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(Antibiotic A23187; Calcium Ionophore; Calcimycin)

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what is  A23187:

A23187  is an antibiotic possessing weak in vitro antimicrobial activity against gram positive bacteria and fungi, as well as functioning as a divalent cation ionophore. Ion selectivity is Mn2+>Ca2+=Mg2+>>Sr 2+>Ba2+. Commonly used to increase intracellular Ca2+ levels in intact cells. Also acts as an uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation and an inhibitor of mitochondrial ATPase activity. A23187  also induces apoptosis in mouse lymphoma cell line (S49); however, A23187 has been shown to block apoptosis in other systems, such as when interleukin�3 (IL�3) is withdrawn from IL�3�dependent cells. Recommended working concentration is 2�2.5 mM.

A23187  Formula

Formula Weight: 523.6
Molecular Formula: C29H37N3O6


A23187  Usage

For research use only. Not for human or drug use.


Solubility: DMSO, ethyl acetate, and methanol. For use in aqueous systems, prepare a 100 mM stock solution in anhydrous DMSO. Microliter amounts of this solution can then be added to H2O with rapid mixing (e.g. 10 �L into 5 mL of H2O).
Storage and Stability: Refrigerate. Protect from light. Following reconstitution, aliquot and freeze. This product is stable for 4 years as supplied.Stock solutions are stable for 2 months frozen.

A23187  references

Pulmonary responses of the guinea pig to inhaled A23187: a brief review

Ca2+ uptake and cellular integrity in rat EDL muscle exposed to electrostimulation, electroporation or A23187.

Involvement of cysteine proteinases in excystment of Paragonimus ohirai metacercariae induced by sodium cholate and A23187.

Platelet phosphatidylserine exposure and procoagulant activity in clotting whole blood - different effects of collagen, TRAP and calcium ionophore A23187

Evaluation of the acrosome reaction and viability in buffalo spermatozoa using two staining methods: the effects of heparin and calcium ionophore A23187



where to buy A23187

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 This page was done by a student of Bioinformatics, Open University Jerusalem Israel, in a homage to Fermentek and to Dr Berend.
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