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Monday, October 30, 2006

ma ma ma ma ma mustang ford

met up with mickey/yeshi and megan before his concert which was awesome as always.

tuesday i went to see science of sleep with mark hunter. i didnt like it. it had no point. it was a good idea though. just didnt have any structure at all. or a storyline even....
later that night, headed to grand station with nate van dusen and jessica sanders to see a small secret machines show which was so good. ana calderon, ron poznansky and mark hunter, took the subway back.... went to buddy chris glanceys party. i really liked the space where they had the party. i got to see camille garmendia, and steve lee.
ron, mark, and i went on some adventure back home with jack in the box milkshakes.

wednesday.... mark and my mommy took me to school.
im at school and mark texts me saying im in page six. im really confused. for what? huh. im seriously lost. so pa never told me about his little interview with page six. i guess he just expected me to find out on my own. it is awesome. im glad youre my dad, dad. READ IT HERE-
oh and btw hes 44, not 45, just to clear THAT up.
michael picked me up to have dinner with steve aoki and mark at buddahs belly. it was so bad. oh well. picked up dad at the chateu and went to the roosevelt for the flaunt magazine party. after went to teddys with dad and mark and ana and a lot of other people. teddys was interesting i got to know brandon davis. hes really not what the press makes him out to be. i like him as a person.
michael and i left and ran away from the pap.

thursday finished up some interview stuff with paper mag's Shanon Kelley READ IT HERE- ..... that night i attended the hugo boss party on rodeo. i went with jessica and nate of course. best part of that party was CHRIS WEEKS. he was the only reason we stayed. marc harpsterrrrrr was chlllllen with his hot gf. steve aoki was the party dj.
there was a MAC party, and a bolthouse party @ area i wanted to go to. dad was at the area party. i hung out with mark. always nice.

friday morning- got mexican food with todd selby, mark hunter, and justin vanhoy @ el coyote. vanhoy ate ostrich tacos......
and liked them..... so basically after that i went home and feel asleep until saturday. i missed the viktor and rolf party which was said to be really great. whatev.
saturday night mark and i met up with melis kuris to go to some halloween parties. first one in bel air was fun. they had in n out and lots of candy. next we went to this party in h wood.....i got to see lauren and justin foust! so great. so great. everyone had good costumes, including me btw, i was (/am for tomorrow as well) a classic sheet ghost.

sunday had lots of brunches and dinners with mark at toast and baja.

today i had lunch with michael fenton at fred segal in h wood, mean mag meeting, sarah morrison meeting, and steve aoki meeting. im ty ty. tomorrow is halloween. adam levine party, hiedi klum party, and chateu party in mind. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

FRIDAY: im going to the NUART theatre on Friday to the see wrestling with angels premier by oscar winning filmmaker freida lee mock....THE MOVIE ONLY PLAYS FOR A WEEK THERE SO GO SUPPORT IT.

p.s. check out the november issue of nylon magazine! catch me in it.
shot by winonna ruthe
everything else- cred to forkbrush. i miss you heath.

photo cred: mark hunter, chris glancey, nate v.d.

Monday, October 23, 2006

donuts & pocket knives

last wednesday went with jack siegel to smashbox. that was funny. after went to go pick up katie parfet to go meet vincent at the chateu. we went to teddys after that. hiltons were there. bleh.

thursday i went to school and went to smashboc for the ashley paige show. it was fun. there was a lot going on that night but i decided to go to jessica sanderss (directed latest award winning documentary after innosence mother, frieda mock's documentary screening of wresteling with angels ( check those).

friday i went to school, and got picked up by chris glancy (aka my brother) to head over to cal arts for the d&g shoot. it was awesome. mille garmendia (stylist) danielle decker (make up) and robert wild (hair), chris glancy (photographer), behind the camera. steve was so fun to work with. everyone was. we were all dying of hunger. all we had was an empty donut box. we ended around 9. camille and steve went to chuky cheese. chris and i went to the nylon magazine party @ the adidas store. i got to see marvin scott jarett for .5 seconds. that wasnt cool. ana calderon, brianciaga, , alexi wasser & chris, kortni! apple ron was shooting it.

left with kirsten, chris, and bradley from project runway (aka my uncle) to go eat del taco. that was pretty nasty but i was so hungry. we went to bar marmont. im so glad hugh was there. lifesaver. it was so boring. chris drove me home.

