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Allen’s Multiple Arrest Warrants Could Have Been for Anything From Assault to Disorderly Conduct to Battery

October 28, 2006
By: Phil Singer, DSCC

Democrats are demanding that George Allen stop stonewalling and immediately release records addressing why multiple warrants were issued for his arrest in 1974 while he was a student at the University of Virginia.  The court records of his arrests are missing but one of the few official documents detailing the circumstances surrounding his arrests is Allen’s application to the Virginia Bar Association.  Allen has so far refused to release that information.

“Allen’s adamant refusal to release documents about his arrest record suggests that there’s more to this story and that he’s hiding something.  Allen’s got a character problem and this stonewalling isn’t helping him any,” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Phil Singer said.

When news of the arrest warrants resurfaced this month, one of Allen’s aides said that one was issued for unpaid parking tickets and another for fishing without a license. The warrants are posted on an index (click here for a photo of the ledger), but Allen has failed to produce any written documentation verifying his explanation for why the warrants were issued and has not personally addressed the matter.

Shortly after the warrants were issued, Allen applied for membership in the Virginia Bar Association and had to detail his arrest record. Allen could clear up the controversy over his arrest records by simply making the Bar Association documents public.  “Considering all the concerns that have been raised about Allen’s character, one would think he’d rush to make official documents detailing his arrest public so that people believe his explanations for why he was arrested,” Singer said. 

Over the past year, Allen has repeatedly refused to provide answers to questions on his character and incidents. Most recently, Allen refused to be interviewed in person for a newspaper profile this week and even refused to provide written answers to questions about his past.

Throughout the campaign, questions have been raised about Allen’s character stemming from an incident where he bullied a Webb campaign volunteer.  Several people have come forward with accounts of Allen habitually using racial slurs and bullying people. More recently, media outlets have reported that he ignored ethics rules requiring him to disclose his stock holdings and that he tried to steer federal dollars to companies in which he has investments.

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