September 2006

Inner Truth Cashmere Scarf

by Laura Andersson

Cashmere. What more can one say? The ultimate luxe - softness and a special gift - cables with a strong flair on a quasi-reversible scarf. This isn’t a difficult knit, but it’s slightly tricky and you’ll need to watch the pattern for a bit to get the hang of it. Three mini-twists twirl inside a lucky horseshoe, flanked by a seed-st border. The back has the same seed-st border and small LT (left twist) cables to add interest and make the scarf nice looking on both sides.

Pay attention to needle choice - if you knit this too tightly you will sacrifice the soft drape of the cashmere. That means I’ve knit the model on one size up needles to maintain the right “hand”.

The hardest part of all may be giving this scarf away!


About 5" x 60" [13cm x 152cm]


2 skeins HipKnits Aran Cashmere (100% cashmere; 174 yd [160m] per 100g skein)

US 10 [6mm] needles

stitch marker, cable needle


16 sts = 4" [10cm] in k1, p1 rib, slightly stretched


Knitted cast on: Make a slip knot and place 1 st on the needle, leaving an end about 8 in long. Now, knit into the first st. However, instead of taking the newly knit st off onto your right needle, put it onto the end of the left needle. That’s 2 stitches. Now knit into the end stitch, and place it on the left needle--3 sts. Repeat for number of sts required. This cast on is not very stretchy, so be careful not to pull too tightly, but it makes a nice edge.

LT (left twist): Ignore the first st on the left needle, and knit into the back of the 2nd st; do not drop. Now knit the first st normally and move both to right needle.

C6F (cable 6 front): slip the next 3 st onto a cable needle and hold to front of the knitting. Knit the next 3 st off the left needle, and pull snugly esp. when knitting the first of these st. Now knit the 3 st from the cable needle. This will seem awkward at first, but notice the nice cable twist you just made!

A trick to make your cables nice is to work the purl st AFTER the cable carefully. If you wrap the yarn UP with the purl it will tighten the purl and enhance the cable.


Using the knitted cast on, CO 32 sts. Work in k1, p1 rib for 1.5" [4cm], or desired length. Place a marker to indicate the front of the work.

Begin Horseshoe Twist pattern:

Note: stitches inside square brackets [ ] are main center pattern.
Row 1 (Front): 3-st Seed border (k1, p1, k1), p2, k1, [p2, k3, p2, k6, p2, k3, p2], k1, p2, 3-st Seed border.
Row 2 and all even rows (Back): 3-st Seed border, LT, p1, [k2, p3, k2, p6, k2, p3, k2], p1, LT, seed-3.
Row 3: seed-3, p2, k1 [p2, k3, p2, C6F, p2, k3, p2] k1, p2, seed-3.
Row 5: seed-3, p2, k1 [p2, sl 5 to cable needle and hold to front, k3, (p2, k3) from front cable needle, sl5 to cable needle and hold to back, k3, (p2, k3) from back holder, p2] k1, p2, seed-3.
Row 7: as row 3.
Row 9: as row 1.
Row 11: as row 3.
Row 12: as row 2.
Repeat rows 1-12.

Work in established pattern to desired length, ending with row 12 of pattern. Scarf shown is about 5 feet [1.5 meters] long. Work in k1, p1 rib for 1.5" [4cm]. Bind off loosely in rib, with a larger needle if necessary. Weave in ends. Enjoy!

About the designer

Laura Andersson, PhD is a retired biophysicist. She formerly used light & color to study human medical issues (diabetes and heart disease), while teaching college chemistry to pre-med and nursing students. That love of color & light is continued now in knit design with wonderful yarns. You can see more at her blog and website. Laura is editor/author of a new book “The Friendly Sock Collection, Vol. 1” which compiles 27 patterns from 8 designers along with useful articles. Email.

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