saturday was shane west and cc s swamp themed halloween party i went to with jessica and nate. that was something. annie everez was there. after i took apple ron and mark hunter to this party in the hills. this house had the greatest view ive ever seen. it was rediculous. got to adrian. we went outside to look for some gum and i asked this group of people for some.
then sienna miller just takes her gum that she was chewing in her mouth and gives it to me.

i went to breakfast with michael fenton at eat well. i ran into mickey avalon and megan. then ran into annie eversz. the food at eat well was bad. i dont like watery omelettes.

tonight, secret mickey avalon concert tonight, tomorrow movie with mark and secret machines show, wednesday meeting with mean magazine and dinner with vincent at my house, thursday huge hugo boss party with brian lichtenberg....

photos: skullset, chris glancy, luke gilford

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hey boy,

mike vensel picked me up to go the the gen art fashion show. it was really weird being there. i didnt like it. it was really like a fake-fashion show. artificial. i dont know. i just didnt like how it was presented. and some stupid designer jocked my baby brian lichtenberg like 3 times. i met with erynn feldman who left back to nyc on sunday night. designers that showed were: anzevino & florence, augestine, crispin & basilio, fremont, hover hill, katy rodriguez, testeruine, and ziji. some of them werent too bad. some of them were though. keith modeled btw.

went with erynn outside to look at the goodies in the gift bag and theres ruby correli! yummmmy. shes awesome.
took off with keith to go to orange to host the 1107 party. it was fun. good turn out.
after we went to eat at this diner earl's.... well i guess the waitress didnt like me because i dont like cockroaches in restaurants where i eat. b baby and i had some hot coco. then i got kicked out. wtf.

sunday was gloomy and looked like a ghost town to nate and i on melrose. support ____ YOU ROCK! we went to marc jacobs & fred segal. twas fun.
first night of smashbox l.a. fashion week, vanessa vallon and i went. we had a little parking dilema with the photographers from elle mag. but in the end we all were friends. met up with mike vensel and went over to see evisu. mmmm. not so hot. but better than expected. then vanessa and i thought we were going to meghan....
then why we came in the first place, louis verdad...... alex blendel & randy jackson were the show up. i greeted dean and davis factor, and invited us to the after party. vanessa had to go home to write an essay. mike and i stayed and mingled.

ashley paige (whos showing on thursday at 4 pm in the main tent), asked me to get fitted on tuesday-which is today @ 7 30. she featured bijou philips a previous season. but then i was asked to be in a dolce & gabbanna 10th aniversery shoot, on thursday, around noon. im trying to figure out if i can do both. doubtful.
ended the night with a bag full of taco bell for mike and i to chow down on for the way home.

last night i went to the egyptian for sean lennons film premier. i saw travis trouble. elliot mintz is by far the most amazing person. onto the important subject, sean, youre incredible. this film was more than i ever thought it would be. it makes me appreciate his album even more. each track left me thinking. now seeing the visual aspect of what his messages, or what his music is about is even more endearing, and special to me.
given bijou phillips, devon aoki, and lidsay lohan taking parts in the film is obviously something that gives you just a hint of how thought provoking, and exhilarating it is.....
the best part though, was sitting next to sean, and hearing him faintly singing along to this album played throughout the film.
afterpartttttaaaya. saw rebecca shwartz, and spencer aka spoon. got to hang out with adrian...... after devon left we did too.

*******just got a call from chris.... THE SHOOT FOR D & G is on fridayyyyyyyyyyyyy yay. ashley paige here i come.

after, to the chateu, where there was a glamour party taking place. whats up jennifer aniston, random. shes got so much charm i think. michael fenton came and met us. very very glad about that. then nate came and picked sean and i up. we went to carrie fishers house to drop sean off.... she is probably the most eccentric woman ive ever met, even if i hadnt met her, i would think the same by the decor of her house.

today hey hey heyyyyyy, i went to eat lunch at toast. while eating i get a call from vincent gallo. he basically made me laugh for 20 minutes straight. he is remarkable. a keeper id say.

now then i guess to go to meet with jesse reyna! yaaa! then to do fittings with ashley paige at her office, and off to the fashion shows vanessa and i will go.

as for after that, considering going to see head like a kite and css, but eh.

