On arranging books by color

Michael NolanSeptember 20th, 2006
by Michael Nolan
When you’ve been working in publishing as long as I have, you accumulate a lot of books. Every time one of my authors completes a title, a copy arrives in the mail for me. And of course I want to keep it; there’s part of me wrapped up in it. So the shelves in my office are filled to the brim.

Lately I was doing some massive office overhaul and decided to reorganize the books, which had taken on a fairly haphazard arrangement over our last couple of moves. I puzzled over the categories. Web books here? Photoshop ones there? Did I need a shelf of “obsolete” for books like Live Picture Revealed? My indecisiveness caused me to delay the project for days.

colorbooks1.jpgThen I came across an article by Rob Giampietro on the Design Observer blog. It introduced me to an idea that should have been obvious to a visual thinker like me: organize them by color! Now I can easily find my Chicago Manual of Style. It’s right next to Search Engine Visibility in the bright orange section. Makes perfect sense to me.


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  1. admin Says:

    I love this. A used bookstore here in the Bay Area briefly organized its books this way a few years ago.