair.  Most files are pdf and djvu formats, zip or rar compressed.  All users may add their files to the system. 

Hollow State News, previously a mail only subscription publication for tube equipment fans has gone on the web.  New issues and an archive of back issues are available.  Thanks to Barry Hauser and all the others involved with the Hollow State News. 

Jammin' Power has an interesting site with manuals on a variety of receivers.  Some of the manuals are from BAMA, but there are others that are not available here for the following receivers:  Hammarlund SP-600, R-390, R-1051, BC-348, R-5007, Rohde & Schwartz EK-07 and the SCR-578 "Gibson Girl" Radio Rescue unit.

Need to know the specifications of that old modulation or power transformer or other old part?  A good place to look is the Antique Transformer and Parts Catalogs and Specifications web site.

Didier Juges, KO4BB, has an useful and eclectic site with some Fluke, HP, Tek and newer ham radio manuals available for downloading.


If you know of any other on-line sources of BoatAnchor  manuals, please let me know and I will post the information here.

73, Ken K4XL

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