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East Java Basin, Indonesia.


Lapindo Brantas – 50% (operator)
Santos – 18%
Medco – 32%


The Wunut field was discovered in July 1994.

First Production

Production commenced from the Wunut field in January 1999.

2005 Full Year Production (mmboe)

Condensate -
Crude oil 0.0009
LPG -    
Sales gas and ethane 0.568

Costs to Develop

Total investment to date US$16.9 million.

Facility Details

The Brantas PSC consists of three fields: Wunut, Carat and Tanggulangin. Gas production from the Wunut field is sold to PGN. Oil production from Tanggulangin is trucked.

Installation of additional compression and development drilling operations have been occurring at Wunut throughout early 2006. Carat and Tanggulangin gas developments are scheduled to commence production in mid 2006.

Total area is approximately 7250 square kilometres.

Santos acquired equity in the Brantas PSC (effective 1 Jan 2004) as part of a purchase from Medco.

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