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MM Interview 1984

Presenter - "They are said to be one of 1984's brightest new sounds, they live in Manchester
and last week some really lucky data collectors (schoolkids) caught up with them. Watch out
for the puppets as well as The Smiths. Evan, let's have a look at those data runners. I know
they went to The Smiths old primary school 'cause they're very curious about the boys."

Schoolkid - "Who are The Smiths?"

Morrissey - "We're The Smiths." (Points to self) "Morrissey." (Points to Marr.)
Marr - "Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke."
Morrissey - "The Smiths."

Schoolkid - "Why do you call yourself The Smiths?"

Morrissey - "Why do we call ourselves The Smiths?" (Turns to Marr)
Marr - "We call ourselves The Smiths because you decided we were called The Smiths." (motions to Morrissey)
Morrissey - "And I decided because it was the most ordinary name and I think it's time the ordinary folk of the world showed their faces." (Points to himself then Marr, raises hand)

Morrissey - "I thought just singing was such a wonderful outlet and just to say your own words, it's really quite wonderful. What else is there to be?"

Schoolkid - "Why do you hold flowers when you sing?"

Morrissey - "Why do I hold flowers? I think flowers are very beautiful things. Very nice and innocent things. They don't harm anybody, they don't burp and they don't do anything ugly. So why not? It's better I think than waving socks about."

(Morrissey and Marr perform part of This Charming Man, complete with schoolkids singing)

Morrissey - "This Charming Man is about being charming. Which so few people are thesedays. I think it's nice to instill these words into people's brains and who knows, it might rub off on a new generation. We don't have to be violent, ugly or arrogant, just be charming. And what a pleasant world that would be."

(The Smiths performing Hand In Glove)

Morrissey -" Well, when I was 9, I was a obstrepuous bully and I never liked school and I never actually liked children which made life terribly difficult. Lots of the words I write are about school and about the hard times I had and in a strange way, it's like revenge against those horrible teachers that made my life miserable for me. So I think it should be a lesson to all present day teachers. That they really have to treat their pupils with maximum care because who knows, in the future, all the pupils of the world could sign upto record labels and get their revolting revenge."

(The Smiths performing What Difference Does It Make)

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