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Drugs of Abuse Cover image.

Print Version (pdf  4,177 KB)

Drugs of Abuse



Drug Enforcement Administration
U.S. Department of Justice

DEA, National Guard, and NDIC seals.

Table of Contents

   From the DEA

Chapter 1  The Controlled Substances Act

Chapter 2  U.S. Chemical Control

Chapter 3  Introduction to Drug Classes

Chapter 4  Narcotics

Chapter 5  Stimulants

Chapter 6  Depressants

Chapter 7  Cannabis

Chapter 8  Hallucinogens

Chapter 9  Inhalants

Chapter 10  Steroids

Drugs of Abuse Chart

List of Coordinators

Conversion Tables


From the DEA

Picture of a DEA badge with an American flag as a background. We are pleased to introduce the 2005 edition of Drugs of Abuse. This DEA magazine delivers clear, scientific information about drugs in a factual, straightforward way, combined with scores of precise photographs shot to scale. We believe that Drugs of Abuse fulfills an important educational need in our society.

Around the world and across the nation, the dedicated men and women of the DEA are working hard to investigate and arrest the traffickers of the dangerous drugs depicted in this magazine. They help keep our schools and neighborhoods safe and secure. But just as important, they are working hard to educate America's youth, their parents, and their teachers about the very real dangers of illegal drugs. Drugs of Abuse magazine is an important step in that direction. For additional information about drugs, we invite you to explore our web site at: www.dea.gov, where you will find a wealth of research and drug-related news.

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to the United States National Guard (USNG) and the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) for joining us as partners in the publication of this magazine.

Individual copies of this publication may be purchased from the Government Printing Office at:

Drugs of Abuse is also available in its entirety on the DEA website at:  
     www.dea.gov in the Publications Library. 

Printing Disclaimer

Due to printing variabilities and controls, we can not ensure the color accuracy of every image in this publication.

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Introduction to Drug Classes  |  Narcotics  |  Stimulants  |  Depressants  |  Cannabis  |  Hallucinogens  |  Inhalants  |  Steroids  |  Drugs of Abuse Chart  |  List of Coordinators  |  Conversion Tables

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