Friday, October 13, 2006

trying to hide your misery in your big fur coat again

check out liberation magazine, im neighbors with nakie kate moss. shes on the cov. but im not nakie or on the cov. im wearing jeremy scott. photograph by mark hunter

wednesday. jack siegel has a really hot rental car right now. someone crashed into his land cruiser. so we headed up to an intimate paper magazine party @ the roosevelt. drew looks cute in purple. ana calderon was thuuurr, foreigner florin as well, and hughhhh. i had some good laughs with them. the gift bags they were trying, to give were really really really weird. very nice packaging, etc etc etc..... and all they put in it was a tennis ball keychain..... (?)
then stopped by to see mike vensel @ his kitten magazine party. on the way out saw lisa katnikkkk being crazzzzzyyy. she djed it up.
jack and i then went to lil joy to meet up with ana. it was fun. i have a new friend. his name is matt fishbeck. michael fenton met up with us there. jack and i went homies.
and on the way home i actually ate 5 tootsie pops in 10 minutes. like they were chips or something. i dont know what came over me!

thursday hayyy hay hay. with jacky headed mr. chow for the sidekick party. i love michael fenton. planned to meet up with cassie hamilton and C C. in the party there was this like diane von furstenberg booth, it was strange. it had like 8 pieces and a pair of shoes. i dont know what was the purpose of that. it was for gifting either.
so jack and i are eating some food, pass by paris hilton. say hello. and then overheard her ask the waiter for anything with sausage in it? if im not mistaken.... sausage is not usually used in asian dishes.... odd.
after the sausage fest the waiter man was like 'i love your shirt' as jack and i were on our way to the outside front.... i was wearing my guns n roses t shirt (i told you i would never take it off!) and as were walking jack asks me what did that guy say to me.... and i said he said he li......
i really couldnt believe who i was looking at. i was telling jack and in literally mid sentence.... slash. walks. in. the. room.
uh whoa.
it was unreal. so hes looking at me with my t shirt. i dont know what to do. jacks the same. and then he like giggles to his wife and walks away. and i think. no way im letting this fanciful tale just pass by me! then i scream. 'SLASH. LOOK AT MY SHIRT.' and then he was like 'uh yeah we were just talking about it.' and them im like picture?. and made the most fan looking expression showing my entire shirt the best i could.
so that was a great way to start the night up.

then ana calderon, chad and chris cunningham, and the misshapes arrive. woooo. peter katsis is there toooooo. leigh lezark had a bad headache. and it was REALLY loud at that party. so im going around with leigh asking for advil from a first aid kit they would have in the kitchen. they dont have any. i dont even think the cooks knew what i was talking about. and then as were like uh ok where can we find some... one of them says 'oh i have some!' and we were like oh thanks so much .... and he pulls out bandaids from his pocket. it was funny. kind of.

so blondie is performing. its awesome. because theres like maybe 150 people at most probably a 100... so devon aoki and i are enjoying blondie.
i take a break by fetching some food and see paris and brandon davis together partying and brandon flipping out that he couldnt go to the womens side of the bathroom....... i said 'uh the bathroom is like 5 feet away'.... and then he goes 'i dont care. ok.'
thought paris chose lohan over him? guessssss not. and paris wasnt with nicole the entire time. i thought they were friends again too.
out. of. the. loooop.
i love devon by the way. she says hey to big bro steve in australia. we got some cupcakes and went back to watch the performance, and see ms hilton hitting up some mary jane. cassie, cc, and ana came around finally. got to see michael for a bit. bummed he didnt go out afterwards.

vincent gallo was roaming the white carpeted floors. he told me about his friend asking him if he was dating some 16 year old. so the entire time he was like 'i know theres police watching me right now!'....hung for a bit. misshapes started djing. i dragged vincent with me. then he left. jack and i left with the misshapes to go to area.

met devon at area and talked the whole time. the party was terrible. saw melis kunis briefly. adam 12 djed. jack and i left and said bye to dev, walked outside and hit up the streets new york style by hailing a cab. went home.

im jacks alarm clock now. i call him on fridays at 8 a.m. so he dosnt miss his appointment.

yes patrick, im bored too. i have a bike, you have a skateboard.... who knows what could happen.


head like a kite is playing at cinespace on tuesday. seeing them.
cbgbs is closing on sunday. sad.

photo credit:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

you were 6? I was in college

"***********ok, now for the comment: get a load of this. so i was walking through williamsburg this morning, right, and basically dodging in and out of the mom n' pop clothing shops. lo and behold, i stumble upon this one shop and in the display window there was a shirt with with a silkscreen of your face on it. below it, it read: "cory superstar." pretty cool, huh? soon they'll be all over urban outfitters, i'm sure. ***************"

(thanks natalie)

so that's cool...... uh
i guess i have to start to copyrighting myself......

