Date : 09/07/2005
Title : New O2Jam Artiste - DM Ashura!

Greetings O2Jammers!

It is with great anticipation that we announce that DM Ashura has joined the ranks of O2Jam artistes. DM Ashura is well-known in the beat game community for his numerous remixes of songs from various music games, especially "neoMAX". It is on the recommendation of his good friend, Sanxion7, that we are able to make this happen!

DM Ashura will be writing a lot of original music for O2Jam in the coming months, and his first O2Jam song, entitled "GO", is slated to hit in the next music update. GO, a hardcore rave track, features a unique 5/4 rhythm and is heavily influenced by shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. A sneak gameplay preview of the song is available here in Windows Media Video format.

Read more about DM Ashura in our all-new "Artiste Interview" website section, which will also feature other artistes like DJ Potatoe and Sanxion7 in the coming weeks!

O2Jam Malaysia Audio Division