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With over twelve years of diverse experience and education in the real estate industry, Josh Powell is an industry leader. He can do the hard work and research that goes into each transaction while you live your life. You are assured that everything will go smoothly by both his reputation and his extensive real estate experience. Josh is one of the most widely known and trusted names in Utah Real Estate. Here are just a few reasons why people can count on Josh for real estate results.

Josh’s Strong Values

Integrity, honesty, decency – these are givens as far as Josh is concerned. And being a family man himself, Josh knows how important it is to have a healthy, comfortable environment for your family. He won’t compromise when it comes to helping you find that “perfect fit” when you are searching for the right new home for your family.

Josh’s Real Estate Experience

Josh has had extensive real estate-related experience, including real estate sales, marketing, and rental property management. In addition, his hobbies include cabinet making, architecture, and landscape design. With over twelve years of well rounded industry experience, he delivers pure results.

Josh’s Education

Josh earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Throughout his college years he received some of the highest honors available, including Phi Theta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, and repeated placement on the President’s List. He also enjoyed people, electing to participate in many social activities, including among others: public speaking, campus politics, drama productions, and writing for the campus newspaper.

Josh’s High Professional Standards

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Josh knows the real estate business. This is one of the key factors that has made him a leader in the real estate industry. He practices a continuous improvement philosophy, which means that he continues to learn about what’s new in the business – everything from the newest legal requirements to the best marketing practices. Through his writing in both publications and this website, he shares his experience with his clients. Josh has always focused on providing the best client experience possible.

Josh’s Enthusiasm and Tenacity

One thing about it – Josh has enthusiasm and tenacity in spades. He is a rare breed who goes beyond to provide value. There is no one more committed to getting the job done right than Josh. He puts his heart into both understanding the business and into helping his clients achieve their real estate dreams.

Josh is licensed and insured to protect your real estate investment. Also with a deep understanding of technology, he delivers cutting edge resources and results. But most importantly, Josh takes care of you as a person. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a veteran in real estate transactions, Josh will take care of your needs and feelings to make the process fun and rewarding.

Contact Josh when you are ready for great service, professional real estate advice, and free rewards with your purchase or sale.


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