10 years and still going from 1996, juat a random guess. hi patrick. o dell.

soooo kitten magazine party tomorrow as well as vice magazine party (?)
sidekick party on thursday
grand opening of club 1107

l.a. fashion week starts on sunday.
Stage One
The Lightbox
The Main Tent

The Main Tent
6.00 PM
Stage One
The Lightbox

The Lightbox
The Main Tent

The Lightbox
The Main Tent
6.00 PM
Stage One
The Lightbox
The Main Tent

& the 16th seans premiere at the egyptian theatre

and i dont even think im going on sunday.
l.a. fashion week is such a joke. maybe i wont go at all. maybe i wont do any of the things i plan on doing.

***edit so ive been listening to devotchka all night. and pulp thanks to alex wijias. oh those common people. eating these sick chocolate covered almonds that are so gross. i want to get out of my room. and go out. but i really actually dont. im really tired and lazy. so basically i just want to be asleep. and have it be tomorrow. well have it be tomorrrow after school. and then ill be okay. i guess.

loved lanvin. and chloe.

vuitton was fresh and very different.

vuitton, lagerfeld & mccartney

Sunday, October 08, 2006

looking for the woman that attacked me while everyone was laughing at me its 3:36 in the afernoon & im putting myself on warning

nate went with me to l.a. weekly detour fest downtown.
shot everybody else. they were fun.
then hurried over to see the like but the rule was that photographers could shoot the first three songs and i cam in at the end of the second one, and he wouldnt let me in. that was annoying.
of montreal was nuts. kevin went through like 4985739467 costume changes.
oh no! oh my! was good. i like the drummer. playing at cinespace next tuesday i think. bleh. i just want to go to see them.
blonde redhead. sooooo much better live than the last time i saw them. the singer has got some amazing legs.
basement jaxx so incredible. a wonderful vibe.
beck. he is so cute. sooooo cute. the show was cute. andy neuhuse, his stunt double was there.
!!! was crazy. best performance of the night.

chilled with nate ana vvall hannah greenblat kaitlin juarez rony ( and other people during the breaks.

then..... nate had to got hang out with jason lee..... so i said id just meet him at queens of the stone age. so im trying to get through the crowd to get backstage to shoot, and this big man pushes me and then his girlfriend comes over and literally attacks me and tried to kill me. she was strangling me and i couldnt breathe. this one guy was trying to get her off me but she wouldnt and she was digging her nails into my neck. finally he got her off me and then the psycho cracked him in the head with her cell phone.

i was so frightened and crying and nate met me and was really great and made me feel better. nate took me home.

im still really shocked about the incident. my neck really hurts. its bruised. i gotta start wearing brass knuckes hangin from neck and my chain.

i cant put of the photos up until the mean mag issue is released.

patrick get ready for l.a. & have a safe flight.

patrick is hotttt.
look at his website

photo cred to patrick odell... some found photos:

Friday, October 06, 2006

welcome to the dark side of the jungle

last night ..... james valentine's birthday 'party' @ the whisky bar/sunset marquis. fun.
jack and i had some cute adventures. sometimes we fell down.... but we still got back up!
then to bar marmont for the jet after party.

theres jamerz valentine blowing out his candlesand adam levine being hilarious
sexy sophie charles
chris homey holmes
james z berg and adam

alexi wasser being awesome
justin kennedy or shall i say '80's pants boy' as morrissey calls him.... i wish morrissey had a nickname for me too....
this girl cory.... i dont really know her
mm! mickey madden dont have fun in nyc
katya & b day boi james
jack being hxc with me and jumping some fences

saw ana calderon at bar marmont!
come to l.a. weeklys detour music fest!!!!!

ill be there shooting photos for mean magazine, and interviewing beck and the queens of the stone age.
its gonnnnaaaa be fun!
then after goddollars party across from lacma after.

oh and i found my guns n roses shirt! im so happy. im never going to take it off.

tonight: party& moonves, then liberaces house party? pash, and teddys.

photo cred: jack siegel and his partner in crime, me