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Women in the
Families of South Holland -
Index to Christenings

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"I have added between 200 and 300 people to my family tree. I'd call this CD a must for anybody with links to Zuid Holland" - John D., Tuross Head, Australia

This is the index to the names of women listed in the "Families of South Holland (1695-1812)." Families of South Holland is available for purchase on CD. Click here for more information.

"Klappers of Zuid Holland" ("Indexes of South Holland") is one of the greatest works ever done to assist the genealogist to find his/her ancestors in South Holland. The families that lived in the towns listed are indexed by the father's last name. This on-line search extends the index to the wife so that the women can also be found more easily. This index must be used in conjunction with the "Klappers of Zuid Holland". When you locate a name in this index you must make note of the film number, page number, district, and years covered. You can then find that woman and her family in the "Klappers of Zuid Holland".

Film Number: Film numbers correspond to microfilm of the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The microfilm is available in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It is also available at the church's local Family History Centers around the world. (USA Family History Centers) If a Family History Center doesn't have the film they can order it for your use for a small fee. There are also Family History Centers in many cities in The Netherlands. This information is also available at the Algemeen Rijksarchief, Prins Willem Alexanderhof 20, 2595 BE 's Gravenhage.

Indexing of Dutch Names in Holland is done by ignoring prefixes such as: de, van, van der, van den, ter, etc. Thus the namd DeBry would be indexed under Bry, not DeBry. Also, for this on-line search you must capitalize the first letter of the name and have the rest of the letters in lowercase. For example, a search for "bry" would give no results, whereas "Bry" would. The search engine will find all names that begin with the name you are searching under. A search for "Dam" will find the name "Dam" as well as "Damis", "Damise", "Dammis", and "Dams".

Warning: As with any genealogical records, there are certainly errors in this index. I have attempted to produce as accurate an index as possible. The names have been checked against a dictionary of Dutch names which I developed using the "Word Perfect: supplemental dictionary". Sometimes the microfilm was smeared or too light to read. Sometimes it was difficult to tell whether a letter was a "u" or an "n", or a "c" or an "e", etc. The spelling of names during this time period was not standardized so the same name could have been spelled several different ways. Also, since it was not required to have a last name in those days the name could change. Often the girl took her father's name as her last name. In this case she would usually add "se" or "ze" or "dr" to the end of his name. This gives the genealogist the first name of her father and is thus helpful in extending her pedigree.

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