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Gender Neutral Language

Category:  Equity
Number: 2.03
Responsibility: Vice-President (Finance and Resources)
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: January 11, 1993
Reformatted: March 30, 2001


To ensure that all official documents, publications and presentations are written in gender neutral and/or gender inclusive language.


All documents, publications or presentations developed by all University constituencies, including faculty and staff, shall be written in gender neutral and/or gender inclusive language.

Deans of Colleges have a responsibility to ensure that faculty use gender neutral and/or gender inclusive language in course materials distributed to students and in classroom discourse.

Procedure Summary:

Guidelines for non-sexist language are available from the Employment Equity Office (Human Resources).

Existing documents will be reviewed by the Employment Equity Advisory Committee, which will suggest appropriate gender neutral language.

Contact: Director, Employee Services (966-6325)
Web Site: http://adminsrv.usask.ca/hrdivision/employee_services.htm

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