michael penn walks down a very long hallway filled with strange people and magic tricks.

'try' was shot during the editing of boogie nights while the film was being reviewed by the mpaa. delays allowed a window of time to shoot and edit the music video. the longest hallway in north america, which incidentally is in downtown LA, was used as the only shooting location since the video is only one shot. paul has commented that he would like to someday shoot a movie there, but his idea of interlocking stories likely turned into 'magnolia'.

michael penn on his music video:
"I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to do for a video for this song, and I was talking to Paul about it and he had always expressed a desire to do it, but I really didn't think that he would do it, that he would be able to because he was cutting Boogie Nights at the time. We started talking about the song apparently he knew a location in Los Angeles which is the longest hallway in North America, it's 3/4 of a mile long, and we went there together and kind of looked at the location and we walked it while a walkman was playing the song and it was just about the same length to walk it as the song. That kind of suggested an idea and it worked out great because the video is one continuous shot so there was no editing involved so we were able to do it all in one weekend. And that's what we did. I think it took about 14 takes to accomplish."

'try' contains numerous details that only get stranger upon repeat viewings. the video has a dreamlike quality that extends beyond the asthetics and into the actions of the people inside. crew members in the background look for objects with flashlights and take paintings off the walls while phillip seymour hoffman jogs to catch up with a rolling michael penn, who is handed a guitar which is never played. the camera passes through many extras and removable walls, eventually coming upon stretch of hallway that is an exact replica of the movie 'they shoot horses, don't they?'. pta's hallway adaptation is complete with referees on rollerskates and a gig young lookalike.

yowza yowza yowza

the 'horses' sequence ends with melora walters and thomas jane taking the roles of jane fonda and michael sarrazin, respectively. michael penn ends up behind another removable wall, having run through the adjoining hotel rooms to get past the camera as soon as he was out of the frame just seconds before. penn is barraged by a cascade of special effects, passing by an old man in a purple suit, a reference to burt reynolds.


pta on his music video:
"There's an interview with Burt from Good Morning America. It's very hard to describe -- it's insane. He wears a purple suit and he speaks about "9" It's hard to describe."