Magnum TOKYO

Real Name: Katsumasa Kuroki

Prior Ringname or Nickname:  Mr. Egoist

Birthdate: January 9, 1973

Birthplace: Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Height/Weight: 180 CM/83 KG

Dojo Class: 1st Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Mr. Egoist

Debut: 5/11/1997

Title History: 1997 Young Dragons Cup, IWRG Middleweight, British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight, UWA 6 Person Tag, 2002 El Numero Uno, UDG Belt

Unit Alignment History: Toryumon Japan Seikigun, Debut-February 2002, Unaligned, February 2002-May 2002, M2K May 2002-November 2002, Do FIXER November 2002-September 2003, Unaligned September 2003-December 2003, Do FIXER December 2003-Present

Trademark Moves:
Egoist/Viagra Driver: Pump handle Michinoku Driver II (Finisher)
AV Star Press: Shooting star press, has not done it since turning heel
Overhead Kick: Somersault kick to an opponent behind him.
Gyrating Frankensteiner: Top rope rana, after gyrating his junk his opponents' face
Erect Smash: Modified Neckbreaker drop, similar to Matt Hardys' Side Effect
Zetsuen: Spinning savate kick to a kneeling opponents' face.

The ace of Dragon gate.....Leader, founding member, and head dancer of Do FIXER....Arguably trails only CIMA in popularity....His dance has become a Dragon Gate trademark. Seems to be returning to his babyface roots after his very successful heel run.

Dragon Kid

Real Name: Unknown

Prior Ringname or Nickname: Nobu-chan

Birthdate: February 2, 1976

Birthplace: Toukai-shi, Aichi

Height/Weight: 162 CM/70 KG

Dojo Class: 1st Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: The Eternal Tradition The Legend, Original

Debut: 11/14/1997
Title History: NWA Welterweight title. UWA 6 Person Tag, 2004 El Numero Uno
Unit Alignment History: Japan Seikigun Debut-January 2003, Shin M2K January 2003-December 2003

Trademark Moves:
Dragonrana: Forward flip from the top post into Huracanrana. Very spectacular move when first innovated.
Ultra Huracanrana: Swan dive huracanrana, ala Rey Misterio. Currently is Kids' main finish, and the bane of Susumus' existence
Deja Vu: Multiple rotation corbata (headscissors)
Christo: Corbata into hanging arm submission
Bermuda Triangle: Quebrada from the inside middle turnbuckle to the floor.
Halleluja: Corbata into hanging necklock

At one time considered the heir apparent to Ultimo Dragon. Hasn't lived up to his full potential, but is still one of the best high flyers in Japan. Has innovated many jaw dropping moves. 

Ryo Saito

Real Name: Ryo Saito

Prior Ringname or Nickname:  SaiRyo

Birthdate: August 15, 1978

Birthplace: Yamagata-shi, Yamagata

Height/Weight: 170 CM/80 KG

Dojo Class: 4th Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Climb Higher (Dance Version)

Debut: 5/11/1999

Title History:  NWA Welterweight, UWA 6 Person Tag

Unit Alignment History: Japan Seikigun Debut-November 2002, Do FIXER December 2003-February 2004, Italian Fixer?- Present

Trademark Moves:
Dancing Yahhoo: Formerly called Cycling Yahhoo. Modified crab hold, with additional arm submissions thrown in.
Messenger: Modified cradle/small package hold. Likely has been renamed
Fishermans Express: Locomotion fishermans suplexes, ending in fisherman buster.
German Suplex Hold
Various Types of Front Suplex
Fisherman Buster style lift, into spinebuster/sit out Power Bomb

Former bicyclist, Ryo abandoned his bike when he joined DF in winter 2002. Recently reunited with long time friend Anthony W. Mori, after Anthony was turned on by Takuya Sugawara. Ryo has a rather unusual personal dance he performs occasionally, which is now known as the SaiRyo dance.....

Genki Horiguchi

Real Name: Hiromasa Horiguchi

Prior Ringname or Nickname:  H-A-G-E!

