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Author(s) John Allison
Update schedule Complete
Launch date September 21, 1998
End Date June 3, 2002
Followed by Scary Go Round

Bobbins is a webcomic set in Tackleford, England, and written by John Allison. It ran from September 21, 1998, to June 3, 2002, but shifted into reruns with commentary on May 17, 2002. Upon its conclusion John Allison began another webcomic, entitled Scary Go Round. Most of the main characters followed him, and SGR, although originally intended to be a spin-off focussing on the minor characters of Tessa Davies and Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte, eventually ended up with roughly the same cast as the end of Bobbins.

Bobbins focused on the staff of City Limit magazine, their friends, relationships and lives.


[edit] Cast

[edit] Major characters

Tim Jones 
Allegedly the music writer of City Limit, but generally occupying himself with crazy inventions and bizarre musical projects, probably the protagonist of Bobbins. Created Unit Daisy, and was challenged by Red Robot to fight for her hand. Currently a character in SGR.
Shelley Winters 
The red-headed, green-eyed protagonist of Scary Go Round was but an innocent country girl before moving to the big city of Tackleford, establishing herself as a promising young writer at City Limit. Used to live with Holly West, until she was lost in the Himalayas. Then stayed with Fallon Young, all the while fulfilling the ingenue role.
Amy Chilton 
The, blonde, 20-year-old spoiled daughter of Len Pickering concerns herself mainly with keeping up her indy cred, but generally tries to be loyal to her father and protect him. Dislikes work and showers.
Ryan Beck 
Barfly, record store manager, and drinking buddy of Tim Jones. Currently, under the name of Ryan Beckwith in SGR Always drawn with messy hair and a five-o'clock shadow.
Fallon Young 
Originally a HiFi store owner in competition with Ryan Beck, was revealed to be a super-spy, then became flatmate of Shelley Winters. Comes up with many half-baked plans and crazy schemes.
Len Pickering 
Longtime Editor of City Limit, left when Holly West, his favourite, abandonded his magazine. Has delusions of grandeur, frequently makes sexual passes at his employees.
Rich Tweedy 
The City Limit designer was originally perpetually single, but had flings with both Shelley Winters and Amy Chilton. Was "fired so hard he ceased to exist" by the megalomaniacal Holly West. [1]
Holly West 
Former favourite of Len Pickering and flatmate of Shelley Winters, left the magazine to be with Van-Dyke Jones, the brother of Tim Jones, and was lost while trekking the Himalayas with him. She later returned, slightly insane, became editor of City Limit, and sacked most of the original staff, causing the strip's end.
Elliot Schlesinger 
City Limit's tech support is a mystery within an enigma. His macho posturing at odds with his talent for dressmaking and sewing, Elliot is clearly a man fighting inner demons.
Van Dyke Jones
Tim's younger brother is a musical genius, recently returning from roaming the Himalayas in search of Holly West. He idolises his brother, yet cannot help but upstage him. Now occupies Shelley and Fallon's attic.
Ileanna Godmundsdottir
Tim's girlfriend for a considerable time, pixieish Icelander Illeanna also had a very cosy relationship with Rich. Illeanna recently returned to Iceland.
Bill Tweedy
When Len Pickering's brain failed, original City Limit editor Bill Tweedy came out of the nursing home to the rescue, and has been known to manage 30 minutes consistently awake during a working day. Nonetheless, his reassuring presence was a big relief after Pickering's maverick, farm animal-obsessed leadership style.

[edit] Minor characters

Vicky Earp
Cute but psychotic young girl with a crush on Tim. Very evil.
Claire Davies
Bill Tweedy's former PA, who married a terrorist and ended up on the run. Her tea-making skills are sadly missed.
Unit Daisy
Wide-eyed and naive but sexually overdriven, "Unit Daisy" was designed as the perfect woman for Rich, but instead fell for Tim, causing him a lot of trouble. Daisy was impounded by the government but managed to make her escape. Her current location: unknown.
Sergei Chavez
Perpetually horny terrorist husband of Claire. Swarthy.
Dr Ned Kelly
Illeanna's ex-boyfriend who tried to win her back by keeping Tim in a coma. Thwarted by Shelley and Fallon.
Red Robot #C-63
Human crushing automaton who came to claim the hand of Unit Daisy via Exploding Dog and Diesel Sweeties.

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