You can vote to protect YOUR home this November.

Vote 'YES' on Proposition 2.

This year, over 75,000 Idaho voters petitioned their government to place the Private Property Rights Protection Initiative on the November ballot.

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What will Prop. 2 do for Idaho?

  • This initiative protects all homeowners, farmers, ranchers--anyone who owns land--from unjust government taking. It makes sure that families, congregations, business owners and farmers get a fair deal if government does take your land.
  • It limits government from taking someone's home and giving it to another private party or person. The famous US Supreme Court case that made this initiative necessary is known as the Kelo case.
  • Government can also hurt homeowners and churches with arbitrary zoning rules and regulations. Many times these laws cause one's land value to drop, costing owners a lot of money. This initiative will require government to "justly compensate" landowners for the loss in value.
  • Aggressive government actions that take or diminish the value of people's homes may be greatly reduced because property owners will have legal recourse against such actions.
  • The government does have numerous legitimate reasons for taking private property, in order to build roads, for instance. Prop 2 helps landowners receive an honest "just compensation" when these legitimate actions are taken.

The Private Property Rights Protection Initiative will allow us to keep our homes without the threat of unjust government taking.

It's only fair.

Click here to take a look at the initiative's language.

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