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28 October 2006
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Camera Supervisor
Camera Supervising - could you organise a shoot?
Get top tips about the technical side of TV.
On an average day, what does the job involve?
Alfie and Kat scene
An average day starts at around 8am. Four cameras need to be rigged and lined up to ensure that the colours are matching. By 8.15am the first scene of the day is rehearsed. 25 or 30 scenes are recorded in a day.
Crew set up
The camera supervisor meets with the crew to interpret the director's script. They work out where the cameras should be for each scene so that there's no delay when moving from set to set.
Is the job purely technical?
Filming a scene
Whilst the camera supervisor must understand the camera and recording technology, the job is also creative. Directors often rely upon the camera supervisor to help them achieve good results.
Which storylines require most creativity?
Steve Owen's car alight
Action-packed stunt scenes are the greatest challenge for the camera supervisor. Car chases and special effects need careful planning and imagination.
Phil and Grant's car crash
One episode saw Phil and Grant's car careering into the Thames. This required painstaking planning as the scene could only be shot once. Six cameras shot the stunt which involved catapulting the car from a canon attached to a large lorry!
What about location filming?
Mickey and Dawn
Most of the crew enjoy the opportunity to see some different scenery. Most of the locations are close to the studios at Elstree, however, certain scenes require travelling abroad.

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