Naturopathy is both a science and philosophy of healing based on the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the prevention of illness and treating the underlying cause of disease.

Naturopathic doctors are primary health care practitioners, extensively trained to diagnose and treat illness using a variety of therapies.

These therapies include:

The following is an outline of the principles upheld by naturopathic doctors and illustrates the nature of naturopathic practice.

Utilize the Healing Powers of Nature

Our bodies have the inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. Naturopathic doctors apply treatments to work in alliance with these natural healing abilities. We believe that when the right environment and opportunity for self-healing is created; recovery, repair, and good health will result and illness will be prevented.

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Treat the Whole Person

Naturopaths treat the whole person rather than just the problems afflicting his/her various organs and systems. In other words, we treat the person rather than the disease. A patient’s condition results from a complex interaction of physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and other factors, all of which we take into account in treating the individual as a whole.

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The naturopathic approach to health care can prevent minor illness developing into more serious, chronic, or degenerative disease. Naturopathic doctors teach patients the principles with which to live a healthy life. By following these principles and practices, we can prevent major illness or chronic conditions from developing.

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Identify and Treat the Cause

Naturopathic doctors treat patients by restoring overall health rather than suppressing their symptoms. We are more concerned with finding the underlying cause of a condition and applying treatments to address this root cause. By approaching the problem in this manner, the symptoms can be cleared up permanently.

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Doctor as Teacher

Education gives a patient the power to take responsibility for his or her own health. Naturopathic doctors believe in sharing knowledge with their patients and creating an open dialogue where the patient feels comfortable asking questions. This way, we can ensure that an individual’s needs are met and their health longstanding.

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Do No Harm

The emphasis of naturopathic medicine is on non-toxic, natural forms of therapy and gentle, noninvasive treatments. Side effects are rare and the risk of harmful damage is minimized. Naturopathic doctors are also aware of the contraindications between naturopathic remedies and conventional medicines.

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