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Friday, October 20, 2006


Remembering John Copes

John Copes, the founder of the Louisana political website, passed away in Florida this week. He was 49.

When I first started out as a Louisiana newspaper reporter in 1999, I was a faithful reader of Copes' then-new website, For a political junkie like me, just then getting introduced to the world of corrupt Louisiana politics, it was an online equivalent of a crash course on the subject. Copes had a wicked sense of humor, as noted in John Hill's Gannett news article, linked via The Town Talk website, on Copes' passing from cancer.

I used to email story links to Copes all the time and corresponded via email. I still have my original, and hard-to-find T-shirt with an image of Huey Long on the back with the Biblical quote "As an ass in the desert, go I forth to do thy work." Classic!

Copes paved the way for regional, political news sites and blogs. I know he inspired me with his journalistic knowledge, quick political observerations and commentary. And boy, was he ever tough on ol' Edwin Edwards in those days!

I'm glad to see Chad E. Rogers of The Dead Pelican, following in Copes' footsteps and keeping us all abreast of what is going on in the unique world known as Louisiana.

I no longer live in Louisiana, rather, I call Oklahoma home now. After I leave The Lawton Constitution at the end of the month, I plan to start an Oklahoma news and political website along the lines of Deductbox and Dead Pelican in the very near future, in time for Oklahoma's Centennial year. Should be interesting.

Oh, you're moving already? Wow! Congrats! :)I look forward to your site! :) :) :)
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