Birthdate: September 15, 1978

Birthplace: Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto

Height/Weight: 173CM/75KG

Dojo Class: 2nd Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Digi Demonia (Original)

Debut: 10/17/1998

Title History:  1998 Young Dragons Cup, NWA WelterweightUWA 6 Person Tag

Unit Alignment History: Japan Seikigun Debut-November 2001, M2K November 2001-November 2002, Do FIXER November 2002-February 2004, Italian Fixer?- Present

Trademark Moves:
Beach Break: Reverse tombstone. Also known as Bulls Poseiden and Crown Gate (Finisher)
GH Lock: Modified strangle hold gamma submission
Tope Toubida: Standard no touch tope con hilo, means Toubida means flying fish.....
Godly Backslide (aka Backslide from Heaven): Normal backslide. Literal translation is Kami no Yadoru Backslide, which means Backslide where god dwells.

Has completely grown away from his former surfer character. Has risen to insane levels of popularity from his HAGE empire. Due to his rapidly depleting hair, Genki has adopted the Japanese term for bald, Hage as his mantra. His catchphrase of "who has called me Hage!?" is one of the most well known in Japan. Brought Naoki Tanisaki over to the then Toryumon Japan from X. The El Numero Uno time is Genkis' best, and is has become known as the season of Hage, when God Dwells the most.

Naoki Tanisaki

Real Name: Naoki Tanisaki

Prior Ringname or Nickname: Unknown

Birthdate: 12/1/1978

Birthplace: Toyonaka-shi, Osaka

Height/Weight: 172 cm/75 kg

Dojo Class: 10th Term, Will Graduate from X


Debut: 12/7/2002

Title History: None

Unit Alignment History: X Seikigun, Do FIXER

Trademark Moves:
Surfing Style Finger Whip: Rope walk armdrag, he pauses to do a surfing motion while on the ropes.
DH- Jumping knee attack to opponent in corner
Shining Wizard style knee attack
Beach Break

2nd Generation surfer. Moved from X to Japan during the 2004 El Numero Uno tournament, after gaining the respect of Genki Horiguchi. Has failed in repeated in attempts to join DF, losing 15 trial matches, and undergoing an embarrassing character change. During the 2004 Every Day Pro Wrestling series, Magu made Naoki wrestle as a Water Boy character, based off a TV show about young male swimmers and their small...small....speedos. Changed his hairstyle from the flamboyant out of control blond, to and Iron Perm, joining Fujiis' team for Rey de Parejas.


Unit Info and Timeline

Do FIXER is a heel group formed in October 2002 out of the ashes of M2K. Darkness Dragon, during a brief face turn, befriended Dragon Kid and Ryo Saito, asking them to join a unit he was forming. Kness had been kicked out of M2K after losing his mask to Kid on 9/8/2002. However, on 10/28/2002, the date of Yasushi Kandas' retirement, Darkness turned on Dragon Kid, then Magnum TOKYO, at the time M2K leader, retired the M2K name along with Kanda. Later in the show, Darkness Dragon came out and shook hands with Magu, revealing himself to have been a spy, and that the real Do FIXER was the former M2K.

10/8/2002-- Darkness Dragon announces his new unit will be called Do FIXER, he and Dragon Kid the first members. They recruit Ryo Saito to join.
10/28/2002-- Ryo accepts the invitation. Darkness turns on Kid, then aligns with Magnum TOKYO and the former M2K, they become the new/real Do FIXER. Ryo leaves. Darkness renames himself K-Ness
11/27/2002-- Ryo turns heel and tries to join DF again.
12/20/2002- Ryo is accepted as a member.

2/16/2003- Venezia becomes K-ness' pet.

3/9/2003- DF lose the right to wear Yokosuka Jumpers to Shin M2K.
8/30/2003- Venezia is attacked by Dotti Shuji and brother YASSHI, his masked ripped off. Venezia disappears shortly after

9/26/2003- Magnum turns on Genki during a cage match, hitting him with the blue box. He then kicks Ryo in his broken arm, distancing himself from the group.
11/03- K-ness announces a 1 year or more absence due to shoulder surgery.
12/16/2003: Magnum makes peace with the group, rejoining.
2/22/2004: Magu, citing loss of motivation from his UDG loss, takes an indefinite leave from Toryumon. On the same night, Susumu, Ryo, and Genki unite with Milano. Although still a unit, the future of DF is now fairly bleak
3/29/2004- Naoki Tanisaki joins Japan, and aligns with Genki and DF.
July 2004- Magnum returns, but seems to be aligning with Dragon Kid. Susumu and K-ness withdraw to join Final M2K. Only Ryo and Genki appear to still be DF, with Tanisaki being ignored by Magu.
Summer 2004: Upon the Dragon Gate rename, Kid becomes a DF member through his relationship with Magu