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Subjects > Biography/Memoir > Trapped!

The Story of Floyd Collins
By Robert K. Murray, Roger W. Brucker, Revised Edition
Price: $19.95
Format: paper
ISBN: 0-8131-0153-0
Subjects: Kentucky and Regional Studies, Biography/Memoir
Pages: 360
Year Published: 1998
Trim Size: 6x9
Copyright: [©1979]
Illustrations: illus
Discount: trade

When Floyd Collins became trapped in a cave in southern Kentucky in early 1925, the sensationalism and hysteria of the rescue attempt generated America's first true media spectacle, making Collins's story one of the seminal events of the century. The crowds that gathered outside Sand Cave turned the rescue site into a carnival. Collins's situation was front-page news throughout the country, hourly bulletins interrupted radio programs, and Congress recessed to hear the latest word.

Trapped! is both a tense adventure and a brilliant historical recreation of the past. This new edition includes a new epilogue revealing information about the Floyed Collins story that has come to light since the book was first published.


"An exciting narrative account of Floyd Collins's entrapment in a Kentucky cave in 1925 and the folklore that grew around what became a great public event."—The Journal of Southern History
"This gripping account of the 1925 entrapment of Floyd Collins in Sand Cave simultaneously thrills and terrifies any reader."—Kentucky Living
"The event was ranked the third largest news story between World Wars I and II, topped only by Charles Lindbergh's crossing of the Atlantic in 1927 and the kidnapping of his baby in 1932."—El Paso Times
"The tension and confusion of the days of rescue attempts are made real. . . . The abysmally tragic efforts to capitalize on an exhibition of the cave explorer's body is not omitted."—The Augusta Chronicle
"The story of Floyd Collins's entrapment in a Kentucky cave makes for chilling and exciting reading."—Library Journal

“An eye-opening look at the 1925 news story of Kentuckian Floyd Collins, trapped in a cave near Cave City. . . . Both a fine historical investigative piece and a compelling read.”—Kentucky Monthly
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